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Audit finds numerous errors in Southampton Town's accounting practices

Czar Blowes is there because he has his subordinates take the blame on over budget projects!" Oct 22, 09 8:02 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate Alex Gregor (I,D)

Pete Collins shouldn't throw stones as he by far the biggest crook in SHT. He got hired and his promotion by backing up Heaney. CSEA should vote he and his VP out of office." Nov 3, 09 1:17 PM

Southampton considering new graveyard protection laws

I agree the fine should be much more and no one should be exempt nation wide" Nov 9, 09 5:38 PM

Throne-Holst budget revisions approved by Southampton Town Board

Funny how Ms. Wright never has the figures ready!" Nov 21, 09 1:30 PM

Southampton Town to hold swearing in ceremony in Westhampton Beach

Town vehicles should be taken away from employees except those on 24hr. emergency call" Dec 24, 09 3:10 PM

Southampton Town Board closes out old capital projects

Where was the genius business manager ( Richard Blowes )?" Jan 6, 10 8:01 PM

Southampton Town opens doors to justice court complex in Hampton Bays

Hope we never have a hurricane!" Jan 7, 10 9:22 PM

Body washes ashore on Plum Island

Fred Thiele supports anyone who can help him stay in office" Jan 17, 10 7:06 PM

Southampton Town Trustees trade sand for assistance

Why doesn't the trustees give the sand to the highway dept. to replace the sand used during the snow storm? It would save the highway dept. thousands of dollars" Jan 17, 10 10:01 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board rejects all seven resolutions pertaining to two police officers

The mayor needs to stop bringing up the resolutions and move on to other important issues" Feb 10, 10 8:33 AM

CPF revenues pick up over last six months of 2009, but are still below total yearly levels for 2008

CPF funds should be used to offset high school taxes in all districts" Feb 18, 10 6:34 PM

Southampton firefighter 'Eggie' Raynor dies at 82.

What a great & wonderful person. I'm going to miss my buddy!" Mar 1, 10 12:29 PM

Westhampton Beach Village police officers file notices of claim

I think this justified as the board is running the village not the Mayor or Police Chief" Mar 5, 10 2:40 PM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

Another mistake that Blowes just seemed to overlook!" Mar 15, 10 6:41 PM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

Fire Mr. Wankel" Mar 28, 10 11:41 AM

Financial investigation unearths $3 million deficit in Southampton Town beach fund

The Shell Game by Skip Heany and Richard Blowes!" Apr 16, 10 2:55 PM

40-year-old Westhampton car dealership to close

It's a shame losing the dealership and it's employees. I've known the Pastor's since they first opened and have bought many vehicles from them. They are good people!" Apr 25, 10 6:52 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

It might be good for Tuckahoe as a tax base! It also will cut down on traffic in SH Village!" May 27, 10 12:02 PM

Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

The VP spoke at the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery!" May 31, 10 6:13 PM