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Fishing license injunction extended again; attorney general refuses to take case

longisland already sends new york state more taxes than we get back in services they are just trying to reach a little deeper into our pockets as there are few saltwater fishermen upstate." Oct 27, 09 9:33 PM

Source: Bernard will be tapped as budget officer in East Hampton Town

Cruiser sure sounds a lot like a former councilwoman who was part of the McGintee mess." Dec 14, 09 1:45 PM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

It would be nice if Mr. Bishop would try to do something to help local fisherman both recreational and commercial recieve a fair share of the resource. Alas he is too busy picking lobster out of his teeth in a fine Washington restaurant." Dec 17, 09 12:51 PM

Loewen and Mansir reflect on public life

Worst Town Board ever! Mc gintee Mansir Hammerle and Loewen had total disregard for their fiduciary responsibilities to East Hampton taxpayers.They were completely incompetent and Hammerle should resign and leave with the rest of them." Dec 29, 09 7:47 PM

Bernard returns; Adams will be new East Hampton town attorney

Janet V. was looking for competent help in unraveling East Hamptons books (or lack thereof) she now has it. Good luck and welcome back Len Bernard." Jan 5, 10 8:58 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

I''d like to try to take the politics out of this conversation and introduce some reality. I own a contracting business on the east end. I must buy liability insurance, commpensation insurance, and a home improvement licence. Now I must compete against people who come here from away,pick up a different crew every day at seven eleven or elsewhere and pay cash.I can no longer compete. This is no longer about politics it's about fairness." Jan 16, 10 6:20 PM

An opening salvo from the loyal opposition

It seems the town has moved on without the E.H.Dems because they have been so closed for so long. They really need new leadership badly." Jan 27, 10 5:52 PM

Some worry about East Hampton's financial reorganization

Where were the Democratic Committee people when McGintee was influencing that office whith his whimsy." Jan 27, 10 6:01 PM

Bishop girding for fall fight

It used to be a principled Democrat worked for the working people of his district. Tim Bishop never called me back when I called his office in Washington about the July and August closure of the Black Sea Bass fishery. Fishing, whether it is recreational or commercial is a huge industry in this district and he pays little or no interest to it's concerns. " Feb 3, 10 9:14 PM

Thiele wants to gauge public interest on a proposed Peconic Bay Transportation Authority

We had a referendum on Peconic County and it passed with over 70% of the vote. This accomplished NOTHING !" Feb 5, 10 6:35 AM

Maybe it is time to tear up the tracks and build a bypass once and for all." Feb 5, 10 9:59 AM

PBR, Drill baby drill. If we keep waiting we will all be dead before they start." Feb 5, 10 8:54 PM

Some worry about East Hampton's financial reorganization

It seems to me Janet Verneuille is just a quieter version of the infamous Nick Lynn." Feb 5, 10 9:02 PM

Illegal fishing charges brought against East Hampton harbormaster

As aHarbormaster he should be held to a higher standard but this issue is so much more complicated than that. Being forced to return dead or mortally wounded fish to the sea is rediculous policy but this is the current law.Weather you fish comercially or recreationally or just enjoy eating seafood we must get together to force the government to stop this wasteful policy and bring forth regulations fair to all including the resource." Feb 6, 10 6:38 PM

Three Mile Harbor dredging nixed this winter

The blaming of the Trustees by Bill Taylor is just another attempt by him to cover his own do nothing butt. One permit issued in over two years is not a job done well, as a matter of fact its pretty poor. Its time this political hack is either fired or retired. Our natural resources are too important to leave in the hands of a lazy lout!" Feb 10, 10 11:41 AM

East Hampton looks to create climate change action plan

What do we do if the climate changes back??????????" Feb 16, 10 7:32 PM

Bill would give towns authority over wetlands and ease burden, costs for state

As usual the trustees are about ten years ahead of everyone else.In East Hampton in the mid 90's a proposal was passed to allow the trustees to review applications adjacent to thier holdings, taking the Z.B.A. out of the process thereby streamlining the process and allowing elected officials to rule on these aplications instead of appointed ones.Unfortunately it was never given a chance to work because a new Town Board came to power and changed the law before even one application was reviewed." Feb 25, 10 9:12 PM

Supporters gather for brothers facing fishing charges

There are certain things a police officer is not allowed to do when trying to make an arrest, one of these things is called entrapment. The law allows these men to fish but if they catch too many they must shovel overboard or release mostly dead fish worth thousands of dollars. I'm not a lawyer but this sounds like entrapment to me." Mar 4, 10 7:39 PM

A commercial boat from montauk this past week needed 1000 l.b.s. more scup for their trip limit, when they hauled back they caught 30,000 l.b.s. so 29,000 l.b.s. were discarded DEAD. Who or what fish stock does that reg protect????" Mar 5, 10 12:25 PM

Unfortunately the law does not allow for any over catch so anything over the limit must be thrown back and these fish are mostly dead. This is a result of the govt trying to regulate an industry it knows very little about.And yes recreational fishing adds more to the economy but not only is the commertial industry industry helping to feed the country but it is also a multi billion dollar industry that should not be outsourced." Mar 6, 10 6:30 AM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

The founding fathers thought that the only qualification needed was ones desire to serve the country. They wanted a govt of the people by the people for the people. I think they would be veryunhappy with the career politicos of today." Mar 6, 10 4:28 PM

Supporters gather for brothers facing fishing charges

You need to understand a 1000 lbs may be worth up to $2500 or more multiply that by 50 trips and it may well be that years profit, also when a net is set even for a short period of time it is extremely difficult to know how much you are or are not going to catch.This is why these guys want flexability in the regs not the elimination of them. Remember phins fishing is not just the use of a resourse but also a business and should not be outsourced because if it is the Japanese,Chinese,Russians and whoever else will not obey our quotas." Mar 7, 10 11:59 AM

How about they keep ahd sell that 29000 lbs and subtract it from their possible quota for that opening of that particular season. No waste no more discarded bycatch less fuel burned. That might be considered flexable management, conservation, and would consider the economic realities of the industry." Mar 9, 10 12:34 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

WOW I thought we only had 2 judges in EH looks like we really have 40 or 50!!!" Mar 10, 10 9:20 PM

East Hampton officials to meet with DA over additional CPF transfers

Sorry but Hammerle has no memmory. If I REMEMBER correctly Pete did not remember to ask McGuilty where all this money was being spent.As deputy Supervisor he must have been aware of these goings on. He should resign immediatly and probably join Hults and McGuilty in some country club prison." Mar 18, 10 8:33 PM

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