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Teen Driver In Serious Condition After North Haven Village Crash

That would be NORTH Haven, not New Haven…..duh….." Aug 3, 15 9:33 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Rejects Freedom Of Information Act Request

I'll bet a chunk of change that land the dept so secretly covets is owned by one of their own who stands to make a big buck on the deal….just sayin'" Aug 3, 15 9:40 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Couple Struck By Car Saturday On Sunrise Highway, Driver Charged With Driving On Drugs

just a few years ago traffic might have been directed to a shoulder, an outside lane, but would have been kept moving, albeit slowly. These days, police close the entire road on a moment's notice, with no regard for the local population that needs to get to work, doctor appointments, etc. I know the road needs closure to land a helicopter, but really -- hours> Happens on 27/39 far too often.
and one other point -- dont pull over on 27 to take a picture -- its not too bright and very dangerous. Texters are everywhere. " Aug 10, 16 10:04 AM

Pottery Barn Opts Out Of Lease In Southampton Village

Amazon hasn't hurt the Village's shopping. The Village has. Astronomical rents from greedy landlords, Draconian rules and regs that discourage entrepreneurs. Dull stores, overpriced restaurants, a flatline experience. We need more than ANOTHER CVS. The only time there's a crowd here is on the 4th of July. " Aug 3, 19 10:35 AM