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Oddone trial begins; opening statements heard Monday

Everyone wants to go on and on about how Mr. Reister was the definition of a "nice guy" and I'm sure he was. But those who know Anthony, know that he also is the definition of a "nice guy" He would do anything for his friends and loved ones. He made a mistake and he's paying for that now while he sits in Rikers Island alone. And as for inmates donating money and painting murals...i think that's all a media scam to try and make Mr. Reister better. Again, I'm not saying that Mr. Reister wasn't a great guy, but I highly doubt inmates care so much that they are donating their last dollar to him instead of their own struggling families waiting for them to get out.
Anthony deserves a fair trial, and all of you should listen to ALL the evidence and keep an open mind before you jump to such harsh conclusions. And don't believe all that you read. Maybe you should go and sit in that court room before you read what one person's perspective is in the newspaper. Obviously, they are going to talk up someone who works for the state over a college student. Think about that and put yourself in Anthony's situation for a change. I just hope the jury gives him a fair trial" Oct 20, 09 9:39 AM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

As someone who knows Mr. Oddone..just like any normal 25 year old...you wear your clothes big not tight. He definitely wasn't on steroids either. Don't start spreading false rumors. " Nov 4, 09 10:08 PM

Oddone won't take stand; both sides rest, and closing arguments slated Tuesday

Excuse me some of us work for a living and have tried to make as many trial dates as we can. I didn't choose not to come on the "tough" days. I came when I could to support someone I believe in." Nov 29, 09 9:07 PM