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Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

Also on the chopping block should be: NPR ,Governmental sponsorship of the Arts, OBAMACARE, department of education(leave it to the states), foreign aid except in the case of a natural disaster. Charging the nation of origin for any services provided to any illegal alien, ditto for prison for illegals would bring in some revenue without impacting taxpayers.
Now a question for the Demokrats here, are you willing, personally, to pay more in taxes for Obama's trillion dollar defecit spending?" Apr 24, 10 7:06 AM

OBAMACARE is going to SAVE money!!?? Not a chance in the world! The BS game played with the numbers to make the CBO's numbers work is rediculous. The military expenditures are neccessary to keep our country safe from those who would do us harm. Social Security should be re-examined, especially the SS disability money pit, plenty of waste to cut there, medicaid should also be put under the microscope. 10% across the board hell, check out the DOD for waste too. Cut out the lifetime medical insurance for politicians. Above all, no more tax increases." Apr 24, 10 11:02 AM

Lab: Reread my post-every little bit of savings will help. 10% across the board to start + all the wastefull BS that should be funded by the private sector. Military spending is neccessary because there are enemies who will do us harm if we can not defened ourselves! Terrorists don't care if you are a liberal follower of the Almighty Barak, peace be upon him, or not! As to the living in a cave comment, you have just proved the stereotype of the liberal Demokrat Party member, angry , ignorant and unwilling to listen to any other viewpoint but your own, thank you!" Apr 25, 10 8:23 AM

Fishermen plan civil disobedience

When the regulations were first put into effect, they were needed, now that most of the species of fish have reached the targeted numbers it's time to relax the regs and let the fishermen, both recreational and commercial, harvest more! There needs to be some sanity in fisheries management and the flexibility in hte bill is a start. It's a crime that there is a moratorium on NY State food fish licenses , thanks DEC!
Do you know that the DEC answers to no noe? There are no elected members and they are incredibly powerful, a DEC officer can search your boat, car and even your HOME without a search warrant! That's way too much power , especially when there's no one to answer to the public at the voting booth." Apr 29, 10 7:16 AM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

One more time: Purchase of the development rights to
southampton College can't legally be done with CPF monies! Plain and simple. The idea hat the Town would use ANY money to save a STATE university is ludicrous. Find another way to do it, but keep Town funds out of the equation." May 1, 10 12:52 PM

Fishermen plan civil disobedience

FONSKE! Ammagansett huh? When did you transplant here? If you've been around for any length of time you would know some of the folks who actually fish for a living and by talking with them would know that the regulations in place now are based on BAD SCIENCE. Of course regs are needed, but the ones we have now are not the way to go." May 4, 10 5:19 PM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

Illegals ae criminals and should be treated as such. Every time they surface, be it in a hospital, school, social services or dealing with the police or ANY governmental agency they should be arrested on the spot and deported. Period. Make it uncomfortable as hell for them, they have no right to be here. LEGAL IMMIGRATION IS THE BACKBONE OR OUR NATION!
It's nor our problem that their home country is in shambles, we are a generous nation, bu to allow criminals to run wild and avais themselves of our social services is insane!" May 5, 10 6:41 PM

Show me your papers? I am asked that question every time I fly, or open a bank account or purchase insurance or get a loan or even to get a LIBRERY CARD!!! I show 'MY PAPERS' when It's required, no problem. Why should an ILLEGAL ALIEN not be subject to the same treatment as a natural born citizen??!!
Immigrating into our country is a priveledge not a right for anyone who wants to come here. We have the ability to make our borders airtight , and we should." May 6, 10 7:39 AM

I have a LIBRARY card, poor typing skills too. Being anti illegal is not racists. That's the last resort used when a leftist Demokrat gets backed into a corner." May 6, 10 5:12 PM

Court orders trial for fishing license challenge

The Trustees are fighting for our rights against an out of control, money hungry State! Research the history of the Trstees and this particular subject please, then comment." May 7, 10 6:24 AM

Thiele: Stony Brook rejects idea of maintaining residential campus at Southampton

If the State can't afford the college, let it go! It's not up to the Town, we can't afford it, nor should we be in the business of running a college! As usual our soon to be unemployed congressman Bishop is no where to be seen, he can't announce when he'll show up because he will be held to account for all his votes that have hurt us as a nation and his blind support for the Marxist in Chief Barak Hussein Obama mmmm mmmm mmm." May 9, 10 9:02 AM

SBS: While I sympathize with your situation, there is a bigger picture. There's not enough money to keep the college going in it's current incarnation. It's an economic move that the SUNY system has determined is the most prudent at this time.I assume you haven't taken economics yet. As to resolving the problem of flooding in a major storm event, all you can do is get out of the way and clean up after it's over." May 10, 10 6:56 AM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

We, as a nation, are under attack from our southern border and it's time for drastic action. Give 24 hours notice and then declare our border a free fire zone, anyone attempting to cross anywhere other than an official checkpoint will be shot. Wack a few illegals and drug smugglers, that will get their attention and stop the flow of criminals." May 11, 10 6:40 PM

Free fire zone on the border for anyone crossing anywhere other than an official checkpoint. Bring out the national guard, we are under attack and must defend our country. As for the illegals already here, anytime one surfaces, out they go. Arizona has it right! Notice, no comments regarding nationality were used." May 14, 10 5:25 PM

Court orders trial for fishing license challenge

Snarko: Do some research before you make more of an azz of yourself! The powers of the Trustees have been upheld in NY State Supreme Court on 3 seperate occasions, and their powers extend to freshwater in the Town, residents don't need a license to fish freshwater in Southampton Town. Numerous cases have been thrown out of court when the DEC tries to enforce the freshwater license requirement." May 15, 10 5:33 PM

snark: Yes I have. Navigable waters is never mentioned in any way. The Trustee's power supercedes the DEC whan it comes to managien the Town waters and fisheries. The trustees follow the State fisheries regulations because it allows us to legally sell our catch outside of the Town. The case will be won by us, it's really an open and shut slam dunk. Check Vorpahl v NYSDEC." May 19, 10 6:41 AM

School budgets pass east of the canal; Berhalter ousted from Bridgehampton School Board

why is it that in times of economic down turn, teachers and administrators continue to get their yearly raises and "step" increases in pay> The rest of us have to cut back and tighten our belts, why are our employees getting a deal with no basis in financial reality?" May 20, 10 6:38 AM

how is it childish to ask that the people who work for us have a pay structure that reflects the economic times we live in?" May 20, 10 5:43 PM

Southampton Post Office's au naturel lawn turns heads

The "landscaping" is something you would see in Tijuana, thanks USPS for a third world experience." Jun 6, 10 11:41 AM

Southampton Town officials revisit idea of charging clubs for additional police presence

What was inappropriate with my comment? The owners of the clubs should pay for the police who are needed to keep the animals from up the Island in line." Jun 9, 10 6:21 AM

Police cite 21 on drug charges at Neptune Beach Club over holiday weekend

Except for the club owners and taxis, the up the Island, brain dead yo hos that frequent these clubs contribute nothing to the community. Why should the rest of the Town's taxpayers subsidize the security for a private enterprise? The clubs cause the animals to come here and should pay to keep them under control." Jun 10, 10 6:47 AM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

As stated above, there is no guarantee of a change of zoning or a right to the same. The developer has taken a chance and speculated on this property. Sorry, your speculation was incorrect. To the Town Board: vote for this at your own peril, the voters do not want this project and it will be the end of your political career in local politics." Jun 15, 10 7:05 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

smells fecal to me" Jun 17, 10 5:37 PM

the mere fact that this application has gone as far as it has speaks volumes. Since there is so much community opposition against this project and a change of zone to a PPD is not guaranteed just for asking, the project should have been DOA. HMMMMM , now throw in the campaign contributions into the mix, the law change regarding reporting the same, something is truly rotten in Town Hall." Jun 18, 10 6:38 AM

Any one hear know how to contact the Town ethics board? The Town website does not provide a link or a phone number. Thanks." Jun 21, 10 5:00 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

If these jokers couldn't tell a mako from a white, they have no business sharking-PERIOD!!! These are very different critters, although related, the teeth, coloring, caudal penducles and overall profile are different enough for all but the most inexperienced angler to see. That tournament brings out some of the most idiotic tools imaginable." Jun 24, 10 6:34 AM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

My condolances to the family of the deceased.
My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wedell for providing a reality check to the open borders gang." Jul 1, 10 7:09 AM

What the liberal minded folks here fail to recognize is that the debate is about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, GET IT, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! No where in the discussion has anyone decried those who ente our country lawfully. By siding with illegal immigrants you are condoning criminal activity, if you hire one you have committed a crime, if you pay one off the books you have committed another crime, what is so difficult to understand? Those who came here illegally are criminals and should be treated as such. Uphold the law both at the border and within our country-basic principles." Jul 1, 10 5:18 PM

Let's see if I have this right. The leftists and most of the Demokrat supporters are OK with criminals breaking the law to get into our country and sucking up resources while the right wants to enforce the law.-----HMMMMMM" Jul 7, 10 6:52 AM

Suffolk County consumes record amount of water on Friday, Southampton estates lead the way

Good point DJ---A lot of us here depend on the ability to irrigate the gardens and landscapes of the properties in wuestion for our livelyhoods. If the homeowner can pay the water bill lwt him use whatever water he needs. Enough with the class envy." Jul 18, 10 10:25 AM

like I said before, my livelyhood depends on keeping gardens, pots and landscapes irrigated and in great condition. I will irrigate until forced to stop. The class envy exhibited here is puzzling. The wealthy make our local economy run, why kill the goose that laid the golden egg?" Jul 19, 10 6:04 PM

East Hampton Town Board approves wind turbine on Long Lane farm

Gotta love the leftist, they want us all to go GREEN, but if it impacts there little lives they freak! Are you a GREEN fan or not?" Jul 19, 10 6:07 PM

Suffolk County consumes record amount of water on Friday, Southampton estates lead the way

The local landscapers, gardeners, painters, construction workers, plumbers, electricians , restauranteurs and business owners would disagree with your statement regarding the wealthy destroying the local economy Mr. Z. The second homeowners also keep Southampton's school taxes low without sending kids to school here. May the rich get richer!" Jul 21, 10 6:49 AM

49, business and home owner, student of history." Jul 22, 10 6:21 AM

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