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Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

Sounds like you live in Tuckahoe, you have a neighborhood school. Whats wrong with it?" Sep 23, 14 8:59 AM

Novel idea, but as should be clear by now, there is no economy of scale in public education, Big centralized districts and facilities consume more tax $ per student then the small ones. I think TH/SH/BH could make some sense and benefit the students. SH could absorb the (balance of) BH students and not even notice while gaining considerable tax base (which would promptly be spent somehow) and a windfall from selling the building. Tuckahoe building is unlikely to be sold as the capacity is probably needed, so business as usual as someone pointed out, just with SH subsidizing it.
So cutting staff was "discussed"? Two words: union and tenure
Enough dead wood floating around SH they cant get rid of as it is. Unless that's a condition of the merger + massive political will, it wont happen. About as believable as minimal tax increases.

Fishers Island? Cheaper to maintain a small school for the handful of year round kids than helicopter them to Southold every day. They should go to HS in CT maybe, frequent ferrys that direction.
Not all small districts are the same. The most glaring contrast are BH and Sagg. Sagg has small student body, small facility, while BH has 2-3x the student body, it has 20x the square footage. Forget Sagg in that, they like it the way it is and their relationship with EH HS. They are not too concerned with how soon they meet their HS friends as they have a great environment through 8th grade.

BTW how much will the taxes go down on your house in TH under the plan currently proposed?" Sep 23, 14 9:32 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Disbands Tribal Gaming Authority

18 hole golf course in Westwood. Partner with a noted designer and operator, create jobs for tribal members. Certainly some of them have the skill sets. The Shinnecock name, overlooking Peconic bay. Done and run right, it could be an asset to the tribe while raising property values nearby. Greens fees affordable for locals, stiff for out of towners. Pro forma revenue may not be as mouthwatering as a casino, but probably far more achievable. Lost a decade + already.
"Shinnecock Woods Golf Resort" anyone" Oct 2, 14 3:40 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Proposes $71.5 Million Budget For 2015

Leaf Program. A vestige from another era when municipalities wanted to stop people from burning leaves as density increased, which often lead to burning other things like houses.
All the town should be doing is providing spot to dump leaves at a landfill. You wouldn't ask the town to mow your lawn and clean up the clippings, why leaves? If you cant or don't want to do it yourself, there is plenty of cheap illegal alien labor available. " Oct 2, 14 4:00 PM

Ditch Plains Association Holds Party And Info Session

Someone wants to improve, more or less as of right it sounds like, a decaying eyesore. Cant have that, those pesky 1%'ers will, "...change the dynamic of the family surfing beach"
I want the dynamic at Coopers and Flying Point to be the same as it was in 1975. There oughta' be a law dammit!
Don't those 1%ers know they are only supposed to spend money in town and hire us to work on their homes. How dare they come down to enjoy the beach.
Sound like a lot of reverse snobbery and surfer localism trying to keep others off a public beach. I wish there wasn't a traffic jam in front of the house I grew up in every weekend either." Oct 2, 14 4:26 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Disbands Tribal Gaming Authority

Sure, up to the Shinnecocks ultimately. That other golf club surely doesn't have a monopoly on the name " Oct 2, 14 4:37 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

Z is right, there is an unmistakable oligarchy in place. However it has little to do with true capitalism. We have too big to fail businesses protected and bailed out by the political classes who in turn become extremely wealthy while in office via campaign donations (and the campaign hiring close relatives at exorbitant salaries), and exempting themselves from insider trading laws, and acting on information they are privy to in their elected office. The recent economic downturn has its roots in a public policy that coerces and incentivises banks to lend money to people who cannot pay it back, encourages Wall Street to securitize those mortgages, supposedly dispersing the risk across millions of issues held by millions of investors. Only problem is the geographic concentration of defaults lead to a crash in the price of those securities, and one of the biggest holders was Fannie Mae. FNMA almost epitomizes the unholy alliance of government and the private sector. Used to be a government agency with arguably good intentions that became a slush fund and personal enricher for Senators and Congressman. Private (publicly traded) though closely regulated by Congress, while making large campaign donations to Congressional campaigns, and absorbing sweetheart loans made to Congressmen by banks and lenders. In the midst of that, accounting irregularities were rampant for several years. The CEO of Countrywide went to jail, rightfully so, the CEO of FNMA during the worst of it walked away with $90,000,000.00 of compensation. This is the and massive scam that over-inflated and crashed the economy. CAll it what you want, oligarchy, crony (not real) capitalism, corporatism. Next stop is what Mussolini practiced. There were plenty of bad actors in the private sector at large who took advantage of this environment, both knowingly and unknowingly, including irresponsible borrowers who took irresponsibly offered loans, only to default. Some were bailed out, some were not, some went to jail. No particular rhyme or reason, other than political protection. After the lessons of the 20's, increased government oversight and involvement in the markets was supposed to alleviate boom/bust cycles, now they help cause them.
I have no problem with the wealthy. Those that create products, value, and dividends for the rest of us, should be rewarded (i have no problem with their heirs either, as they usually do a good job of redistributing by the 3rd generation, no need for unconscionable estate taxes). My big problem is with the political classes who create nothing, but become wealthy via what is essentially a giant shakedown, or oligarchy, if you will. Some people become wealthy before running for office, great, other become very wealthy while in office. The latter are the scum of the earth. I'll leave it to you, dear readers to see which profile is more typical of which political party.

As to the middle class, I honesty don't know how to define that these days and our microcosm that Z accurately points out, makes it even tougher. As to how people elsewhere are fairing, well they all have a guaranteed minimum level of comfort (including iPhone) via various forms of public assistance, and they always have the option of improving skills and getting more education or training, and for that matter relocating to where the jobs are. Certainly plenty of people relocating to the East End for work, as other places around the country. We have a safety net, but we also have people who are not terribly bright or ambitious, and they reproduce. They are supported by the local entrepreneurs and wealthy summer residents of our microcosm who pay large amounts of taxes. The latter are not sell outs, they in fact support a lot of people, both employed and unemployed." Oct 2, 14 6:23 PM

We haven't had "unfettered" capitalism in over 100 years" Oct 2, 14 6:26 PM

Love the avatar Captain" Oct 2, 14 6:28 PM

Teddy was the sportsman and hunter, cousin Franklin D slaughtered on a mass scale for some misguided Keynsian notion" Oct 3, 14 9:43 AM

Wrong, A study by the Boston Fed in the early 90s found racial discrimination in home lending by banks. Those banks were then required to make more loans to minorities. What they overlooked was that previously, default rates were exactly the same regardless of race, proving banks were relying on sound credit practices, and not discrimination. As more loans were made to people with bad credit, default rates took the expected trajectory. Additionally a whole alphabet soup of agencies GMAs has exited for decades to provide tax payer guarantees to lousy credit practices. Community Reinvestment Act, Cuomo at HUD, etc, and the further excesses that lead to the implosion. As to rating agencies and CDS, they relied on he conventional wisdom ie, the government wants this and will have our backs. Well maybe.

You are correct however about Glass Steagal. That act contained some very reasonable and useful elements that would have avoided a lot of trouble. For one keeping depositor balance sheets from being entwined with speculating and fee businesses, eliminating a lot of systemic risk. Personally I don't believe investment banks should be public companies.

Given how hard it is to get a consumer mortgage due to Dodd-Frank requirements (because the taxpayer is still ultimately on the hook) maybe we would be better off with mortgages staying on the books of local banks against your neighbors deposits, like in the old days, little government interference.

And speaking of the past, I too remember the bucolic East End. High seasonal unemployment, lack of opportunities for young people finishing schools, Temic in wells we drink from, need I go on. Sorry, you can't time capsule a place." Oct 3, 14 10:15 AM

You also need to look at how much is siphoned off in DC to enrich the unproductive" Oct 3, 14 10:19 AM

Quite a diatribe
With the availability of year round work, nobody should loose a modestly prices house on the East End these days. In fact defaults and foreclosures were minimal here compared to some parts of the country.
BTW, the "rich" are more likely to vote Democrat, and corporate donations go to Democrats by a pretty good margin. Noteworthy in the last 2 national elections is how hedge fund managers overwhelmingly supported Obama." Oct 3, 14 10:32 AM

But let his pal Uncle Joe run away with Poland, a better ally than France was" Oct 3, 14 10:35 AM

'Survivability' Shop In Bridgehampton Aims To Help Prepare For Disasters

Some of us are a bit diluted, mixed in to the "Anglo" population" Oct 3, 14 3:16 PM

UPDATE: Man Arraigned On Felony Charge After Springs Shooting Incident

well, hardly ever happened on ELI" Oct 3, 14 3:17 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

I think the A team was on Martha's Vineyard guarding Valerie's humble cottage.
" Oct 3, 14 3:20 PM

Actually, Winston was the only one pf the 3 that advocated at all for Poland, but was essentially outvoted. The Poles fought like champs in every end of the European theater starting with the battle of Britain. They even fought under the Soviet army, took the lead in to Germany, then were shot in the back by the Russians for their trouble.
The Polish underground makes the French look half hearted. And under much worse conditions." Oct 3, 14 3:43 PM

Z, you do realize a republic does not necessarily allow for direct democracy I hope. See Hamilton in "The Federalst"

What you miss is that corporations can't buy influence if politicians have less of it to sell. The big centralized government and bloated regulatory regime is what leads to your oligarchy. Corporations are just the same being shaken down by politicians selling favors and exemptions." Oct 3, 14 3:53 PM

Ditch Plains Association Holds Party And Info Session

Equity from prospective members?" Oct 3, 14 3:57 PM

Says you. Then the taxpayers have to come up with a big check if that's whats decided.

Buffet spends most of his time in Palm Beach in his huge water front house. Shaking up his socialite neighbors by tooling around in his El Camino with surfboards in back.

" Oct 3, 14 4:01 PM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

PDDs will be the death of Southampton Town. I guess politicians need something to sell. IN DC its loopholes and subsidies, locally its zoning variances.
Another scandal is zoning enforcement. Seems to range from non-existent on large flagrant violations to outright harassment of small, questionable situations." Feb 2, 15 9:18 PM

Squash Will Allow Patricolo To Travel The World With Navy

Go Navy! Where are squash courts in SH Town? Other than the Meadow Club" Feb 2, 15 9:20 PM

Zeldin Questions President's Bipartisan Plea In Response To State Of The Union Speech

Gridlock is good. Now we a clear direction in oil prices, and the Fed to keep the liquidity pumping so the rich can keep getting richer and employing more people." Feb 2, 15 9:27 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

You're right, probably best to ignore him unless he actually breaks the law. He will fade away or move away eventually.

Selective enforcement of vaguely written ordinances will only give him too much publicity and potentially a tax payer funded windfall " Apr 17, 15 8:21 AM

Mr Z, the cut/paste intellectual. You clearly know nothing of the modern (or historic) GOP, nor the conservative movement movement. Which are not necessarily the same thing, nor on the same page on any number of matters. One thing neither is guilty of is racial preferences or bigotry in any form. That is the preserve of the Democrat Party, and so called liberalism, with is really just re-branded authoritarian socialism, thoroughly at odds with our Constitutional rights and individual liberties.
The Donkey Party spent 100 years, from the time the GOP defeated slavery, inflicting Jim Crowe laws, and voting against GOP bills in Congress guaranteeing voting rights to African Americans. Once The Dems could no longer stop Blacks from voting they set out to buy their votes with an overly generous and destructive welfare state, and introduced reverse discrimination. The JIm Crowe Dems were not "conservative" dixiecrats, they were big government statists, same as today's liberals (so called) and Democrats, they just practiced a different form of discrimination for their vote getting ends. KKK was part of the Democratic Party machine, it's para-military wing for enforcing Jim Crowe. Reformed segregationist such as Strom Thurmond, joined the GOP, while unreformed, unrepentant segregationists, like Robert Byrd remained Democrats.

Instead of skimming/cutting/pasting partisan MSNBC worthy BS like Rosenberg's, there are a lot of scholarly texts you could devote your plentiful spare time to. Start with "The Bill of the Century" by Clay Risen. He's no conservative, but a fair scholar, and while he doesn't call attention to it, a careful and open minded reading will paint a much different picture than today's media does as to where the 2 major parties stood and acted on civil rights.

And yes conservatives see Dem lawlessness everywhere, because it is everywhere. Worse than run of the mill corruption and abuses Republicans are also guilty of, Dems believe they are entitled and immune.

And don't pat yourself on the back for voting for the black guy for President. He's the D's secret weapon, a token empty suit who the GOP haven't the stomach to impeach, as he and the left expand government and run rough shod over the Constitution.

Speaking of the Constitution, if you really want to educate yourself on it, what it really says and doesn't say, Hillsdale College has a free on line course that is wonderful.

Then, Mr Z, you can semi truthfully, claim to be college educated." Apr 17, 15 9:24 AM

An Oceanside Manhattanites' Retreat Reduced To Rubble

At those prices the poor can live there too" Apr 27, 15 3:06 PM

Montauk's East Deck Motel Returns To The Market

She's going to vigorously oppose an owner of private property from continuing a pre-existing use of the property because it might upset the vibe of the public beach that stretches a mile to the West. Lady needs to get a life" May 13, 15 7:02 PM

Owner Of Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Gets 7 Years For Employing And Stealing From Illegal Immigrants

nice to see were getting the best legal immigrants too. I suppose the illegals are still at large" Jun 20, 15 7:26 PM

Bill Clinton Arrives For Amagansett Vacation, Hillary To Follow Later This Week

So Bill's "energizer" will have to vacate before Hillary arrives?" Aug 21, 15 8:22 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Publick House To Take Over Drivers Seat; Drivers Seat Issues Statement

The last iteration of the DS sucked. When the blew out the front they destroyed the pub like charm that made it welcoming. Those metal chairs were a disgrace. The wrong operators for that location, and the village in general.
The Sullivans have been great and I hope they bring some good cheer and local welcome to that location.
And yea, the cops will be spoiling the fun. I still remember how lively the village was in the Mike's Monument Sq days.
It will be interesting to see what happens at Bowden Sq. " Apr 19, 16 10:20 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

Agreed HH. We cannot start assigning privilege based upon lineage or when ones ancestors first arrived on this continent, any more than by what continent they came from. BTW Shinnecock ancestors came from Asia." May 19, 16 2:16 PM

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