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Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

As a past patron of the PH, the "bouncer" atmosphere was never quite apparent. The "bouncers" seemed to secure the front door area checking IDs and collecting cover charges. Belongings were never asked to be checked as this was/is not the establishment's policy. The "bouncers" at PH seem to be primarily door men doing a good job collecting $ and maintain a 21 or older crowd vs. monitoring the condition of the patrons as they enter or keeping a watchful eye on the few individuals that look as if they could cause potential trouble. It is clear that the bouncer coverage is weak at PH and a professional staff is a requirement, especially during packed nights.

Just because AR was a CO doesn't mean that he was qualified with his bear hands at that very moment to handle a potentially intoxicated adrenaline rushed angry person. If on the CO job he would have had professional back up and/or a weapon of self defense.
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