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Montauk residents oppose proposed lake access

Terrible tittle for this article. Most of Montauk's residents that I know would love another access to the lake for recreation, shellfishing, and teaching their children to swim." Sep 29, 10 7:40 PM

You know what bilge water, please don't come to Montauk' EVER. If you want clams or oysters try Jamaica Bay!!!" Sep 30, 10 9:23 PM

It's fairly apparent bilge water must have been pumped out into a local estuary very recently for him not to know that Montauk is part of East Hampton. Sounds like another carpetbagger ready to run for office." Oct 1, 10 12:10 PM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

The people who live in the woods got the most out of this entitlement and those of us who don't are helping pay for it. Time for fairness, time to lose the pickup program. " Oct 9, 10 10:21 AM

I have no problem with people helping their neighbors, though I like to choose who I help, not be told I'm required to. So throw your rake across your shoulders facts man and clean up all the leaves you care to, just don't expect my tax dollars to pay for your perceived'responsibilities. " Oct 10, 10 3:07 PM

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you facts man, I had to go to work on a Sunday to help pay my share of the cost of the leaf pickup for all those poor people in Settlers Landing, Barnes Hole,and Landfall.


I forgot Beachampton." Oct 10, 10 8:34 PM

I've said it before and I'll say it again I will help the people that I believe need that help, I just don't trust the Gov't to tell me who those people are. There are way too many abuses in all Gov't programs and we the honest taxpayer are the ones who always get screwed." Oct 11, 10 10:07 AM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

How about Bishop campaigning on what he has accomplished instead of just throwing mud around, oh thats right he has'nt done crap for us out here. No sand bypass ( Montauk, Shinicock, Moriches). Beaches still eroding away. Unfair fishing regulations both recreationaly and commecially, and he voted for the health care bill after he was asked time after time by constituants not to. This election is about Tim Bishop's record as a Congressman, NOTHING else. Either you like the job he has done or you don't. I hate to plageurize but are you better off now or were you better off eight years ago? I know my answer. " Oct 13, 10 10:31 PM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

Is that you Steve?" Oct 13, 10 10:35 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

Hey turkey bridge try both commertial and recreational fisherman he has'nt done CRAP for either group. He needs to go and so do the rest of the delegation!" Oct 21, 10 10:25 AM

Election 2010: Bishop Points To His Track Record

Tim Bishop's tenure in Congress has been marked by more and more and more and more and more deficit spending. People can point to George Bush or Barak Obama but appropriations are the responsibility of Congress period! The Congress can say no to any Presidential spending plan, as the President can veto any Congressional bill, and the Congress can, with enough votes, overide that veto. These are the checks and balances built into our Constitution. We MUST hold our representatives responsible for the money they've wasted and Bishop has wasted plenty. Time for him to go." Oct 27, 10 10:32 PM

Not rewriting history just stating the facts and hoping and praying our Constitution does'nt become history." Oct 28, 10 11:51 AM

Election 2010: Altschuler Hopes To Unseat Incumbent, Balance the Budget

All incumbent Congressmen and women have spent us into decades of debt, they alone are responsible for appropriations. THEY ALL MUST GO !!!! " Oct 28, 10 11:57 AM

Turkey Bridge=Tim Bishop" Oct 29, 10 11:30 AM

Election 2010: Bishop Points To His Track Record

No one has told us how many of these Brookhaven Lab. jobs went to district residents or weather any at all did. More likely these jobs were lateral transfers from other labs around the country. " Oct 29, 10 11:36 AM

Congressional Debate Centers On Spending, Economy

Philathome, what ever happened to the free flowing discourse of idea's and honest debate that America was built on." Oct 31, 10 5:36 PM

Election 2010: Bishop Points To His Track Record

It's been two days TB, no answer yet?" Oct 31, 10 5:40 PM

Earthquake Reported Tuesday Morning Offshore Near East End

That wasn't an earthquake it was the Democrats realizing that they lost the House." Dec 1, 10 9:58 AM

Concerns Over Airport Noise Spur Lawsuit In East Hampton

Gestapo Regime's murder people you idiot!
These people have been making trouble for years and are not suing the Town Board they're suing the taxpayers of East Hampton because they made the mistake of buying property near the airport. They are spoiled brats and need the spanking they never got while growing up with that silver spoon sticking out of their butt." Jan 4, 11 5:13 PM

Dredging At Maidstone To Clear Inlet

Remember pride of bonac it was Cathy Lester Bill Taylor and the Dems that destroyed sammys beach." Jan 5, 11 6:14 PM

Proposed Sale Of Montauk Park Spurs A Second Lawsuit

It's too bad guys like Ed Johan don't understand that they are bringing suit against the taxpayers of the town not the Town Board, but then again when he is not a taxpayer it does'nt effect HIS bottom line just those of his neihbors." Jan 6, 11 9:38 AM

Old Town Hall Lives On

How about making it a jail and locking up McGintee, Foster,Loewen, Hammerle, and Mansir." Jan 6, 11 6:05 PM

East Hampton Town's 2009 Audit Finally Complete

Where are factsman, highhatsize, bilgewater,etc. on this article?" Jan 7, 11 8:46 AM

I don't like tooting my own horn so let me say only this, if all the residents of East Hampton put in as many volunteer hours as I have (and many put in more)over the last 20 years it would be an even better place to live." Jan 10, 11 4:27 PM

Amagansett Festival Organizers Field Questions, Hear Gripes

Got five names for you Bilgey, McGintee, Hammerle, Mansir, Loewen, and Foster.
What you discribe as dysfunctional is actually called leadership, it's been so long since East Hampton has had any you just didn't recognize it.
" Jan 12, 11 3:05 PM

Springs Residents Sound Off About Illegal Multi-Family Housing

A little disingenuous of Kathy McCormack( from Springs) after sitting in the Supervisors office with McGintee( from Springs) for six years. During that six years Ms. Foster(from Springs) was there for four years as was Mr. Loewen( from Springs). The question is did these problems exist during the years they were running the Town or did they only become a problem since this new board was elected, and if they existed at that time why weren't they dealt with then? " Jan 13, 11 4:18 PM

Just to clarify I'm really not trying to play the blame game. This can has been kicked down the road for dacades and is not going to be solved quickly. Calmer heads and possibly a Board created task force with specific goals laid out could be a good starting place. " Jan 13, 11 6:23 PM

East Hampton Town Trustee Norman Conklin Edwards Dies At 64

Norman Edwards, a true gentleman." Jan 21, 11 8:56 PM

No Simple Solution For Illegal Housing Issues In Springs

It's amazing how this housing problem happened in the 13 months since the Republicans took the majority. Maybe it's Bush's fault." Jan 22, 11 5:17 PM

I'm curious, does anyone know or how can I ascertain if there is much of a difference in the percentage of children to households in the different school districts?" Jan 23, 11 4:06 PM

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