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Yankees treasure to be returned

I have found an honest man!!!!!" Nov 5, 09 3:22 PM

Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

Good comments Curious;
I am in search of the honest cop and I'm sure we have them.
I am however wary of Gresham's Law which says;
"The bad drives out the good."" Nov 5, 09 3:26 PM

Southampton Town PBA to appeal ruling for police brass to separate from union

Quite a revelation about East End Quartermaster. If I understand it - each time the PBA bargains for an increase in the uniform allowance rate Mr. Aube is essentially enhancing himself many times over." Nov 6, 09 4:46 PM

Parties eye vacant Southampton Town Board seat in 2010

Run Linda Run!" Nov 10, 09 4:33 PM

Westhampton Beach expects to make decision soon on synagogue application

No. If I did this I'd be fined up the wazoo and be made to tear it down." Nov 11, 09 2:25 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?

I've noticed for the first time a few this summer on Rt 104 between Old Riverhead Road and Route 105. I also saw one in the Barrens near Gabreski airport. Guess the range is expanding." Nov 18, 09 12:47 PM

Southampton Town Board members mum on budget amendments

At first glance another bond will impact the Town's rating, which has somehow managed to remain in tact despite the capital budget woes. How many hours do the zoning/planning board folks work?" Nov 20, 09 2:29 PM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!!!!" Dec 3, 09 1:47 PM

Kabot takes down press release after town attorney files complaint

didn't seem derogatory to me; sometimes the truth hurts.
" Dec 4, 09 1:47 PM

Former duck farm will be preserved in Riverhead

Good move - I know the place. Nice long term vision here." Dec 4, 09 1:48 PM

Southampton Town could vote on dark skies legislation soon

Like North Sea Citizen I had something sililar. Neighbor put in some very bright motion lights that when on lit up my bedroom. Problem was whenever a cat or possum or even the owner's dogs would walk by at night the lights went on - often many times a night - it was like stobe lights. I could have put up thick shades but I felt the onus was on him to do something, not me. Fortunately we get along well and after a discussion he dropped the motion detectors for regular off /on lights and he's quite good about turning them off. But without a law I probably couldn't do anything, and not all compaintants would have the same outcome." Dec 7, 09 11:42 AM

Taxpayers Reject $6.7 Million Bond Vote in Sag Harbor

Does it make any sense to move these elections to November and take advantage of better voter turnout? It seems logical that more voters would make the effort to get to the polls at general election time as opposed to having these special elections at off dates .There seems to be some thought out there that having these single issue elections will bring the voters out. It doesn't seem to work." Dec 9, 09 1:03 PM

Eastport South Manor voters approve $61 million school building project

4% of the voting population (I assume the school district covers all of Manorville, I'm not really sure) just added $6 million in expenses to the school tax bill. $72 a year may not sound like much but it just piles up as next year there will surely be another project to be funded. Make these projects self funded by finding an appropriate amount of savings in current spending. Also move these elections to November when turnout is higher." Dec 9, 09 1:12 PM

State Assembly passes foreclosure legislation

I know a woman who during the housing frenzy go out and purchase 7 houses on the East End and renting them out, take out second and even third mortgages while the bubble was expanding, and then default on all seven. Does she get protection?" Dec 9, 09 1:29 PM

Taxpayers Reject $6.7 Million Bond Vote in Sag Harbor

whoa - slow down -
you also missed the pay of the cops which is out of place
Things are out of hand - way out of hand
My point is the turnout for these things are so small a relatively small block of voters can pass these things, that didn't happen here - please look at my South Manor - Eastport posting on their new expense. 4% of the electorate passed an $61 million project.
You're preaching to the choir." Dec 9, 09 2:16 PM

Southampton Town to hold swearing in ceremony in Westhampton Beach

40! Come on - there are departments in the City of New York (sanitation comes to mind) with employee headcounts well in excess of all of Southampton Town and the auto assignment to essential managers is less than 20!" Dec 28, 09 11:43 AM

Small-scale affordable housing depends on town's management strategies

The Flanders people are right - they already are afordable. I bet a survey of Section 8 houses in the Town would reveal that almost all of them are in affordable neighborhoods. Some Section 8 properties are well maintained by their owners - and a significant number aren't. Would the Town be a good landlord? Their own Housing people cannot properly administer the Section 8 program, let alone another program.
Ownership is preferred, not rentals by absentee landlords." Jan 6, 10 11:21 AM

Southampton Town works out departmental changes

how many Town employees are there? Something like 400? 500?
1 in every 10 has a Town car to take home?
Come on - that's crazy." Jan 10, 10 2:07 PM

Restored Quogue landmark makes its return

Nice story - probably the latest theives had intentions of scrapping the bronze as the price was up at the time. Hopefully the value is now down so it wonb't be worth it." Jan 12, 10 12:46 PM

Westhampton Beach reschedules Village Board meeting

I do not live in the village but very close by so in some way what happens in the village has some effect on me - your position is well stated and it's great to see someone transformed from observer to participant. I may not agree with your position on the PD but your thoughts and comments are more than welcome and keep at it. That's what participation is all about.
Welcome!!!!!" Jan 12, 10 4:36 PM

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