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Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

The Melises should be locked up. They have been defrauding hundreds of hardworking, respectful people who have leases and are out for the weekend to escape the city.
I am one of those people. When I went to connect with Michael about the keys rules and so forth, a week prior to our Friday arrival, we got panicked/suspicious responses.
The detective in me got to work,
1. The listing was down off ever rental site,
2. I "Google Mapped" the lease address vs. the pictures in the listing and was able to conclude, the listed address on the lease was using 1206 Middleline Rd.'s pictures (I found an old link from when the house was listed on Zillow for sale, and when you look, it's there clear as day on Google Maps.) So alarm bells went off!!!
3. I called Sag Harbor PD, East Hampton PD who all knew the situation as soon as we mentioned the house. They explained people have been showing up every weekend, and there are already tenants in the home and it is not to be rented out.
4.I Google his full name, (When you are upsetting an entire neighborhood and defrauding people you would never be dumb enough to use your own name right?) WRONG. Up pops his mug shot. He got arrested in Florida, two days prior and had been released on bond for Fraud. When I called that police dept in Largo, FL they knew when I said his name about the Sag Harbor house scam they have been running. So it is well know by two state police departments that this man is a fraud, liar and thief.

I am still in the process of dealing with the fraud claim and it is still unresolved. This couple has stolen a lot of money from a lot of people and I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else, for the sake of the rents and the neighborhood it is terrible to bring this kind of criminal element into such a wonderful place.

" Aug 4, 15 6:23 PM