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Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

My question is why would an officer bring his gun to work and then take it back home every day that they work? " Dec 31, 09 1:45 PM

Amen to that. Start where the trouble began." Dec 31, 09 1:46 PM

Not everything was seen and heard before Teller became mayor believe me, I know firsthand. Dean has favorites and one of them has brought nothing but negativity to the force. That person is not Speer either. At least he doesn't profile people.
" Dec 31, 09 2:02 PM

Police: Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Joan Levan trespassed on former candidate's property

You go cush870!" Jun 23, 10 12:01 PM

This used to be a great town. Things that are happening now and in the past is making WHB look like it is run by clowns. What a sad thing to see.
Come on people lets get it together and set a good example for our children!" Jun 23, 10 12:02 PM

Injuries Mounting Up For Westhampton Beach Football

Thanks to everyone especially members of WHB football team and Coach Parry and Assarte, who came to see my grandson, Kayne following surgery, and my sister, Lisa, and many others who called.

Renee" Oct 30, 12 11:26 PM

Hurricane Football Stuns Miller Place With 19-14 Victory In County Semifinal

Congratulations to the WHB hurricane football team and coaches!" Nov 19, 12 9:49 PM