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UPDATE: Eric Messin Studio In Southampton Village Reopens Friday

I guess all that historic ambience got to him and he's protesting Taxation Without Representation??" Jul 24, 15 3:27 PM

Amagansett 7-Eleven Gets New Hearing, Lease Signed

As a public service, I hope the plans include adequate restrooms for all the westbound marauding Montauk day-trippers.
But then again, from what I've read lately (and witnessed) the partyers seem quite comfortable "relieving" themselves anywhere and any how up and down Main Street Montauk!
:(" Jul 24, 15 3:54 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

Heartbreaking indeed. And so avoidable...if only. Wherever they were coming from, restaurant or bar, is going to be held liable as well. Sadness all around.
" Sep 1, 15 4:03 PM

Ross School Focuses On Sustainability At Summer Academy

Sustainability at Ross?
Are you kidding?
This school is notorious for the exploitation of all sorts of resources -- especially human.
It is merely a dazzling website with absolutely no true content when it comes to education.
Teachers are hired and fired in an alarming rate, and those that stay are ghosts of what they once were. Students are merely seen as financial contribution to the bottom line, and the physical plant -- again, dazzling in its appearance -- is a gigantic environmental nightmare in terms of the cost of its maintenance and the culture of disregard for all and everything human and physical." Sep 3, 15 10:15 AM

UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

I think one of the many reasons why Anna Pump's death is registering with so many East Enders is due to a reason we may not note. Her demise reflects, on a deep and almost unconscious level, so many of the aspects of contemporary life on the East End.

The elements are chilling yet disturbingly almost...cinematic.

A highly successful foodie/ self-made lifestyle entrepreneur to the extremely rich and famous gets off a Jitney after a day in the city and is hit and dragged down Main Street by a day worker with a bit of a troubled past driving a 20-year old pickup truck.

Worlds literally colliding.

Sort of like that other gruesome tale of the scumbab realtor smashing his Porshe in a quiet Sag Harbor cul-de-sac and kicking to the curb the dying local.

Shocking. But alarmingly familiar.

And reflective of what this place has become/is becoming.
" Oct 8, 15 4:55 PM

East Hampton Homeowner, Others Face Charges Of Overcrowding And Illegal Bedroom Conversions

Need some clarification here: Looks like, reads like a Ross School dormitory...Easy for comments to go after the working class folks who live in illegal situations due to a number of issues. But it is the cash cow that has been Ross, renting houses and crowding rich kids paying big bucks for situations approaching what is described here.
Just saying, as I know this to be so." Nov 17, 15 9:26 PM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

This is, to use a word often misused, a tragedy.
Here's why: We will never know what happened to this poor woman. Never. Clearly, with a police force that reportedly used K-9 units unable to discover her body soon after her death certainly does not indicate a dept. with the resources (intelligence? skill? motivation?) to ascertain whether or not her death was by suicide or at the hands of another and then staged.
God rest her dear soul; however it happened, she died a lonely heartbreaking death." Nov 22, 15 12:56 PM

Southampton Publick House Owner At Crossroads, But Sees Opportunity For Growth At New Spot

They -- the original brothers -- and then Don, have always been exemplary in their vision to offer a progressive yet traditional vibe in Southampton.
Good on them!
I've always wondered how much the sadness of the violent Bouncer/Patron issue cost the Sullivans. Not just in the perception of the space as one of sadness but gosh, what they must have paid out to the widow and family ...Something! I hope.
That said, since then they have struggled to keep the House a happy space.
Against a lot of odds.
Don, you're a great guy!
Keep on keeping on. " Nov 28, 15 10:49 PM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

It appears that many moments were missed during the disappearance of this woman. Mistakes were made. Costly ones. Were those mistakes on the part of law enforcement intentional? I don't think so. But as a community member I was perplexed early on by the lack of urgency and resources dedicated to trying to find her. So to speak, the case seemed to go cold way too fast.
Way too fast. And now it is closed.
So here is what I believe: if Lilia Aucapina had been a wealthy, white resident of the East End community, say, for example to take it a bit further, a lifestyle entrepreneur with wide-ranging real estate enterprises and a high-profile, instead of a Latina housekeeper of modest means, the ongoing resources dedicated to finding her would have been VASTLY different.
And there simply is NO WAY her body would have hung from a tree -- either by her hands or that of someone else -- for SIX WEEKS before it was found. By a hunter!
ALL LIVES MATTER. " Dec 8, 15 4:21 PM

Would you care to answer your astute question?
" Dec 8, 15 5:40 PM

I will only respond by taking two words from your blameful post and leave it at that:
Please don't blame the family for their questions, concern, and even outrage.
They have been crying and all they seek is justice.
" Dec 9, 15 9:39 PM

C And W Mercantile, A Bridgehampton Staple, To Close Its Doors This Week

C&W, created back in the late '70's when Bridgehampton was a Non-Hampton, was a treasure. The original owners were bold and bright, and Barbara Dutton kept it going and added her touch. But this is, behind the lines, a poignant story in that the Mom and Pop stores have vanished. The only original Main Street stores are Tutto Bene....and Thayer's... And the reason? Not so much online shopping, but in fact, exorbitant rents which make small businesses unsustainable...Lucky is the business owner who owns their building. And that's a rare blessing. Farewell C&W! And thank you! " Jan 28, 16 10:49 AM

Sag Harbor Cinema Is Back On The Market For $14 Million

Note the funky ceiling in the photo!
Yikes! Better Photoshop the sagging ceiling tiles and pesky water damage before the real estate listing hits the web!
" Feb 4, 16 9:33 PM

Ross School Founder Honored With Global Citizen Award From UCLA

A dubious award she paid for by having the person who nominated her on the Ross Institute payroll. As she has worn out her "welcome" in the NY area with the disastrous NYC charter school and the total disintegration of what the EH Ross School once was, seems she's setting her sights on the West coast. Pray for an earthquake!" Feb 25, 16 12:28 PM

UPDATE: Woman Found Dead At Residence Monday Was Suspect In 2008 Killing At Same House

Cased Closed.
" Apr 5, 16 10:29 AM

That would be "Case" Closed.
Not that it really matters.
But I do wonder is she left a note.....?" Apr 5, 16 9:53 PM

Fred Thiele Steps Down As Sag Harbor Village Attorney

It's always about the money...." Apr 11, 16 8:51 PM

One Woman's Struggles With Lyme Disease Offers Hope In The End

Year after year after year I read stories such as this one about the devastation on all levels that a tick bite can cause. CAN. Yes, I know there are a lot of folks who find a tick on their body and simply pick it off and go on life as usual. But there are so many others who do not. It is beyond comprehension to me that this sort of story, this medical crisis, much like chronic Lyme disease, flares up, and then goes away. Only to grab a headline at a later date, and then once again fade away. It never holds public interest nor public funding for a sustained period of time to affect any real breakthroughs. I imagine that if buyers truly knew that the millions of dollars they were paying for land that for any sort of leisure activity is pretty much off-limits -- uninhabitable -- AND daring to enjoy the land in any sort of expected summer pursuit -- a picnic, a walk, some gardening or a nap on a blanket -- would also compromise their health....the East End real estate market would absolutely collapse. Perhaps that's part of the tick-borne-illness muzzle?" Jul 31, 16 6:47 PM

East Hampton Community Mourns Death Of High School Student

A loss that will never end...Of note is that statistics show that quite often, especially with young teens, and more often boys, suicide occurs after an dispute with either a peer or a parent. This often happens over a weekend. The adolescent brain, again especially in boys, is prone to impulse and lacks the ability to process acute despair. That is why, with the fortunate ones, a healthy distraction that "changes the subject" or provides a bit of perspective-- a friend intervening, a parent being in the position to provide support can make such a difference. A world of difference, A life of difference. Bless your dear spirit, Matthew. " Jan 23, 17 12:11 PM

Summer Camp Pays $12k Fine For Overcrowded Counselor Housing

Hmmmm....and whatever became of the notorious Ross School boarding houses in residential neighborhoods...? Lots and lots of students, now actually year-round due to their camp program, living in clearly compromised and potentially unsafe situations." Mar 13, 17 11:09 PM