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Ludwick Attorneys Seek Dismissal Of Multiple Charges Connected To Fatal Crash In 2015

So the damaged car drove itself away from the scene? Nice try counselor.

If the deceased were single and childless, his death would matter less? Nice try silly reporter." Jan 3, 17 2:55 PM

New Brewery On Tap For Westhampton Area

If the venture is successful your investment would be returned to you + a share of profits beyond that. It could also fail and no money whatsoever would returned to you. Don't invest unless you have piles of money in safer investments and can spare a small % of your portfolio as risk capital for speculative ventures.
Not something to get involved in if you cannot afford to loose the money, not to mention totally lack any investment or business acumen." Jan 20, 17 2:39 PM

How about the Magics/Dodger space?" Jan 20, 17 2:40 PM

Southampton School Board Approves 'Culturally Sensitive' Calendar For 2017-18 School Year

Some of my best friends are Catholic" Feb 19, 17 10:48 AM

Zeldin Blasts Russian 'Aggression' As Spy Ship Lurks Off Long Island

Russians were cool when they were commies and Ted Kennedy was committing treason with them" Feb 19, 17 10:50 AM

An Epley Renovates An 'Eyesore' In The Heart Of Southampton Village

Happy to see the approval process has been streamlined by Mayor Epley. I may also consider making an investment of commercial property in SHV now." Feb 19, 17 10:59 AM

Rally Held By Supporters Of Tuckahoe Center On Monday; Supervisor Skeptical Of Who Turned Out

Just want to help poor kids in Tackahoe school? Priceless!!
She left that part out of the phony letter she sent around Christmas" Feb 21, 17 11:16 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

The "unusual setup" is a very typical triple net lease (NNN)" Jul 28, 17 9:40 PM

Guldi Accepts Plea Deal, Will Be Sentenced To Time Served

And the $82m is where? Waiting off shore for him and MacPherson somewhere I assume" Dec 4, 17 4:26 PM

Public Hearing Set For Discovery Land Subdivision In East Quogue

Yea, more up-zoning to further price out the locals" Jan 23, 18 10:49 AM

More units, to tip their investment return to a higher target" Jan 23, 18 10:52 AM

cheap tee times for locals?" Jan 23, 18 10:53 AM

Harvey Weinstein Unloads Amagansett Property For $10 Million

Fumigation commenced immediately upon closing " Jan 23, 18 10:55 AM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

Moderator, Please detail what was "duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content" compared to some of the stuff above?" Feb 19, 18 5:53 PM

Southampton School District In Contract To Buy Property For Offices

Apparently the principal needs better winter accommodations. Too chilly on his sailboat.
If I still lived in the district I would not be a happy camper. The neighbors should be even more unhappy, their resale values are about to plummet." Mar 12, 18 3:33 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

"Nothing to see here, move along" Dems on Town Board.

MS-13 or the like do not issue laminated ID cards, so I imagine membership is somewhat fluid and often vague.
So why does it matter if you can tie crime by immigrants and illegal aliens to a particular gang or not? Fact is legal immigrants are not screened well and illegal entry has been way out of control, and they are committing serious crimes in Southampton Town. Law enforcement failures at every level.
If a teenage girl can be raped in the estate section of Southampton Village and brothels are operating in Westhampton, what do you think Hampton Bays will be like in 10 years?" Mar 12, 18 3:52 PM

Cops Called To Help Maintain Order At Southampton Town Trustees Meeting

An allegory on government exceeding it's authority is not necessarily inappropriate.
As to the 3 minutes, Horowitz filibustered for about 10 minutes rather than answer very simple questions on the deal.
The unwillingness of any of the Trustees to answer any questions or provide transparency into the exact nature of the deal, only compounded the frustration over the outcome at the property.
This property should have stayed with the town and maintained by the parks dept. at a nominal marginal cost.
Unless there is a lease in place with a well defined expiration and restoration clause, you can count on the homeowner claiming adverse possession at 7 years and 1 day.
One thing is certain, at least 2 trustees need to be voted out ASAP, one of them possibly prosecuted.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Trustees authority was exceeded or that even the transfer from the Town was not legit. I hope the Halseys put the right stipulations in when they transferred it." May 13, 18 8:01 PM

A "maintenance agreement" should not allow for personal use of the property. That would be like the guy who mows your lawn coming by on Sunday, setting up a bar-b-que in your yard and inviting 10 friends over.
Assuming this arrangement is even desirable for the community [it's not] you would lease it to the neighbor for his use during the term of the lease. The lease would include a finite expiration date and a restoration clause.

it seems real estate expertise is severely lacking at both the trustees and the schools administration." May 14, 18 8:40 PM

Why is the Trustee for the Quogue area doing deals in Water Mill without stakeholder/community input?" May 14, 18 8:47 PM

Vacant Coast Guard Homes Expected To Be Auctioned Off This Summer; Neighbors Concerned About Future Of Neighborhood

Doesn't the town have an affordable housing fund. Perhaps a bulk transfer to the town, who could then covenant them to be sold to families who will occupy and who work and attend school locally. If GSA rules don't allow for that, the town should bid on as many as possible. The slumlords will be hard to out bid though" Jun 11, 18 10:46 AM

FOIL Documents Show Farina Investigation Targeted Invoices From Girlfriend's Therapy Business

Inmates running the asylum? Fox in the hen house? All I know is, need to get some grownups back in charge.

I appreciate the work the SH press has done on this and other matters involving the school system I grew up attending. Every year or 2, I am reassured my decision to send my child to private school was a good one.

At $40k per student, a voucher system would be great. I could cover private school by getting back property tax I've paid and the public schools would be forced to be competitive." Oct 28, 18 3:17 PM

I would say Wainscott, Bridgehampton and Sagaponack are smart and smarter. Looks like taxes could be even lower as they have more than enough to support their limited infrastructure/plant and small student bodys, and pay for them to attend nearby high schools. Why would they merge with a bigger district only to see their taxes skyrocket and their kids shoved into larger classes?
For the inverse reason, Southampton taxpayers don't not want to absorb Tuckahoe's excesses. Southampton's are bad enough. The only way a Tuckahoe/Southampton merger to be acceptable is if redundant payroll is trimmed and excess property sold off [or converted to district offices?]" Oct 28, 18 3:36 PM

Indeed, what blew the lid on the whole thing was the cat fighting over this guy. I heard, but cannot verify more without grilling people I would rather not at Thanksgiving, that there were several more scorned/jealous females on the district payroll. One of the others is responsible for the internet picture. I think we can deduce that his pen was in way too much company ink and that part was going to really make him, the board, and the district look real bad, so they paid him a severance and everybody quickly signed an NDC.
I also had it on pretty good authority that he lived on a sailboat tied up in Sag Harbor, but when it got real cold, he camped out in the crumbling district office.Which really aren't zoned for that. I think there was a lot of other stuff, more just plain embarrassing than criminal, but enough to make everyone involved look really foolish.
I would have round filed his resume for his haircut alone;-)" Oct 30, 18 10:02 PM

And don't get me started on Dr. "Narrow Lane" Dyno" Oct 30, 18 10:05 PM

A Long Effort To Keep Montauk's Lighthouse From Tumbling To The Sea

Hatteras lighthouse was moved back, what's the problem?
Stop messing with the coastal dynamic, unintended consequences invariably occur" Nov 4, 18 6:21 PM

Southampton School District Office Advisory Committee Recommends Temporary Replacement For District Office

Probably the 5200 sf available at Flying Point Office park. Which should be the long term solution. Sign a 20 year lease, structure it right and you can shed the property taxes and spend the capital bond money raised for lease payments.

Another dips&*t with Dr. before his name, yay." Nov 6, 18 8:34 PM

Residents File Lawsuit Against Town, Property Owner Regarding Rose Hill Road Deal

Unless this is reversed it will not end well. A maintenance agreement running 15 years that does not properly or correctly address use of the land. Adverse possession kicks in after just 10 years. Win now or the town will lose then for sure.
Assuming a deal with the neighbor was desirable, it should have taken the form of a lease.
Who TF is the lawyer for the Trustees?" Oct 14, 19 6:52 PM

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