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With expanded court, justices spend less time on the bench

Lets see 4 weeks less work and the same pay equals a 30% or so salary increase. Anybody else get that kind of a raise this year? And, on an annual basis that's $268,000 (plus benefits times 4). How much would we have to pay for one full time justice? I'll bet not nearly as much as this extraordinary 'Black Robe" excess!" Oct 22, 08 5:49 PM

Woodfield Gables approval coming

Can you spell L-A-W-S-U-I-T-S? That's what our builder dominated "Shameful Decision" planning board has left us to face in the future. They knuckled under AGAIN to the very people who want to suck as much profit out of the land as possible without regard to our welfare. We've been taken (in the biblical sense) again!" Oct 22, 08 6:14 PM

Town Justices upset over criticisms about court schedules

Bossetta is correct. The addition of a new justice did not increase bench time one iota. That is until the truth came out and they were forced to do some "adjustments". Justice DeMayo only added the night court position because he was running against someone (Andrea Schiavoni) who had long been outspoken in criticizing the 4th Justice addition and the lack of a night court. And, whether there are 1, 2, 12, or 20 justices they are ALL on call at anytime of night or day to sign warrants and writs. Don't believe any of that "365 days a year' malarkey." Oct 30, 08 12:26 PM

Changes in PILOT payments in the works

Isn't it amazing how Nuzzi's suggestions come from out of nowhere. He doesn't communicate with the Supervisor and lines up his cronies before he plunges head long into battle. This is reminiscent of the way Heaney used to work and if I'm half-way correct this looks as if Nuzzi is still being driven by that same, now outside force. These ideas are not springing from his (Nuzzi's) head that much is obvious. It looks as if he is trying to build up his reputation (or have it built for him) in advance of an anticipated run for Supervisor next year. " Oct 30, 08 12:38 PM

Southampton Town Board candidates spar over finances during debate

Again it is amazing how the Republicans are able to pull off the illusion that they are not "Tax & Spend" advocates. Just how do you think we've gotten into this fiscal mess over the last few decades of a Republican dominated Southampton Town Council? Sure, blame the little guy - AGAIN! Cut the social service programs that have no powerful builder/developer advocates to go to bat for them. Being at the bottom of the barrel means you never get a chance to climb out because they keep making the top of the barrel taller and steeper." Oct 30, 08 3:45 PM

Rivercatwalk developer files $25 million lawsuit against Southampton Town

Interesting!! Miss Gotthelf did not wish to announce publicly that she was forced to proceed with a lawsuit. Unfortunately Councilman Dan Russo broke a confidence and "Outed" Miss Gotthelf in revealing that fact in a public meeting last week in Flanders. The local community in that area has been universally positive in supporting her plans but the Town has stonewalled any progress on what would apparently be a winning scenario for all the stakeholders. So who loses again? The people of Flanders, Riverside and Northampton!!!" Oct 31, 08 11:31 AM

Candidates participate in final debate

So, you're saying there is an entitlement to the job of Town Justice. Especially one who is trying to defend his 30% salary increase and his 4 additional weeks of time to spend on his (by his own words) substantial local law practice. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me too. And do you really think only people who have 3 generations in the local cemetery and a street named after them are acceptable candidates for office? Maybe all the political parties and groups and people who endorsed Andrea Schiavoni have had a collective sense of clarity about the true meaning of Town Justice." Oct 31, 08 2:58 PM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

Yes, it appears true. Mismanagement in the past by a Republican dominated town hall is being revisited on the current crop of candidates. Mr. Russo has publicly exclaimed his admiration for the prior Southampton Town Supervisor's management of the town - the same administration that got us into this mess. Remember that insanity is often defined as repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result. Ultimately most of the voters saw that and rejected Mr. Russo's argument that he was "different."" Nov 5, 08 10:34 AM


Mr.Russo was particularly ungracious in his election eve comments. It may have inadvertently revealed his true character. The face he put on to the public during the campaign certainly did not seem real to me either. It sounded so much like sour grapes that one has to wonder how he can even consider another run after two successive defeats by the voters at the polls. " Nov 22, 08 2:26 PM

Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

Are they (the village board) really that insane that they would ban music from the village? How much more anti-business can they become? Stores and merchants are already suffering from the economic slowdown and now they want to drive more people away from Main Street? Don't they realize that the tourism industry is the major economic engine of the entire East End and the ultimate risk is to turn downtown Westhampton Beach into a ghost town? There are always going to be a few nutters who turn up at board meetings to shout their personal indignity without regard to the overall community good. Use good sense and ignore them! They do not represent the real interests of the people and the already beleaguered business community of Westhampton Beach. " Nov 23, 08 12:51 PM

You must download a pdf file of the meeting schedule from the front page of the Village web site. The regular Village Board meetings are always the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. The next regular meeting is Thursday, December 4th at the Westhampton Beach Village Hall." Nov 25, 08 5:32 PM

Baykeeper files petition for no-discharge zone

Bravo to Kevin!!!

A clean productive bay system is not a thing of the past. With the constant effort and focus of people such as the Peconic Baykeeper it will be possible to regain and reclaim some of the special marine character that made (and makes) the East End so attractive to visitors. In case no one has noticed, it is the tourist and second home owner business that is the chief fiscal engine that drives our local economy. It is not, as some would like to make you believe, the housing and construction industry. Developers and builders are followers of population trends and interests, not leaders. And, they are a great part of the ecological problem with our bays since they have contributed mightily to building and hardening every possible piece of waterfront property they can get their hands on. " Dec 3, 08 5:45 PM

New business group will sponsor next Snowball

One person can sure stir up and distort the truth to benefit themselves. I've been around here a long time, know a lot of people and hear a lot of stuff. The accurate history is that the Snowball was dropped as an event by that other group. It was then completely rescued and resurrected by the Chamber of Commerce. Only after it's success did a certain someone take an interest again and try to pry it away from the good job the chamber was doing. And that effort continued for years. Now, it's been taken (stolen) without a word of warning, a single comment, nor a thank you. And, as of 12/15/08 there is no such not-for-profit business nor organization called the Westhampton Alliance of Merchants registered with the NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations. So, who is auditing where the money will be going and how much will really be raised and accurately accounted for? Anyone try fact checking this story before it went to ink? " Dec 16, 08 7:04 PM

Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

Nice idea but the result is something that affects the Democrats rather poorly in a time of rising expectations for them in general. The alleged costs savings are truly peanuts in comparison to the net effect of leaving those boards in the hands of the once omnipotent Republican party in Southampton. Money is only the red herring that Mr. Nuzzi is throwing about to appear concerned about town finances. This does not even sound like a proposal that came from him directly - it has the ring of being developed outside the town board room. And, the net result would certainly ingratiate both he and the supervisor with the Republican power brokers (both old and current) and would be an open salvo in mending fences after the bruising primary battle of 2007. " Jan 2, 09 12:53 PM

Southampton Town may take legal action against Cablevision

Who does Cable vision (the Dolans) think they are? By reneging on their contract they have limited the access to basic free speech only to those willing to pay. So now information that was provided to ALL cable clients is to be restricted to those with the bucks to pay. Remember carefully what AJ Liebling had to say “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.” Do you really want to have what you are allowed to see controlled by the Dolan family? Please keep the pressure on them to provide what they agreed to do for all of us. " Jan 3, 09 11:08 AM

Pope holds swing vote on Nuzzi proposal

It isn't about the "impact on human beings" but rather whether you can apply a single rule to all aspects of a business (Town Government being a business) and expect the results to be the same. It's very easy to cut payroll but you must look at a much larger picture if you are to truly do the right thing. Sorry Ms. Kabot and Mr. Nuzzi, but you are not on the side of the angels on this one. You have positioned yourselves as "fighters for savings" whose ideas (poor tho they be) will only be used to build your campaigns for re-election in November. " Jan 14, 09 4:57 PM

Schneiderman reappointed chairman of environmental committee

At last some sense in the county legislature. Mr. Schneiderman, as a concerned East Ender, is simply the best choice for this job. He possesses the knowledge and background to support his position. As a member of the CEQ he will also get a chance to assess all environmental issues that arise from leases to open space - not only proposed bills and laws. " Jan 14, 09 5:05 PM

Pope holds swing vote on Nuzzi proposal

Congratulation SHNative on the good point about the town justices. As I remember the net cost, with benefits, of the 4th justice was approximately $160,000 and that it yielded absolutely no additional bench time. And that it in effect gave a 31% raise to each of the then sitting black robed overlords. If we use Mr. Nuzzi's math process, then over a period of seven years the COST to the taxpayers of Southampton is $1,120,000 - yes one million one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. This is truly not small potatoes and this is where the politics of the proposal (eliminating Democrats, women and intelligent questioning members ) of these boards rears it's ugly head. We didn't hear Mr. Nuzzi say one word about this extremely extravagant expenditure then and I'm willing to guess that he will not comment on it again. " Jan 17, 09 9:10 AM

Forum on Suffolk County's homeless sex offender policy draws 300 people

Again SHNative has hit a key point. Thank you for that insightful effort. Mr. Brewer has indeed made it possible for the overall Southampton community to express it's concerns over this tough and thorny issue. And he has wisely positioned it as a town-wide problem not just one that affects his immediate constituency. Mr. Brewer carries a lot of weight in town hall and I'll add my support to seeing him make a run for town council this November." Jan 17, 09 9:21 AM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

Who knew what . . . and when?

Let's see is it "Kabot - Nuzzi - Heaney"? Maybe it's "Heaney - Nuzzi - Kabot"? Could it be "Kabot - Heaney - Nuzzi"? Or does "Heaney - Kabot - Nuzzi" make more sense? When it comes to the missing 19 million does it really matter if all three are using the same (marked) deck?" Jan 25, 09 3:59 PM

Town Trustees reject land swap with Westhampton Cemetery Association

The Trustees have exposed themselves as being unable to make tough decisions when the long range interests of the Town of Southampton and it's native citizens are at risk. They have betrayed their own oath and have made a gross miscalculation. Give that they are all up for re-election this November they evidently thought that this would be a popular decision. Exactly the opposite is true.

A lot of people are going to be concerned this November when they realize that this group of elected officials can do to them what they did to the residents of the Westhampton area. This comfortable "Old Boys Club" thinks that no one really understands nor cares what they do and that after the election they can return to their out-dated philosophy. Protection of the town waters? Give me a break!! They are often referred to as "The gang who never met a dock they didn't like." The dismissal of the Westhampton Cemetery land swap, especially after they (the Trustees) encouraged the land purchase by the Cemetery Association, was simply another instance of cow-towing.

There are just 33 homes in the Lakeside Lane development and only one (1) actually borders the proposed land swap. There is no Trustee maintained access to Beaver Lake on the property and it is almost totally overgrown with small brush and trees. Even if you go through the tangle to the edge of the water you would not be able to launch any kind of boat or kayak because that narrow part of the lake is completely overgrown with water plants. It's virtually impossible to get into the water there.

Okay enough said. Continue with this line of action and just watch those vote tallies in November guys!!!

" Feb 4, 09 11:17 AM

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