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Windmill Lane Substation May Be Eyed For New Ambulance Headquarters

What source do you get your information from... Onion News? Im not sure about you... but I know there is a paid person for the RESPONDER VEHICLE from 6a-6p. And you think its only medics that need training...? Wow...
Training is for EMT-B's too, and helpers/drivers matter of fact. How is an agency suppose to train members with little space. Training off site? What do you think Drills that are held at HQ are for? TRAINING. I could imagine that with such a small building, and membership of over 20 people is hard in that small building. With more space, training could be done in HQ on a larger, and more efficient scale and could be a place that people from other agencies could attend. You like the idea of city ems.. paid? Im sure youd like that when you get your taxes... and sounds like you realllllllly appreciate the volunteers in the community. Luckily there are people in the community that are willing to volunteer, no matter what level of training they are. The ambulance doesnt just "want" a new building... they need something that will accompany the necessities of the agency, but ultimately the community it is serving. Dont over look the volunteers of the community... because one day you might need their help... and if you think it is just a paid Medic coming to your help well guess what.. the medic cant drive the bus, and treat the patient... so a volunteer will come to your call for help. Lets not over look the volunteers, but come up with a rational and fair plan for a new building that will benefit the volunteers, community, and tax payers." Apr 12, 12 9:45 AM

Vote On Friday To Decide On New Ambulance Building In Southampton

It's at simple as seeing the literature put fourth by the agency, and village showing why they need such new building. It's a shame people overlook the service that is being provided to them by such volunteer agency. It's a shame that for many, it's not until they need such EMS or fire service to help them or a loved one that they can appreciate such thing, and understand the NEED for the building. An adequate building to help the volunteers carry out such service should not be overlooked. This building seems to be one that satisfies, and goes beyond what is needed for the agency, which is good as you can see the current building was thought to be adequate back in the day. It is clear that with increasing calls, increased equipment need, and increase in the amount and space for training, such building is needed...build it right the first time, and it will last a lifetime... that is what needs to be considered here." Oct 29, 14 12:52 PM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

Judging by your comments (seemingly in a matter of jealously towards the benefits of working as a police officer here), maybe you might consider taking time looking into taking the PD exam and becoming one yourself. Everyone has the opportunity (granted you are fit both physically and mental) to the job, then you could reap all the benefits that you feel are unjust, and get to be one of those that you think are making out better than they should. Next test is in 4 years, worth taking. but then again, easier to just sit back and express your feelings and complain, then do anything about it, perhaps bring your feelings to local leaders, or run for office instead of locally just expressing your concerns on here. And no, not a cop here, just someone offering advice to someone who seems distraught, and can do something about it. AMERICA- Land of Opportunity (for now at least)" Nov 25, 15 1:28 PM

Protesters Converge On Stephen Schwarzman's Water Mill Home

Obstructing a roadway and trespassing, outstanding citizens! " Aug 5, 17 8:13 AM

Sagaponack White Family Loses More Land, And Family Home, In Court

How much of the $1.8 mil is Judge Hurley getting? Or maybe no money, just a couple weekends in the Hamptons put up by Petrello in the house. " Apr 28, 18 11:06 AM