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Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

PBR I agree with you - even though I have email notifications when this is updated I still check here from time to time because they are doing such and outstanding job. Thanks Mike Wright and Thanks Jim Shaw - it is greatly appreciated. " Dec 3, 09 3:27 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

to Joe Shaw - you are doing a great job - and I thank you for your coverage - if HB 4 life had just read the content of the email and not just the headline he would have known what was going on. And you did correct the headline - as quickly as you realized the error -

thanks again for your coverage of this case " Dec 14, 09 2:45 PM

UPDATE: Fire Destroys Southampton Village Home On Saturday

Lots of great volunteers from all over. Extremely hot day, great job to all of them." Jul 26, 15 2:23 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

The Jitney keeps a lot of cars off our roads. They run hundreds of runs each day. What is needed is for drivers to pay attention." Aug 12, 15 10:59 AM

Brookyln Man Dies While Clamming In Far Pond

BC is not always out in the boats, must respond to boat and get to scene. FD must be requested by town pd." Sep 2, 15 4:16 PM

Elected Officials Reflect On 20th Anniversary Of Sunrise Wildfires

Anna get off the box. Never did anything for volunteers in her years on the board. Built three houses, WOW....." Sep 2, 15 4:23 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Lizzy Grubman, AP not cool. What does the School Board do??? They hired her..." Sep 23, 15 5:25 PM

Lizzy Grubman, AP not cool. What does the School Board do??? They hired her..." Sep 23, 15 5:25 PM

Man Rescued From Sinking Boat Near Shinnecock Inlet On Thursday Morning

Who was the idiot???
Insurance???" Oct 2, 15 7:15 PM

Southampton Town Board And Supervisor Candidates Sound Off In Debate

Why do we want to expand roads, take a hint from New England. If you don't like the traffic don't come. Next a Mall and two level parking." Oct 5, 15 11:19 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

Great victory for the trustees... Don't think they know what the Dongean patent says. Lost the best trustee to politics and party politics... Our ramps are the worst on long island..." Oct 6, 15 8:10 AM

Sheriff Recovers Items At Foreclosed Further Lane Manse

Why being held a town dump. Should be up for auction..." Oct 9, 15 7:28 PM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's Employees Are Seeking Help To Save Their Jobs

Companies sell off off employee pensions all the time... Company big guys go out with the Golden Parachute and on to another company" Oct 10, 15 4:59 PM

UPDATE: Rapper's Manager Disputes Claim That Assistant Principal Heard Song For Music Video

If it were a teacher, she would have been gone. School board hiding???" Oct 13, 15 5:48 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Make A Splash With New Aluminum Boats

Any fire suppression equipment in that money? Last boat that burned off shinniecock, had to wait for NSFD to go thru peconic and shinniecock to put it out. How many marinas are in SH town.
Lots of smoke in that $$$." Oct 13, 15 5:58 PM

Bridgehampton CAC Encourages Fire District Residents To Vote No At Bond Vote

As a concerned citizen the meetings are open. Some districts have a equipment reserve fund [save each year] and don't have to borrow. Public input would be good. If you don't attend, don't CRY..." Oct 14, 15 11:26 AM

Bridgehampton Fire District Voters Approve New Fire Truck

Julie, ever have a notion to attend the FD board meeting??? How about asking them to a cac meeting??? Think ahead..." Oct 21, 15 12:28 PM

As Housing Units Grow, So Does Traffic In Southampton Town

Keep building, we're loosing the quaintness of the hamptons. Getting to look like oakdale to patchogue route.
In New England they say, if you don't like the traffic, don't come. Don't see then widening roads..." Oct 21, 15 12:41 PM

Jay Schneiderman Defends Residency In Southampton

Sounds like HILLERY moving to NY???" Oct 21, 15 1:02 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

D>>b a>s Sue your real estate agent. Been here done that all our lives. SUE SUE SUE and be a member of our village..." Oct 22, 15 7:16 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Sign Off On Scallop Study

Dragging dredges in these sensitive areas in not right. Do the commercial guys care about the future??? Pull all the grass out a be left with nothing. Never had dredges on the inside bays till a few got greedy..." Oct 24, 15 12:18 AM

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