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Provisional Westhampton Beach Police Chief Fails Civil Service Exam

Here's a prime example of why I had to get out of there...all of the ignorant people who think they know everything and who constantly have to throw in their two cents and negativity when in fact they know absolutely nothing! The people on here bashing Chief Gonce...don't you have anything better to do? What if you were in his shoes? What would you be saying then?

An exam result does NOT translate into how well or capable someone is of doing their job. Considering Trevor has been a serving the community for 20+ years he's obviously doing something right. He earned the promotion and considering the circumstances when he was appointed Chief, I think he's done a d*mn good job so far. As we all know, it takes time to settle in and adjust. Let's give him a chance to do that and show just how great he is. " Jun 29, 15 9:20 PM

Why don't you leave the area if you're so unsatisfied?" Jun 29, 15 10:22 PM