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Shinnecock Indian Nation Leaders Upset Over Recent Arrests

Hanging around the train station, throwing bags out the windows, come on. We're talking about drug dealers using the Shinnecock Nation as a shield against law enforcement (again). The tribal leaders should be upset with the residents of their reservation who are further tarnishing the Shinnecock's image with their nonsense, not law enforcement officers trying to keep the residents of the Hamptons safe. Clean up your act and there won't be any police activity on the res to worry about!" Mar 25, 11 12:17 PM

Town Seeks To Brand East Hampton As Film Location

What a bunch of nonsense. The people in the industry come here to get away from it. East Hampton wants the town filled with techies, film crews and entourages taking up all of the hotel rooms during the season and parking their RVs all over as much as they want a Walmart. The TV studio can't even keep the local TV stations interested - they all moved to Southampton Town! Gone are the days where Paul McCartney just shows up at the Talkhouse, you can't get a permit for an outdoor concert -- East Hampton has chased the entertainment industry out to make room for Coach and Tiffany's. Time for the Board to accept the consequences." Apr 20, 11 3:12 PM

Kabot Asks Supporters If She Should Run For Southampton Supervisor

Sort of like Sarah Palin - she doesn't get it. Time to move on.
" Mar 11, 13 2:12 PM

Kabot Says She Wants To Run For Southampton Town Supervisor Again

Wow. How out of touch can she get? Does she think that the voters here forget so easily? We're over you Linda!" Mar 19, 13 2:19 PM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

Why can't people just grow the f up and figure out how to get along?
" Apr 16, 13 10:47 AM

Residents Air Concerns Over Lobster Inn Condo Proposal In Shinnecock Hills

The infrastructure and services are already stretched to the limit with the massive amount of building going on out here; condo units are the last thing the Hamptons needs. Stop ruining our communities just to line your pockets! (that includes you Joe Farrell!)" Dec 5, 14 2:56 PM

Historic Howell House In Bridgehampton May Be Demolished

This is maddening. The East End is losing both character and history daily. It is rapidly morphing into a place to leave instead of live. " Jan 19, 15 4:26 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

Stop paying attention to him. He's getting exactly what he wants.
" Apr 7, 15 10:19 AM