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Warren Booth Will Keep Job With Hampton Bays Water District, Over Town Supervisor's Objection

I thought employees were bonded to access businesses, homes and government places????" May 13, 16 6:55 PM

Bridgehampton Fire Department Hosts Open House, Wet Down For New Trucks Sunday

Good luck with your new equipment, tanker and FP truck well needed..." May 17, 16 8:04 AM

Cyril's Fish House Will Close For Good, Citing Restrictions Following Court Conviction

Spent a few hours at cyril's , decent food. BUT he broke ton's of law's and got a slap on the hand. Just went too far. Didn't see many locals employed there? It was time for EH to drop the hammer..." May 17, 16 8:27 AM

Southampton Town To Move Forward With Marine Education Center, Shellfish Nursery At Tiana Beach

Brilliant idea, BUT. Look at Stony Brooks ground level above the tide??? Check out the one in north sea???
Do it right the FIRST time. Don't rush the job to raise the buildings later after a storm. Maybe take to a local bayman???" May 20, 16 7:23 AM

Southampton Town To Appeal Judge's Denial Of TRO Against Sand Land

Not in my back yard. How about a race track? ATV park???" May 21, 16 11:00 AM

Southampton Town To Hold Off On Changing Livery Fee Structure

How can you pass a law without a posted fee??? Cart before the horse, who do you want to appease ???" May 23, 16 7:26 PM

Striking Verizon Workers Push For Better Terms

$130,000 average wages??? Who came up with that number? 7.5 raise over how many years.
What are the big boys paid, what raise will they give them selves after the strike?" May 24, 16 11:43 AM

You probably didn't feel that way when they came out in weather to fix your phone. They live in your community, volunteer in FD, ambulance and spend their money here, not in other states.
Yes, they may have gotten vulgar, but they are fighting for their livelyhood." May 24, 16 12:45 PM

7th Annual Reconstructed Bra Fashion Show And Auction Held

Great job ladies for a good cause." May 27, 16 2:22 AM

Sandpebble To Be Awarded More Than $750,000 In East Hampton School District Lawsuit

Sounds like BOE Southampton?????????" May 27, 16 6:44 PM

UPDATE: Southampton BOE Appoints Interim Director Of Pupil Personnel Services; Won't Comment On Status Of Administrator Who Held Position

Are not in house lawyers competent enough to go to court?
What is their job??? Get rid of the local lawyers [free bees] and go out side. Why have both$$$$$...." May 27, 16 6:51 PM

Are not in house lawyers competent enough to go to court?
What is their job??? Get rid of the local lawyers [free bees] and go out side. Why have both$$$$$...." May 27, 16 6:51 PM

Southampton Veteran Credited With 38 Missions In B-17 Bomber During WWII

Thank you for your service SIR..." May 29, 16 4:29 PM

Thank you for your service SIR..." May 29, 16 4:40 PM

Southampton High School Seniors May Have Been Ticketed Wrongly

Could have been do without all the press..." Jun 2, 16 9:08 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School District Voters Approve Parrish Art Museum Funding

Why was it not included with the boe elections? Wouldn't you think that would be done at the BOE. That's how SYS gets their funding.
Seems a little out of order for the organization to ask for money and runs the election, conflict of interest??? Always was on ballot of BOE..." Jun 2, 16 4:43 PM

Why do I have to go there to get a card. Your name is on the voter register? How can the BOE let them run the vote? Who controls the money? Who writes the check?
BOE what goes on???" Jun 4, 16 8:51 AM

Tuckahoe Voters Face A Second School Budget Proposal This Month

Who retired??? Ever think of not spending it all???" Jun 7, 16 12:26 PM

County Road 39 Blinking Light Trial Did Not Yield Hoped-For Results

What is the problem? You go to manhattan, boston you have traffic... Just plan your day and stop crying.
Eastern long island has changed, no potato trucks, loads of cabbage, cauliflower. it has all passed, just readjust and live with it." Jun 8, 16 1:12 PM

Turnout Will Be The Wildcard In June 28 Congressional Primary

Will anna need a guard at her meetings??? No need for one at town hall now... Go figure???" Jun 15, 16 11:20 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

I believe that part of that road belongs to the golf club. Was closed once a year for legal reasons.
You last town board gave the golf courses a tax break that really s------ tuckahoe schools district. A RICH persons club that needs tax breaks???
Why do we have to spend billions to get people out here 10 minutes faster. Waste Waste......" Jun 15, 16 11:31 AM

Beware of strangers bearing gifts/// A parking lot with Scenic View would be nice..." Jun 16, 16 3:03 PM

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