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Quogue mayor resigns days after pleading guilty to felony fraud charge

This isa tough thing for family of course....but what was he thinking????????????? In 2009 Paper Trails are a mile long...this isnt like Gramps hardware store where you can take in some cash.....

Arrogance (wont get caught) and greed does them all in ....Sad way to finish life...God Bless Motz family......" Oct 18, 09 11:39 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Who would set up this guy for some Pot? is an anonymous call enough to pull someone over like that? What if there was nothing in the car?Then what? Is this an illegal search???? I hope the the Southampton Press pushes for the call to be released as part of the Freedom of Information. this is a public official..we have the right to hear the call ." Jan 7, 10 8:40 AM

Former Quogue Village mayor's sentencing pushed back

I think it would be smart to check in now while arguing....Why not get started and it would also relieve anxiety...being in there is never as bad as GOING to be in there ....I believe Martha Stewart did that..." Jan 31, 10 9:38 AM

Brooklyn man drowns, friend still missing at Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton

My Pool is still freezing...wasnt that water awfully cold???? So sad...going out for a fun afternoon and never coming back...yesterday was also rough ...very windy....." Jun 7, 10 8:54 AM

Robert Morgan, former mayor of Westhampton Beach, dies at 75

a True Flower Child who Had Enthusiasm and a Great Love of WHB...We Will Miss you Bob.....The village is stil beautiful because of you!!!! " Jul 17, 10 7:57 AM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

What have we become a Monarchy????????????????? One Person Rule for some of the people???? Why the secret??????????????? why not consult our elected supervisor?????????????????? What the heck is going on???????????????????????????????????? Let alone is the job needed???????????????????????????????????

I think moving forward we should make all future governmen employee not have a pension...and not have medical...let them get a taste of realtiy...

This is government running amuck!" Nov 30, 10 11:20 AM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

Once again I will ask government who is watching the store...Town attorney needs to be fired or HOPEFULLY he has errors and ommissions insurance cause this was a BIG error...he would be fired on the spot in private business...if you have a personal issue and are distracted, make sure others cover for you and since he is a public official...what the heck are the personal issues?????????????????????????? I would assume a 70 million judgement could bankrupt the town................................................." Feb 9, 11 9:23 AM

Guldi Found Guilty Of Two Felony Charges

Personally I am not a Guildi fan but from what I could see I think he did a great job of defending himself . Justice is served! By the time the next case is finished they will be away for a long time. Greedy greedy." Feb 17, 11 7:44 AM

Guldi Sentenced, Receives 4 To 12 Years In Prison

Well he will have a lot of time to prepare his defense for the 2nd trial.Suffering from depression? Wait until the next trial finishes. How comes these guys always get depressed at setencing but never while they are robbing everyone blind?" Mar 21, 11 3:50 PM

Village Trustees Shoot Down Proposal For New Supermarket In Westhampton Beach

Why not allow a super market on Old Riverhead Road .I think that would be a terrific use of land. whats the problem with more commcercial development on that street ? Lord knows we need a new supermarket and it would create jobs om a year round business. Look at how wonderful Stop and Shop in Hampton Bays is and even (Horrors!) McDonalds. I see jobs, Quality services for year round and summer residents and tax revenue. DUH! Take this to the citizens to vote on." May 25, 11 9:01 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Town Board Restricts Parking Near Rumba

I agree. Thank you Ms Supervisor for voting for the parking. When will the elected officials help someone who is working hard , employing people and paying taxes?RUMBA is a fine restaurant. Many people have not been able to make a go at it on the premises. Lets help this guy out not get in his way.
" Jul 28, 11 8:33 AM

Guldi Pleads Guilty To 35 Counts, Will Receive Concurrent Sentence

The judge didn't even consult the prosecutor? Is Guldi going to testify against the others? it seems like a very low sentence to me.
" Jul 29, 11 6:15 PM

What about all the fraud they didnt get charged with? 8 years minimum seems fair to me. How about restitution?
" Jul 29, 11 6:17 PM

MacPherson Accepts Plea For Role In Mortgage Fraud Scheme

What goes around comes around. They all should be banned from ever owning real estate again. Wasnt he also a lawyer? do we assume any lawyers involved will have the licenses suspended? I am sure he has assets buried away. What about restitution to the state or whoever for all the money spent investigating and court costs? and the damages to banks . People like this helped to crash the real estate market.
" Nov 19, 11 10:47 AM