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President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

We live on an island that has seasonal and cyclical storms and erosion/acretion events, has since the glaciers receded, there is no disaster that requires federal re-distibution.
If money is to be spent, remove the jetties and stop dredging off shore sand deposits which need to be there in spring to naturally replenish beaches. Let the beaches function naturally including inlet openings and closings. And also stop subsidizing oversized oceanfront structures with federal flood insurance. I beleive in property rights, so I dont propose taking waterfront properties from people, just let their means and the real risk dictate how they utilize their property.

PS: I hearby declare the Obama administration and this congress, complete and total disaster areas. As such I dont want to send them anymore money." Jan 5, 10 9:39 AM

Nothing "pristine" about dredged sand and jetties, nor the politics behind it, and "Hollywood" Bishop has "preserved" nothing. If you are really a native you would understand the cyclical nature of shoreline dynamics and the futility of throwing money at every temporarily washed away beach." Jan 6, 10 9:04 AM

Where are they going? There will always be beaches, you just cant fix them in one place." Jan 6, 10 9:05 AM

Work is set to begin on first Habitat home in Westhampton Beach

What do I have to do to get 0% interest loan?" Jan 7, 10 7:37 AM

Strict application process;
1. Have complete lack of shame
2. Still have entry level income after 20+ yrs in workplace
3. Irresponsibly Produce multple offspring with multiple/rotating cast of partners
Then, if you are one of the luck such people, receive a house in a charming Eastern Long Island ocean front Village at 1/5 to 1/10th of market value which you can sell at a considerable profit someday.
Seriously, keep this crap in Mastic, Shirley, North Bellport" Jan 8, 10 11:14 AM

Montauk man accused of 1992 murder of sailor in South Carolina

Maybe he was "The Chief of the Boat" ie senior most enlisted man. In any case the reporter just doesnt "get" Naval parlance or hierarchy and didnt bother to learn.

With Gibbs on the case it should get solved fast now. Only remaining question for me, was former Congressman and fomer Naval Officer Eric Massa an officer on that ship? Maybe the Chief was getting a "Massa Massage" when the unfortunate young Sailor stumbled upon them..." Jul 15, 10 3:45 PM

WSJ doesnt get it either, "fellow officer"
Hortons comments to his Mother back when about getting off that ship because of the goings on, recalls Melville's Billy Budd, not to mention the US Navy paractice of putting all the "dont ask dont tell" officers and chiefs on one ship. Only problem is they often preyed upon younger enlisted men who may not be so inclined" Jul 15, 10 4:01 PM

Michael Lohan charged with harassing fiancee Kate Major at Water Mill home

Silly question but why wouldn't she be his ex fiancée by now?" Jul 22, 10 10:05 PM

In drowning aftermath, residents push for better beach protection

With you on all that. I can understand the parking ban, thats pretty much the way it is everywhere in both SH and EH near the ocean. Imagine the chaos and property damage if not. However, all those ROWs to the beach in Amagansett should be open to pedestrians, bikers, drop offs, etc.
To fully "protect" the beaches in both towns would require a lifeguard every few hundred thousand feet from from Moriches Inlet to Montauk, so no lone swimmer ever is out of reach. Ridiculous and absurdly expensive. And no infrastructure to support such. Where would the lifeguards eat, drink, go to the bathroom while on duty? The homes of Beachhampton residents? I doubt it.
When was the last time a local or long time summer resident drowned in the ocean? Its always someone from somewhere else. They are the ones running in to the waves or standing in the wash, suddenly up to their waist, on days when local residents are sitting on the beach shaking their heads in disbelief. Years ago I advised someone at Little Plains that they might reconsider trying to take on an August hurricane shore break they were getting knocked over by, and they just looked at my like I was crazy and told me to mind my own business." Aug 26, 10 5:07 PM

'Affordable' has a new look


Some of the highest paid year round workers. And then they can sell at a huge profit when they take their pensions to North Carolina someday. Yay.

I still remember the "affordable" home in Hampton Bays that went to a retired couple who had just moved there from New England somewhere. WTF

And the habitat for humanity home that went to a legit local woman last year, but, who has been too busy having 3 kids with 3 different men for the last 2 decades to advance beyond an entry level income. WTF

Born/raised on the East End and busting my ass in NYC, supporting a family, saving and investing so MAYBE, I can retire out East someday. Maybe I need to get to know some local politicians better.

" Aug 26, 10 5:19 PM

Occupants evicted from former Guldi home in Westhampton

$82 Million! Why isnt Guldi long gone from the jurisdiction and living large offshore somewhere?" Sep 13, 10 10:47 AM

Water Mill man is a 'Survivor'

I may begrudge him his "posed" local status, but I dont begrudge him his financial success.
That said, this quote puts him well in to d-bag status: “You’ve probably seen my Hummer around the Hamptons,”
Frankly, I've seen too many of those things hogging the roads and I dont know how I'm supposed to distinguish his from all those driven by all the other d-bags.
And, NO, I wont be tuning in to watch that brain dead show." Sep 13, 10 11:01 AM

You know your Hummers. I'm assuming Hummer 1 is the original gigantic one, so therefore the highest degree of d-baggery applies in this guys case.
" Sep 13, 10 9:27 PM

Montauk train service cut takes effect; shuttle service could be on horizon

"The MTA estimates that cutting the (4:30PM)train from the Montauk line will save $396,000 annually"
How about firing one useless senior executive? Same diff

But $81 Mill of capital budget to "study" local service.

BTW no local service will be complete without restoring the Eastport/Manorville cennection in order to connect the 2 forks. This can have the added benefit of getting a lot of buses off the road." Sep 14, 10 8:28 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

What has Bishop dome other than take direction from the DNC and Hollywood via East Hampton?" Sep 15, 10 9:19 AM

For all of you predicting disaster for Tea Party backed Republicans in the general election, so be it. I want a Republican candidate who is fiscally conservative and can distinguish him/herself from the Dem opponent. No RINOs have been able to beat Bishop, and Lazio would just be a Pataki retread and nearly the same fiscal disaster as that half witted Cuomo jr
If the republican party is not going to be a conservative party, whats the point? If they loose as conservatives, they cant share the blame for the never ending tax increases and other recklessness that will ultimately drive a majority of people back to the right. Short term losses, if they happen, will mean long term gains and real reform.
Since when is being born on the South Fork the sole qualification to understanding the bays & ocean? District 1 is more diverse than just Southampton Town, and Brookhaven has the same issues more concentrated. Much of Bishops financial backing comes from outside the district and he helped inflict higher taxes, Obamacare, and dubious financial reform to the benefit of his oceanfront dwelling backers, on us. Yay!" Sep 15, 10 9:39 AM

Oh dear, cant have a whacko as Senator from Delaware, might become Vice President someday" Sep 15, 10 9:41 AM

Thats good, he'll loose his committees to the new majority and just be farting in to his oversized chair for 2 more years while (hopefully) fighting tax evasion charges. Not as if any Republican would ever get elected from that district so a defanged Dem is the best possible outcome." Sep 15, 10 10:19 AM

In short yes, for long term gains as indicated, because that control wont last when they dont have RINOS to spread the blame to.
What BTW is the objective criteria for ability and qualifications? Being a career politician? Law degree? Look where that got us. The founding fathers foresaw a citizen legislature. Who is to say Altshuler is less qualifies than Cox. Frankly I'd like to see a guy like Stuart Vorpahl for first district who probably doesn't have college degree but has a world of common sense on local matters and the environment.
The only real qualification is getting more votes than the other guy" Sep 15, 10 10:28 AM

Water Mill man is a 'Survivor'

"Sagaponack's own Ira Rennert", yay!! Does he have choice seat the Candy Kitchen too?" Sep 15, 10 10:34 AM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

The jobs Americans don't want to do. Yea, lets open a call center on Mariner Drive to employ all those local college grads who want to move back to the East End. I think they would rather be real estate brokers.

Bishops record on raising taxes/destroying jobs is well documented" Sep 15, 10 11:01 AM

Does the WP editorial board have a crystal ball?" Sep 15, 10 11:03 AM

Appreciate that, and judging by your other posts I think you are rooting for Republican losses in November anyway. I hope you are wrong because your guys along with so called "moderate" Republicans have been leading us in to a fiscal trainwreck that only keeps getting worse. The only solution to which is cutting and restraining spending. Raising taxes will never cover the current shortfall unless you go after he middle classes as well as the "rich" and in turn thoroughly tank the economy. Ultimately counter productive I would say." Sep 15, 10 11:12 AM

Every politician and party is funded by big corporations in some way" Sep 15, 10 11:13 AM

Hopefully the Rep party is becoming more fiscally conservative. Indeed their record in recent years sucks, thats the reason the party establishment candidates are loosing to outsiders who hopefully prove to be true fiscal conservatives." Sep 15, 10 11:18 AM

More jobs native born Americans wont do, so don't put words in my mouth please.
Altshuler has also created hundreds of domestic jobs, not to mention value for his shareholders, investors, and customers. Were still a capitalist country (I hope).
Bishop is just a job destroyer via taxes and bad policy he supports, while he luxuriates in a grand home on Wooley Street purchased with money inherited from selling farmland to developers. Not that I'm necessarily against the latter, just that his man of the local people act is getting a bit tiresome considering the way he votes in DC" Sep 15, 10 3:00 PM

Not one true statement in the except possibly that Republicans have been incapable of governing. Well, thats changing with the new breed of Republican winning primaries.
If they only achieve 2 years of gridlock before Obama looses in '12, that will be a progress" Sep 15, 10 3:12 PM

Probably not but hopefully the legislate differently" Sep 15, 10 3:15 PM

He votes against the hardworking tax payer at every opportunity and his own bio and past SH Press articles discuss his Grandparents farm in Sagaponack and how estate taxes impacted his family (yet he still favors them)

I'll thank you not to call me ignorant and put statements in my mouth I never said. I'm a 14th generation East End resident who knows local history very well, and know the issues even better.

Do you really believe the current state of spending and entitlements favored by Bishop and his party is sustainable? Google "Greek riots" and "Cameron United Kingdom" before answering

Do a little work on your reading comprehension, and please grow up while you are at it." Sep 15, 10 3:38 PM

Probably not, but maybe this new breed of Republican will actually act on them this time instead of going along with the fiscally reckless Democrats" Sep 15, 10 3:40 PM

Phil, lets cut through the partisan stuff and get idealogical.

Do you seriously believe the current state of spending and entitlements is sustainable? If the answer is yes, provide a detailed thesis on how" Sep 15, 10 4:03 PM

How about taking less to DC to begin with?" Sep 15, 10 4:32 PM

joe hampton

Thanks for fighting the good fight against all these know nothings and lemmings. For today I bid you adieu, you are Princes among men (or Princesses as the case may be)*

* for those with reading comprehension problems, that is not an endorsement of hereditary monarchy.
" Sep 15, 10 4:45 PM

Huh? once again your reading comprehension needs work" Sep 15, 10 6:17 PM

your solution?" Sep 15, 10 6:18 PM

If anything is evident here, those on the right are guided by reason and fact while those on the left are ruled by emotion and resort to lies and name calling when cornered by facts." Sep 15, 10 6:20 PM

Editor: Please censor all references and uses of the term "tea baggers". It has nothing to do with any political movement and describes something inappropriate to a family new source and only coarsens the discourse.
Thanks in advance" Sep 15, 10 7:43 PM

Hey ICE were cousins!
And yes, Summertime seems to have serious cognitive impairments, as well as expecting others to fund a more generous retirement for her.
She must be part of the group dragging down avg scores at the Southampton public schools" Sep 16, 10 8:48 AM

Your middle class of the mid 20th century has indeed vanished.
They have been crushed by ever higher taxes
Priced out of homes by government lending schemes that artificially inflate values
Crushed my medical expenses inflated by over regulation of health insurance and Tort laws that keep trail lawyers enriched (and in turn the Dem party)
Downward pressure on lower end wages from illegal immigration
I could go on, but the point is your plan for ever higher taxes, expanding public payrolls, and nationalization of everything in site simply wont work, it will crush the whole country. + were not that kind of country
I do recommend however you look in to living in Cuba, oh wait they just sacked half a million government workers because there was no tax base (or Soviet aid) left to support them. I don't think they got pensions either, so you'll have lots of competition at the dumpster.
" Sep 16, 10 9:00 AM

And the Left is trying to sell the same statist non-sense that is the real problem in this country" Sep 16, 10 9:03 AM

Jefferson, whatever his good ideas, also favored farmers over industry and trade, and thought we only needed a few row boats for Navy. Where would we be if he had prevailed? Bunch of serfs with no tax base to fund anything, and being overrun by who knows.
Come to think of it, you are a modern day Jefferson. (not a compliment)" Sep 16, 10 9:10 AM

she is certainly enjoying the perks at our expense" Sep 16, 10 9:11 AM

Indeed some my biggest pay checks have come from big corporations. The ones that put me in to the highest tax bracket so that I may support Philathome, Summertime and Mr.Z in the style to which they would like to become accustomed." Sep 16, 10 9:15 AM

Hey everybody, Christopher Nixon Cox just became my friend on Facebook. 2 months after I requested and 2 days after he lost the primary.
How much longer will he have a WHB address on his driver license? 2 days?" Sep 16, 10 9:21 AM

Demolition crews still at work at Quogue gas station

A 24 Hour Hess gas/convenience store seems like overkill for Montauk Hwy in Quogue.
Get ready for midnight stick ups and all night glare for nearby homes.
Surprised the village didn't try to stop it" Sep 23, 10 6:52 PM

Court dismisses Konrad's claims of defamation

Some lawyer! Why isnt she trying to change the zoning instead of legally harassing individuals building as of right under current guidelines. She totally lacks any real grasp of the law and is using her credentials to harass individuals she doesnt like.
As much as I would like to see her tarred and feathered, as a law abiding citizen I will settle for disbarment." Sep 27, 10 2:36 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Actually, we'll be paying Tim quite generously for the rest of his life, as well as providing him with the excellent medical coverage he has denied us. Blasted congressional pensions and benefits." Nov 9, 10 6:20 AM

Silly person, neither Bush practiced trickle down economics. 41 raised taxes as the dem congress wanted, and they spent even more. Bush 43 gave a modest pro growth tax cut to our most productive and overtaxed income bracket, while he and congress went on a wild spending spree culminating in the Bush/Reid/Pelosi bailouts/stimulus/nationalizations followed by same x5 from Obama/Reid/Pelosi. Almost simultaneously a 50 year old left wing government scheme to give mortgages to people who cant make the payments predictably melted down when policies of Clinton/Cuomo/Dodd/Frank encouraged even more such recklessness.
In other words there have not been true conservative economic and tax policies in most peoples lifetimes, and Democrats and liberals, as well as quite a few Republicans, are the most economically illiterate people I have ever encountered and that includes Nobel consolation prize winner Paul Krugman.

By the way, do you think Obama is Keynsian?" Nov 9, 10 6:37 AM

"media onslaught from the right" one network of 8 and 3 magazines of dozens.
The poor little Left needs a big bad Billionaire puppet master to get their big government, high tax, rampantly corrupt, corporate whoring (and alternately crushing), reckless lending, low growth, anti-capitalist, pro-statist, tax serfdon and dependancy creating ideas out there.
The current conservative or Tea party movement is as anti-Bush/RINO as it is the current administration. It's about returning government to its constitutional limits and to stop over reaching and distorting markets (mortgages anyone) and eroding indivdual libertyis. If the new bunch who rode that wave to office incl Randy, do not perform, or are co-opted by establishment Republican in the beltway, nothing will have been gained and they too will be out of office, next time replaced by new 3rd party conservatives who will really make Phil blow an O ring.
" Nov 12, 10 6:42 AM

PS David Brock was outed as gay by the NY Times for being conservative. He subsequently gained favor with the some of the libertine left when he repudiated his previous journalistic efforts that had showed what a power abusing, sexual harasser, philanderer and all around degenerate Bill Clinton is." Nov 12, 10 6:45 AM

Sweeping deregulation?
How about decades old policy of giving mortgages to people with no means to service them and having the gov insure it?
Both were both parties being "progressive"
The GOP is now on notice and has new blood. Remains to be seen if the perform, or become beltway whores like the rest." Nov 12, 10 6:51 AM

Soros is just the worst sort of crony capitalist, using his wealth to buy office holders, and subvert democracy (Franken) for personal financial gain and all around megalomania. A sort of Bond villain if you will, representing everything the left claims to be against but they love it when he funds election theft and organizations dedicated to slandering free market/limited gov ideas and the people who prefer them.
BTW who let that parasite in the Meadow Club?" Nov 12, 10 7:00 AM

Randy didnt send any jobs anywhere. He created jobs that never existed before both here and and overseas. Also created value for his investors and shareholders, some of whom are many of us with pensions and 401Ks. Some of his investors and employees took their profits and bought things or improved their homes, all of which created jobs and further taxable economic activity. Some of these prosperous people then also gave to their favorite charity or cause.

That ends todays chapter of Econ 101 for myopic leftists" Nov 12, 10 9:58 PM

If you are referring to extending marginal tax cuts passed during the Bush admin for the already overtaxed $250K+ earner you know not of what you speak. The idle rich live off capital gains and interest dividends and I know of no plans by either party to either cut or raise those.
The $250K+ w-2 earner is among the hardest working, most overtaxed person out there, yet Obama id targeting them and not the truly idle rich" Nov 12, 10 10:03 PM

The left accuses the right of being all about money, when its the left that wants to take our money form us" Nov 12, 10 10:11 PM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Thats nice, when will he criminally prosecuted by the IRS?" Nov 19, 10 7:59 PM

Randy is challenging votes that may be cast by people may be NYC residents and may even be voting 2x.
Bishop is doing the usual Demoncrat thing and trying to challenge military overseas ballots." Nov 19, 10 8:02 PM


Its not about military people stationed in 1st district, its people whose home are in the 1st district but may be serving elsewhere, whether domestically or overseas." Nov 19, 10 8:09 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

1. should have pulled her over on sunset if that was such an egregious swerve
2. It would be nice to have the audio from the pursuit part, not just the stop" Feb 2, 11 1:03 PM

I would fail that test sober after about 10 minutes of going through those motions on heels.
PS not a Kabot fan" Feb 2, 11 1:12 PM

Again, the complete audio would be helpful, and they should have requested she sit in the car while they went back to theirs." Feb 2, 11 1:14 PM

Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

Dam, I wanted to see more Michael Davis McMansions, fake ponds, and curvy street subdivisons. After all, "thats what the hamptons is all about" quoth Lizzie Grubman, Judy Guliani, Jodi De la Femina and all the other experts who just showed up in the last decade or so to school those of us who were born here." May 23, 11 4:00 PM

Good point golden boy
" May 23, 11 4:07 PM

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