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Hampton Bays Taxpayers Speak Up, Reject $15.8 Million Bond Referendum

They should use that money for code enforcement and for exposing and prosecuting fraudulent or illegal residents so the schools aren't so overburdened with people who don't belong there. I can't even imagine how much funds the tax payers are supporting in that regard! " Jun 16, 16 8:36 AM

Southampton Assistant Football Coach Has A Big Heart For His Kids

Worms my heart to have a guy like Eddie there for the kids....but agree that part of lesson is to accept consequences for actions if they are fair, which in this case seems fair. " Sep 8, 16 8:10 AM

East End Community Rallies Around Victim Of Racist Attack In Hampton Bays

I am a college educated white male who voted for Trump and I can unequivocally say that if I ever saw such ignorant, disrespectful behavior such as what these pathetic guys did, I would be hard pressed to control myself from knocking their heads off their shoulders. Whoever these guys are, I had better never see you do something like that again. " Nov 23, 16 1:41 PM

Havemeyer Files Petition, Will Challenge Schneiderman For Democratic Line In September Race

I'm all for keeping the quality of life on the east end but where quality can increase, it should be allowed to. Stagnation is means to a depressed environment. " Jul 16, 17 6:30 PM

Southampton Town Considers Artificial Turf For Hampton Bays Field

As long as the study comes backs clean, turf is the way to go. " Mar 29, 18 10:54 AM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

Get it done!
Some people say, keep Hampton Bays as it is. That’s a great idea except that it’s falling apart, if we don’t begin to improve and restore through factors and programs that spur economic stimulation. Who’s going to buy that thing that way it is? Park money? If they impose fines and all that, it will be tied up for years. If the town uses CPF, who will use that piece for a park? No one. Wasted momey. Put the money into making that piece viable for renewal and let the private sector invest in a project that is actually investible. " Sep 30, 18 10:42 AM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

It’s makes all the sense in the world to have the county manage the water. More dollars, more staff, better water. End of story. " Dec 9, 18 11:25 AM

Shinnecock Nation Leaders Say Signs On Sunrise Are Essential To Tribe's Economic Well-Being

I wouldn’t be opposed to a monument of some sort in honor of the nation, but it obviously not really about that.
The nation stated that the billboards advertising wouldn’t just be for their smoke shops? It would be to advertise everyone else? That’s even less acceptable. You put that thing on a local road like that? Is the argument that that shouldn’t matter because they claim other things the town has done are not desirable, so why criticize this one? Bad argument. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
We understand the past unresolved perspectives about history or otherwise, but today there are still reasonable valid concerns about massive extremely out of context lit signage on an otherwise quaint road.
What are people thinking? Building colleges, vs putting up massive lit eye soars is a huge difference.
Some reasonability needs to occur here, not a “we don’t care what it looks like, you owe us” mentality that is a non starter in my opinion. " May 11, 19 11:16 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Beautification Association Protest Of Planned Shinnecock Nation Billboards Rescheduled To Wednesday

Just change the name from “Sunrise Hwy” to “Signrise Hwy” I guess. " May 11, 19 11:21 AM

A sign on the side of the road is NOT a “Monument”. It’s not a tribute, nor is it art.
It’s a giant lit sign, that’s designed to generate outside revenue from advertisers. NO WAY!
If it’s for their own smokeshops, they can easily advertise on the internet and other means that won’t have the negative visual impact that a giant sign would have. It’s amazing that Native Americans/local resident would want to crap on our landscape with the argument that others do it so why not them??!!! That argument will far. NOT!
They should be ashamed of themselves ignoring the obscene visual impact that a giant lit sign will have, and using the excuse that other things look ugly so it’s okay for them to contribute with THIS eye-soar for money?
Again, this is more about generating revenue from advertisers than it is generating more business for the smoke shops. It’s like the old tv commercial where the person in the car throws garbage at the native Americans feet on the side of the highway. Now you have the Native American himself, trying to litter up our roadways. Shameful, sad and tragic.
But most of all UNACCEPTABLE!!!
PS-To the extent they will also advertise the smoke shops, they shouldn’t be doing that either as they shouldn’t be promoting cigarettes to minors in public. Should I tell my kids to look the other way when we drive by?
I ironic to think that an American Indian would want to put a giant lit sign in a field of nature and destroy the landscape like that. Shameful. " May 12, 19 10:35 AM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

This is a lose lose situation. People don’t like the sign. The Shinecock nation does not care about its neighbors. If the position is that if they have been wronged therefore they don’t care about wrong anyone else, then that means war. If they are merely ignoring the voices of their neighbors and their community, then they are uncaring and undeserving of mutual respect and consideration. It may or may not be their land, but it has an effect on everyone around it, and their lack of concern or attention to that is unacceptable and belligerent " May 24, 19 9:20 AM

Ignoring laws and offending everyone is great way to be, right Chief? I have land too but, even though it’s my land, I can’t put whatever I want on it,...especially if it affects the environment and other people. Shame on you Chief. Your policy and attitude is a disgrace. Is that the example of leadership you show to your group? You’re a BAD neighbor. Is that the lesson for the children? For humanity in general, it’s an ignorant position to take. One that won’t be a benefit, but instead a defeat. A difficult one to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I set a great example of how to be. Way to go Chief ��
You think you’ve won the battle, but you’ve really lost the war, in ways that money can’t buy. " May 26, 19 1:14 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Eyes Second Main Across Shinnecock Canal To Improve Water Pressure

Agreed. Out with the Hampton Bays Water Dept. Incompetence.
SC should be handling the water. " Oct 19, 19 7:18 PM

Agreed. Out with the Hampton Bays Water Dept. Incompetence.
SC should be handling the water. " Oct 19, 19 7:19 PM