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Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

linda k. should have known better to put herself in that position.The refusal of a breathalizer does not bode well in the mind of the voter.Hope they take a good hard look at the whb police.Some members have been on a power trip for a long time." Oct 28, 09 1:58 PM

This is all pretty much a waste of oxygen.linda k had no shot of winning prior to the arrest,afterwards ,it would be like my mule bessy winning the Kentucy
Derby...........van wyck" Oct 28, 09 4:20 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

c'est la vie.wish him well in his new endeavors.Had drinks one saturday few years ago,felt like i was in the bar scene from star wars.strange looking crowd." Oct 28, 09 6:53 PM

Proving Oddone's intentions will be burden of prosecution

The second Mr.Reisters bodywent limp and his arms fell to his side is when humanity was gone and animalistic behavior emerged.To hold on long after that requires derangement." Oct 29, 09 12:09 PM

Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

That Police department is way to incestuous, has been for years.The mayor is the ex chief.Remember Vebeek case a dozen years ago.Sounds like same old monkey business going on." Nov 5, 09 3:41 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

fill all the stores,tax free smoke outlet,liquor store,otb move across the street,massage parlor with happy endings and a "gentlemens club"lots of neon and a movie premier light shooting up in the sky.charge for parking ,gonna be in demand." Feb 26, 10 3:57 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Attorney Bo Bishop resigns

SO glad i moved out east from that mess ! some of the officials are well intended but there is a core of small minded individuals who think they have privilege as locals.now its like the movie where thre airliner crashes in a remote area and they start eating each other to survive." Mar 25, 10 9:00 AM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

what a shock,at least we will not have to look at the botox prunes crossing the street ,making you want to hurl the western omellete you just had at sip and soda." Oct 5, 10 3:38 PM

Southampton Village To Rework Cherry Tree Idea After Opposition From Veterans

I came across the garden club members ealrly one saturday measuring out the line of trees.My first thought was why would they tamper with our Villages "Great Lawn "I have chased my children around this lawn , made wishes on coins thrown in the fountain and told them of the great men of this village who were honered here.I told them both their granpas fought beside these men and made it home safely.Let the club find another self honering spot,those monuments should be seen from far and wide." Apr 15, 11 11:06 AM

honor misspelled twice sorry
" Apr 15, 11 11:53 AM

North Sea Couple Houses Purple Martin Colony

My mother always said dogs and babies can sense nice people,i have to add purple martins to that list now.Chuck and Debbi Guilloz are two of the nicest people i have met on the east end and the birds know it ." Jul 15, 11 9:32 AM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

I would just like to say i feel fortunate to live in Southampton.We are lucky in that we do not experience the traffic snarls found Water Mill and east.Sorry to the commuters and those trying to get home.But if you live in Southampton and west , thoroughness and empathy for the injured by our municipiality are a small price to pay in a single day,for living in such a great area." Jul 26, 12 9:55 AM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Of Schools To Remain At District, With A Raise

Finally some good news - lets get this merger done . It will enhance the educational experience for the entire community, not to mention the increased land value such an improvement brings. " Dec 2, 14 10:03 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Loosens Reins On Entertainment Regulations For Restaurants

Good intentions but a little too late . A once vibrant town is now struggling due to the stringent parameters laid down by some narrow minded and self serving individuals . People moved east , myself included , where public officials were more forward thinking and cooperative . I applaud the new scant willingness but the powers that were in WHB have only themselves to blame for the lackluster home values and the sole choice of an ice cream cone after dinner ." May 11, 17 12:21 PM