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Army Corps Will Restore Destroyed Dunes In Montauk

we'll see
" Feb 26, 16 6:46 PM

we'll see
" Feb 26, 16 6:46 PM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

just sit back and watch him implode. Hopefully he doesn't kill someone before he does. Actually, I hope he hits me in my '95 Dodge Diesel. There will be one HELL of a lawsuit. All of the evidence I'll need is in print.
" Jun 21, 16 1:42 PM

Tuckahoe School District Adopts New Budget While Keeping Staff And Programs

if the school wants a bigger budget, get the golf courses to pay their fair share of the tax as well as seeing who actually is going to Tuckahoe and have them pay their fair share as well. One house with 2-3 separate families going to the school, and one payment?? BS " Jul 3, 16 12:20 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Approves Fire District Monopole, Wants To Ditch Siren

they need to at least keep a noon whistle ..." Jul 7, 16 1:37 PM

Three-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries In Front Of Water Mill Post Office Monday Afternoon

or entitled citiots in BMW's who cut across 2 lanes with no regard from Old Mill Road.
" Jul 11, 16 9:58 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Couple Struck By Car Saturday On Sunrise Highway, Driver Charged With Driving On Drugs

texting? " Aug 6, 16 2:25 PM

I went to Riverhead, then attempted to get back to Southampton...drove out to Greenport and took the Shelter Island ferry over to the southside. Stopped at the Magic Fountain in Mattituck and had an ice cream LOL somethnig good came out of it and a nice ferry ride :)
" Aug 6, 16 8:13 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

soon, Schniederman will be a member of Shinnecock Hills....then watch what happens
" Aug 10, 16 11:44 PM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

spread out for crissake" Aug 17, 16 12:02 PM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

Oh yes, another Open minded liberal.

Good for you Mr. Oliver. I'm with you !

" Nov 5, 16 10:44 PM

Westhampton Beach Main Street Property To Be Considered For CPF Purchase

he's being a good neighbor.
" Nov 21, 16 9:19 PM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

WELCOME TO NASSAU COUNTY . This is total BS. yes, a need for a better grocery store, but not there ! cripes we're getting nailed . Believe me, people aren't going to use Cty road 39. they'll use the back roads. Tuckahoe Lane for one, has gotten s...t on in a big way. The hideous up west looking condos, and now 28 more houses right across the tracks from it. T
he road that now goes from Tuckahoe Lane to Magee Street will be the perfect by-pass from Hill St. to the freaking grocery store. There are plenty of commercial spaces available without doing a change of zone.There's a new mall going up on Flying Point and the merge . Congestion?? ya think ?? Put this market up there at the old Peter Glennon showroom. enough already !! " Dec 14, 16 9:04 AM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Deploys Anti-Terror Units To Summer Events

It can't hurt, It doesn't seem so far fetched anymore that terrorists can strike anywhere. The people that come out here for the Summer are their prime targets They just see us as an extension of NYC unfortunately. If the intelligence is pout there, the police would be foolish to not take precautions IMHO
" Aug 1, 17 10:38 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

I think Mr. Zeldin is right on point, it has started to take hold, if not in Hampton Bays now, it's very, very close . How long does it take to drive out here ? Best to nip it in the bud now instead of reacting to it.
" Mar 8, 18 7:17 PM

Tempers Flare Over Rose Hill Road Deal Between Southampton Town Trustees And Water Mill Homeowner

If not one of these Trustees didn't really know all the facts about this, and voted yes I have serious doubts they are competent enough to be trusted with other issues more complex than this. They are either in the pockets of the rich homeowners or they are either stupid or lazy. They seemed to be easily outwitted . Eventually, they will unwittingly cave to a homeowner or homeowner group and give our lands and bay bottom away protected by the Dongan Patent and say Oops, we didn't know all of the facts before we voted. These people scare me with every passing year.
" Apr 25, 18 12:26 AM

and thank you to the Halsey family and Tim Maran and others for stepping up.
" Apr 25, 18 12:28 AM