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Southampton Trustees Experiment Begins At Mill Pond

Would it be proper to suggest "man made solutions for man made problems"

and its counterpart "let nature do what nature does"

I would think though until you fix the root cause of a problem, it will always be a band aid" Apr 11, 13 1:20 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Attorney Refuses To Release Audit

Sometimes I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

But in essence Haefeli has not stated why it was not released. All the reasons are Molianro's as I see it. She must be such a good soldier to put herself in this position.

I would hope that if the document contained anything untoward you'd prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Just sayin'

" Apr 17, 13 4:06 PM

Bishop Revives Bill Targeting Billions In Big Oil Tax Breaks

I believe all companies should pay their fair share but let's solely deal with fact. :Per Section 199, domestic production gross receipts (DPGR) can be derived from the following qualifying production activities as long as they are conducted in whole or in significant part within the U.S.:

The manufacture, production, growth, or extraction by the taxpayer of tangible personal property. This encompasses all tangible personal property (except land and building), computer software, and sound recordings.
The production of qualified film
The production of electricity, natural gas, or water
The construction of real property
The services of architecture/engineering
DPGR resulting from the property produced must be owned by the producer taking the deduction (i.e. the production of property that is owned and under contract by someone else would generally not be eligible).

While big oil does make gas and electricity, what is conspicuous is what is NOT listed - petroleum production. Additionally, it is obvious this written to spur domestic investment across more lines than just energy (BTW wind, water and geothermal can get these benefits too).

When people carp about oil I often like to point out that if you look a the top 10 holdings of most mutual funds you will find a major oil refiner. So hurting oil is directly hurting your retirement.

BTW Mr. Hemp has some valid points but it was just recently proven that if we moved solely to corn based fuels (ethanol) we do not have enough land to grow the corn necessary for our current level of energy consumption. And The Law of unintended Consequences almost caused a revolution in Mexico b/c our corn demand forced prices to rise and so did the price of corn based foods like tortillas." Apr 19, 13 9:52 AM

Two Huntington Station Men Arrested After Police Pull Over Stolen Car

Not saying there is any typecasting but the average A6 owner and their friends don't usually drive around in T shirts from the Dollar store" May 7, 13 3:01 PM

Westhampton Beach Proposition

Is that in addition to the existing expenditures or a new total operating budget." May 28, 13 8:58 AM

Westhampton Beach Officials Want To Demolish Former Guldi Family Home

Wish Haefeli would bring his act to the Quioge section of Southampton Township - there's been a wreck on Woodbridge for a decade that desrves to be imploded" Jun 2, 13 3:01 PM

Westhampton Developer Repeats Request For Hearing On Supermarket Proposal

Here's my prediction. The zoning eventually gets amended. A supermarket gets built. The existing supermarket vacates their space. We have a new place to get food farther away and another eyesore in town. Code is such now that renovation is not feasible and a knwockdown has no return in a consumers market that is a summer crowd Jaded, maybe, but not so farfetched" Jun 2, 13 3:06 PM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

Job justification much?" Jun 7, 13 8:51 AM

An easy solution going forward is for the USPS never to deliver mail without a return address. Just sayin'

BTW you do realize that we still can't mail packages over a certain weight thanks to a bomber from 20 years ago. I am not for or against but i do marvel at our ability to rail against disappearing personal freedoms at the time only to readily accept them like sheep years later. See passports, TSA, mailing weights, tamper proof seals etc. I'd be these costs in total over the last several decades far exceed the cost of any war." Jun 10, 13 9:09 AM

Wainscott Man Arrested For Throwing Traffic Patrol Officer's Ticket Book

That would be awesome. Great idea. Sort of like kick the can with a ticket book. IF they can retrieve and write it by the time you pull away you deserve it. IF you toss it far enough and drive off you are free!" Jun 15, 13 6:00 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Reopens After Raid By Feds in ID Theft, Labor Exploitation Probe

Not you Apu!!!" Jun 17, 13 4:59 PM

wait you've said 'malefactors' before?" Jun 17, 13 5:19 PM

Crowds Still Flood Indian Wells Beach, But At Least There's Parking

I really don't know this beach but how funny would it be to post a teen- at the front and a cop 30 yards back. Every over bearing individual can then answer to an officer after disregarding the rules and the teens instructions.

BTW what public beach lacks facilities that one would be cited for urination?

BTW2 sounds like they are cleaning up the ypung drunken adult scene - 6 citations for public drunkenness. My word! " Jun 19, 13 8:15 AM

Voters Approve Westhampton Beach Firehouse Plans

It's a volunteer firehouse not a full time live in so a commecial kitchen, if true seems excessive. Frankly a firehouse is a glorified garage. I'd be hard pressed to understand how they get to $15M. This would probably make it one of the most expensive buildings in all of WHB. What did the WHB CC's new clubhouse cost?" Jun 19, 13 8:23 AM

Southampton Village Paves Way For Surf Camp

There is a surf camp in WHB and it runs perfectly fine. They start early and end by 10. There are always enough instructors per student. If the waves are at a place where there is limited parking they walk from Rogers or are dropped off. No one complains b/c there is NOTHING to complain about.

BTW no one has a right to a public parking spot. I wish it were true b/c it would be nice to have a 15 foot spot in front of my building to park everyday. I could use one on main st in WHB too but let's not get greedy shall we?" Jul 13, 13 9:15 AM

I am not justifying boorish behavior I merely am attempting to illustrate that it can work if you want it to. BTW there may be a bit of a sticky legal wicket in that the surf line and the ocean are federal domain not any village or town. See any S Jersey beach goer attempting to skirt beach tags - they generally run to the surf line. So if the 'business' is occurring in the water SH Village has no jurisdiction. Just a thought." Jul 14, 13 8:42 AM

Developers Say Lagging Economy Is To Blame For Delaying Projects In Westhampton Beach

Uhh hadn't anyone noticed that lot has been vacant for the last 20 years. maybe even more. I don't think 2008 had much to do with anything" Jul 17, 13 9:52 PM

Equestrian Helmet Legislation Signed Into Law In New York

Truly if you get on a horse that puts you six feet above the ground you should have enough sense to put a lid on it. You shouldn't need to legislate this." Aug 5, 13 11:05 PM

Detached Trailer On Quiogue Crashes Off Montauk Highway, Slows Traffic

His truck but he wasn't driving. I was there.

And your child would be foolish to ride in the spot of the accident..the shoulder is only 2 feet wide best at that exact spot." Aug 15, 13 11:01 PM

It is most certainly on Quiogue because as stated that is the historical precedent.

But Is it Q-why-ah-g
or Q-wee-ah-g

My best friend who was born and raised in Quogue (he pronounces it Kwog..a long "O" like "road") says it both ways.

Anyone care to weigh in?
" Aug 15, 13 11:04 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Has Spent Thousands In Legal Fees Over Illegal Ice Cream Cone Sculpture

That is a ridiculous plan and I heartily support it! Of course the bra can be a double hammock." Sep 3, 13 4:17 PM

State Audit Reveals Weaknesses In Westhampton Beach Village Record-Keeping

"The audit also lists recommendations for addressing the issues, such as establishing a policy to ensure that employees are properly logged in and only accessing data pertaining to their jobs, restricting administrative rights to village employees and creating a disaster recovery plan for the data."

If their back up plan consists of imaging the disk on the same computer, I am leaving this planet.

BTW this may be shoddy writing but the way it is stated now implies that someone besides village employees can access the data. If true that would be a serious breach. I would hope the writer confused "to" and "of" in the referenced sentence." Sep 6, 13 7:55 AM

UPDATE: Jay Sears Pleads Guilty In Federal Court On Monday

Ya think the ol' creeper would bone up on his photoshop skills. Guess Miss Crabtree didn't teach that to alfalfa, Darla and of course Spanky" Sep 9, 13 11:13 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Has Spent Thousands In Legal Fees Over Illegal Ice Cream Cone Sculpture

gotta love a pun tho' mine was weak and trite" Sep 9, 13 11:14 PM

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