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East Hampton School, Government And Police Officials Unite To Fight Teen Drug Use And Cultivate Mental Health

1 out of 5 people have a mental illness most un-diagnosed from eating disorders, depression to bi-polar to schizophrenia (which comes on mostly around 18-19). Get Mental Health First Aid Training for all teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, police, judges, attorneys,parents--and teach mental health as part of health in the schools starting middle school and up. Remove the stigma, as well.

" Jun 7, 18 12:26 PM

Local Doctor Says Prisoners Who Need Addiction Meds In County Jail In Riverside Have Difficult Time Getting Prescriptions

My 21 year old son had schizophrenia diagnosed by the county and physicians with delusions, voices, disabled judgement-- violated probation for selling an ounce of marijuana to EH Village's off-duty police chief (true), then by self-medicating with weed found in his urine by Riverside probation officer and, sentenced to 4 months by EH Judge Cahill (later ordered to pay back $1 million of misappropriated funds by State Supreme Court) and an assistant DA who adjudicated that he "knew right from wrong." I fought for a week to get him his meds and assign him to a psychiatric floor where he could b separated from some bad guys who threw him against the bars to test him. At 19 he had to drop out of university when schizophrenia developed. He was disabled NOT A CRIMINAL. He overdosed on heroin with fentanyl at 24. " Jun 29, 18 12:57 PM

Rose Jewelers In Southampton Village To Close After 70 Years In Business

Generations of the Fabrizio's bought from Rose. You will be missed. " Jun 29, 18 12:59 PM

A Life Lived And Lost In The Waves Of Opioid Use

Thank you for covering Kristin's story. I grieve for her and all the young men and women, including my son James, who are losing their lives from opioids. Lock up the dealers. Most importantly,treat dual diagnoses --mental illness and addiction--together. If not, we will continue to push a rock up a mountain to solve this crisis. " Jul 26, 18 8:57 AM

East End Natives Create Special Needs East End Network To Offer Services For Developmentally Disabled Adults

Valuable, heart-warming initiatives by some of the community's top leaders. Gives the disabled a fighting chance. Much success!" Mar 21, 19 1:43 PM

Committee Recommends Narrower Music Law Demands In East Hampton

Kudos. Doing the right thing." Oct 10, 19 1:49 PM