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Trustees will revitalize Lake Agawam waterfront

Can this all be true ? My trustees filled in part of a lake to widen a road and make a parking lot. The trustees are going to borrow against anticipated income - that's always a good idea with southampton's track record - just look at what we pay in interest on the bonds that are already floated. Sounds like the trustees are for bulkheads to help prevent storm water runoff, so that the native plant species can absorb oils and other pollutants. Don't oils and pollutants tend to kill plants? How did these native oil / pollutant eating plants survive before we came there ?" Mar 12, 10 10:44 AM

If anyone wants "to get behind" an issue -- how about bringing those "green-green lawns under some sort of control. " Mar 12, 10 10:52 AM

Winds sweep through South Fork, causing scattered damage

We should all be thankful that the moon was at apogee. That helped to damper the effect some what." Mar 15, 10 8:14 PM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

Southampton is just trying to be more financially outrageous than East Hampton." Mar 15, 10 10:37 PM

East Hampton plans to cut number of departments in half, offer early retirement

Downsizing sounds good, perhaps someone could've said this government is bloated at the top too." Mar 30, 10 8:54 PM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

It appears the chief is in need of monitoring too." Apr 19, 10 10:58 AM

Netting of carp OK'd in Mill Pond

Now why would my trustees need to receive permission from the dec. Guess the trustees are not going to hire any of those Brookhaven gill netters." Sep 28, 10 1:21 PM

Is there a carp & goldfish only gill net. With the seine the ones that are not targeted could be thrown back alive." Sep 28, 10 4:14 PM

Town Auditors Still Trying To Track Down $1.5 Million In Park Fees

If something is not were it is supposed to be and you don't know where it ended up, you really don't know where it is, that is like missing or a form of missing. At the end of missing is gone." Nov 11, 10 9:49 AM

Despite Objections, Southampton Town Board Appoints OTB Official To Top Management Post

Right you are ... the words are "Just go down and sign up" ... then you're taken care of." Dec 3, 10 8:49 AM

Trustees Clear One Legal Obstacle, Run Into Another

Yes, yes, those trustees got themselves the gasoline additive windfall to use as their warchest (as per Shutz) for their continuation of their illegal jurisdictional expansion and subsequent trampling of the same freeholders rights they are sworn to uphold." Dec 11, 10 10:22 PM

Court Agrees: Town Waters Are Exempt From State Fishing License Requirement

maybe make that a thrilled lead Counsel for the Towns, our own "Joe Lombardo" too." Dec 16, 10 2:15 PM

Baykeeper Wants State To Revoke Quogue's Authority To Approve Dune Road Projects

The baycreeper is helping to save us from ourself." Dec 16, 10 2:24 PM

Lesters Plead Not Guilty In East Hampton Town Justice Court

Our tax dollars at work for us !" Aug 20, 11 9:39 AM

UPDATE: There Is Still Room At Shelters For Local Residents

The new moon on sunday night all most in sync with perigee makes for big time tides even without the storm." Aug 26, 11 9:53 AM

Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

Perhaps an opportunity to correct an injustice." Sep 21, 11 9:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Good vote on the $700,000 project." Nov 18, 11 7:03 PM

New Brand Of Politics In The Future For Southampton Trustees

Term limits is a very good idea." Nov 30, 11 8:56 PM

c'mon now was first to mention term limits.

Sure the campaigns are over but the dealing goes on and on and on." Dec 4, 11 7:43 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller Tamara Wright Headed To Brookhaven Town

Jim "I'm a finance guy" Malone is perhaps not understood because he speaks almost in shorthand." Feb 1, 12 6:30 PM

Trustees May Charge Town For Sand For Mecox Beach Nourishment

Resourceful trustees ... there is an emergency situation ... opportunity to make some money from the town. Wonder if the trustees town council person Jim "financial guy" Malone would approve." Feb 4, 12 9:57 PM

The trustees approved expansion of Dockers, the baycreeper has brought suit, where are the funds coming from to defend our trustees right to allow development of the fragile barrier beach bayside wetlands." Feb 7, 12 7:30 PM

Perhaps if 17 is more than what they had it would be considered an expansion, then the need for shore services .. a larger fuel tank, possibly dredging and it can go on from there.... Could the trustees not have done sufficient environmental reviews and not heeded the baycreeper so that he had to bring suit, thus their authority is under nys law." Feb 7, 12 10:23 PM

Sand .. and the idea that everyone should be trying to work together better than what appears to be happening. Our supervisor speaks of partnerships to make things work. Wonder to whom and for how much did our trustees sand go to in the past two years. Long Island's sand and gravel has a history of moving out of the townships to projects to the west. Is Mecox a crisis / emergency situation?" Feb 10, 12 8:30 PM

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