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Baymen back to playoff after five year absence

Too bad the school and coaches are suspended 7 players for some Halloween pranks that some of the players weren't even involved in. According to this 'quilty by association' every student out on Halloween should be suspended from their sport or club activity. Way to go Hampton Bays! You've finally got a football team that's winning and right before the playoffs your going to bench 7 key players! " Nov 3, 09 11:41 PM

Baymen fall to Mt. Sinai in playoffs

This punishment was an overreaction! More than football players were involved and these other students have yet to be punished. The coach and administrations decision to remove the players from the team was supposedly because the act was considered an embarassment to the team. No-one would have known of this prank if the adminstration hadn't kicked the players off the team, and now the administration has publicly embarassed themselves, the entire football team as well as the community. The incident was followed up by a direct apology ,and the students involved took care of any damages. Kicking these players off the team was unnecessary and hurt more than just those students. This is the first time in 5 years that the Baymen have made it to the playoffs and 25 years since we've hosted a playoff game. After a great season we bench some of our key players because of an incident that DOES NOT involve the school at all and we completely shut down our chances of becoming division champs!
Poor judgement call, no consideration for these players, their teammates, and the community.

-Proud to be a Baymen... " Nov 10, 09 5:22 PM