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Hampton Bays Teen Breaks Gender Barrier, Becomes First Girl To Earn State Scout Of The Year Honors

Excellent what the youth out here can achieve. Go for it..." Jul 14, 16 5:56 PM

New Quogue Superintendent Sworn In Tuesday: District Clerk Still Has Not Released His Salary

As the world turns...It's a secret, you just PAY IT..." Jul 15, 16 12:47 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At August Work Session

If the Open doesn't happen, can't be done. They won't have the money. Maybe b berg will give them a loan???" Jul 15, 16 1:00 PM

Mother Of Fallen Marine Pulls Out Of Soldier Ride The Hamptons

Check ou United Fund, what they are paid and benefits?????" Jul 15, 16 2:59 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Seek More Public Beach Access

Thought the trustees had those surveyed years ago? Try looking in the records before spending more money." Jul 20, 16 2:00 PM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Ponquogue Beach Pavilion Plans

I thought the residents did not want a restaurant there, why compete with local restaurants in the area.
Up grade is a no brainer, change of use should be thought out. Jay slow down and think, ask and use your staff..." Jul 20, 16 2:19 PM

Southampton Town Board Awards Ponquogue Beach Pavilion Renovation Contract

Sounds like jay is going ahead with the design, then ask the residents what they would like. Sounds like jay made his mind up, who donated during elections???
" Jul 21, 16 7:20 PM

Teen Petitions Boys Scouts To Let Girls Join

Next co-ed Girl Scouts???" Jul 22, 16 2:12 PM

Harmful Algae Blooms Found In Two More Local Ponds

The people that own those homes do not swim or fish in those ponds. POOL and fish wrapped in paper... After those ponds get polluted they will move away to another hot spot.
Heck I wouldn't swim in any of those ponds now. No one swam in Agawam when I played there in the 1960's.
Look at the green lawns around these ponds and bays. Shinnecock Bay West, Quogue Canal, beautiful lawns, Brown Tide... Go figure???" Jul 23, 16 8:21 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Remains In Custody Following Heroin Arrest

Mail Box, federal charge???" Jul 23, 16 8:26 AM

Boat Capsizes In Shinnecock Inlet Sunday Afternoon

Great job by Tow Boat, Sea Tow and the Bay Constables. Great to see all the children were wearing life preservers, good move...
Life preservers, the Life you save may be YOUR Own." Jul 24, 16 7:52 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Stand Up For Rights To Access Southampton Village Beaches

I have paintings of hunting scenes, doesn't give me a right to hunt???" Jul 27, 16 11:18 AM

Westhampton Beach Officials Hear Preliminary Costs For Main Street Revitalization

Never heard of a estimate come in on price...
BEWARE" Jul 27, 16 11:22 AM

Hillary Clinton Will Campaign In Hamptons In August

Please stay home, enough corruption here now..." Jul 27, 16 11:24 AM

Suffolk County DA Drops Stalking Charge Against Suspended Westhampton Beach Cop

Maybe SH BOE will recommend him?" Jul 27, 16 1:25 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Postpones Making Decision About Columbus Day Holiday

WOW, 20 percent raise? Would like that on my pension. Is it even taught in schools?
Should be brought up to community vote. Don't think the board is voting for the TAXPAYERS...." Jul 27, 16 1:39 PM

Quogue School Clerk Releases Contract For New Superintendent

51 days off in a year or school year. 1/7 of the year off...WOW" Jul 27, 16 1:47 PM

Boat Capsizes In Shinnecock Inlet Sunday Afternoon

Enough preservers for all 9 passengers? Its the law..." Jul 27, 16 1:57 PM

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