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Rechlers Seeking Amendments To Gabreski Airport Project

to me the whole thing seems scattershot.

- I understand wanting to develop the land. I recall the airport paying some whopping $10K a year in property tax.
- If you are going to develop something the site is there and there is business nearby.
- A hotel makes a bit of sense if you buy into Hank Beck's argument that over the past 6 years many potential hotel/B&B rooms have been lost in the area
- tourist equate to dollars in local businesses.


- a technology park? Really...WHB will be the next Soho? I truly doubt it
- WHB will not be the next Silvercup studios either. Just because you build it doesn't mean anyone cares.
- i've heard casino too. make sense but is an affront to many
- if I were going to haul myself to the Hamptons and pay for a room, I'd like to know I am near water
- the "business" district is not anyplace you'd really shop.

WHB lacks a master plan as to how it wants to conduct itself and be perceived. I offer the following three examples of excellent towns that combine a balance of beauty, functionality, tourist attractions, and commerce: Aspen, Cape May, nantucket

All three towns cater to tourists and residents. They have excellent food, lodging, natural resources etc. WHB is not one of them. " Feb 8, 11 9:14 AM

Amid Change And Turnover, Some Weather The Storm

Dear Editor how is is the posting "their' instead of "there" duplicate or inappropriate?" Feb 9, 11 8:11 AM

The editor seemed not to like my treatise on how difficult the publishing business is. I wonder if there is an agenda of some sorts?

Further to my original post here's the math of a book.

For every $20 book: $5 production costs. $5 marketing, $5 to the publisher, $5 to the author. The price rises if there is a limited market (think college texts) and/or there is a heavy graphics/pics. additionally, if there is an increase in upfront marketing it usually comes at the expense of the authors cut and to a lesser degree the publisher.

You have to sell alot of books to pay the rent and live" Feb 9, 11 8:16 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

had to do that to avoid the censor....but I like the way you think" Feb 12, 11 8:43 PM

Jurors Continue Deliberation In Guldi Case

Your explanation was certainly clearer than the article above. Maybe it is me though but why would the insurance company name Countrywide just because they have a lien? Or more specifically how the heck would Guldi get Countrywide's signature? It's not like it was ever the corner bank when all this was happening. Seems to me the implication is that a distinct option is to pay down the mortgage versus fixing the house (ahem, the real point of the insurance).

If anyone should be irked it's the insurance company not Countrywide. Usually there is a hook that the check is contingent upon the work actually being completed....." Feb 14, 11 11:23 PM

BTW it is "duel" not "dual"" Feb 17, 11 10:44 PM

Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes Take The Cake In Westhampton

I always thought to sell food commercially you had to have a kitchen that was subject to inspection." Feb 22, 11 1:36 PM

Guldi Found Guilty Of Two Felony Charges


They most certainly are connected. "Mr. MacPherson will likely be tried alongside an unknown number of other people accused in a massive July 2009 indictment of what prosecutors described as a mortgage fraud ring, including his wife, Carrie Coakley, and former Suffolk County Legislator George O. Guldi, who along with Mr. MacPherson, was accused of acting as a ringleader. Altogether, 17 people were named in the indictment."

It it not known if Guldi has an equity interest in Magic's but it is certain MacPherson does. Additionally, MacPherson is part of this mortgage scam. What is more tenuous is how Magic's closed because of this. MacPherson wouldn't submit the check for the SLA unless he knew he'd get the license. Given the indictment the SLA indicated "no". Therefore; no check and no license.

Now why MacPherson wasn't tried at the same time, is unknown to me. Seems depositing a forged instrument makes you an accomplice." Feb 25, 11 2:16 PM

Glass Mound Proves A Growing Challenge

Well here is an easy solve. Make your own market. East Hampton just needs to require that any driveway or sidewalk jobs have a certain percentage of recycled aggregate. Or offer a rebate to those homes that implement the recycled materials. Has to be cheaper than paying to bury it." Mar 2, 11 8:26 AM

UNfortunately the economics of most recycling programs is that it is usually cheaper to extract raw material and create something than it is to collect, transport, clean, process and re-form an existing commodity.

I am not a huge advocate of taxes but given enough incentive, it makes sense for local gov'ts to look to use the materials." Mar 2, 11 8:05 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Denies Pair Of Grievances Filed By Suspended Police Officers

I do not know Hank Tucker personally but in reading several articles over the years there is a consistent thread in each of them. Whenever it serves his interest he claims not to have received paperwork or only received it at the last minute. In a benign sense he might be a touch muddled but in a more sinister sense it borders on incompetence. If the WHB trustees were in a for profit world, Hank wouldn't make it to the second meeting with those excuses." Jul 7, 11 10:44 AM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Taping is for Tornados not so much hurricanes. Even if you wanted to tape, picking up glass would be the least of your problems. You should put loose items away (trash cans, etc). Don't park under a tree, garage it if you can. Clear your gutters, be ready if you lose power (flashlights, batteries, cooler, ice, foodstuffs, radio). If you have time cut any dead branches back from the house. Rent movies, bit the beverage barn, play a game and enjoy the show." Aug 25, 11 11:21 AM

Westhampton Beach Protester Arrested During Staged Sit-In In Washington, D.C.

One great road block to doing anything differently is the government itself. Let's say I wanted to put a turbine in my backyard to generate electricity to sell back to LIPA. Considering wind power has been around for decades if not hundreds of years, LIPA has only recently caught on to electrical credits. Now Southampton may bark (pun intended) about me removing a few trees to make it efficient. Additionally, there will be a clamor over how far the turbine has to be from any structures. What we have created is a government and people who consistently say "no" as opposed to how we can enable people to do things better. I could go on but the point has been made" Sep 6, 11 9:42 AM

Rescuers Give Wildlife A Fighting Chance In A World Of Humans

Did the doe have a beach pass?" Sep 13, 11 4:17 PM

Some Still Upset Over Three-Story Hotel At Gabreski Airport

Technology Park... Silicon Valley, Soho, MIT....Westhampton. Sounds about right" Sep 14, 11 10:15 PM

Clinton Visit Spurs Violation On Lily Pond Lane In East Hampton Village

That was brialliant...truly funny!
But "skull" is spelled with a "K".
Kind of fills the humor doesn't it?
BTW, "C" and "K" are nowhere near each other on the keyboard so you truly look challenged" Sep 18, 11 10:36 PM

yes I spelled one word incorrectly to be facetious" Sep 18, 11 10:36 PM

Now Is The Time For Pool Winterization

I winterize in June...beats the crowds" Sep 20, 11 10:43 PM

Sources: Rotary Club Meeting Features Fist Fight

If they were Shriners he'd probably run over him in one of those little cars." Sep 20, 11 10:45 PM

Judge Denies Injunction That Would Have Allowed Temporary Religious Boundary

Tis simple.

No one likes the rabbi, so offer town support if he steps down

The Rabbi's 'house' somehow got converted to a hall for large scale meals and festivities. Come into compliance with the town building code and you'll garner support.

I live very close to the synagogue...I gotta tell you, it's vacant in the off season. Show us the 'demand' that exists and it can be considered. Right now it seems like a handful of crotchety old men are making all the noise (see Town Hall on You Tube).

Just to be clear I am not of any particular faith. What I take exception to are religions where some segment is not on the same basis as another..be it jewish women behind a curtain, muslim's under a veil, or catholics who think only men can be priests. I also gave up religions based on dietary restrictions...that's pretty medieval too." Nov 9, 11 10:43 PM

I think not" Nov 9, 11 10:44 PM

You my Amish looking icon...do not know how to spell Westhampton. I deem you an infiltrator and you will be ridiculed on sight. Nice tie icon...get a cape like me." Nov 21, 11 9:26 PM

I offer the trees and poles on my property for a fee. Of course I'll make it like a maze where they just run around in unknowing circles like a corn maze. I have visions of being like Stork and leading the marching band into a dead end alley during the Faber town parade." Nov 21, 11 9:29 PM

Developer Demands Resignation Of Westhampton Beach Trustee

Westhampton is dead" Dec 4, 11 10:58 PM

Cops: Flanders Man Charged After Having Sex With Teen

...and how exactly do you have this vast first hand knowledge of the the Honduran police and their procedures? " Dec 5, 11 11:47 AM

Westhampton Beach Mayor Won't Check Out Supermarket Proposal

Ever notice how much talk exists about local government trying to amend private business (specifically, the supermarket)? " Dec 5, 11 11:57 AM

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