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Southampton Village Residents Fear New Businesses Would Draw More Traffic To North Sea Road

Wow, maybe they are thinking about our village again, instead of $$$. We really don't need more high priced restaurants, maybe a moderate priced one. The restaurants cry after the summer.
" Sep 28, 16 11:18 AM

Eastport South Manor School Board Takes Break From Superintendent Search; Scordo Will Remain At Helm

Keep trying, don't ask Southampton BOE for help. Don't rush the search and get someone that won't stay or has problems.
Please write a well thought out contract, a good morals clause with no golden parachutes..." Sep 28, 16 11:24 AM

Sand Land To Begin Accepting Waste Again, Raising Questions About Prohibited Mulching Operation

Not in my backyard... Build their house because of cheap land and cry foul... Build in the farm fields, then save the farms, stop building...
They were there before you moved in, GET IT???" Sep 29, 16 7:46 AM

Southampton Supervisor Pitches New Housing Division

A new director to report to the reporter to the supervisor. Just realign the housing authority. Please no more political appointees with a do nothing job.
Jay, just fix the dam problem, afraid to hurt feelings???
Nice picture..." Oct 5, 16 4:39 PM

Montauk Lighthouse Won't Have Holiday Light Display This Season

How about some of the bar clubs throw in the kitty???" Oct 6, 16 5:37 PM

Hampton Bays Is Not Clowning Around, School Superintendent Says

Go after these people..." Oct 6, 16 5:41 PM

Three-Car Accident On County Road 39 In Southampton Causes Traffic Delays Friday Morning

Stupidity, engineers that designed the road with no shoulders. You pay them and if it doesn't work, pay them again to redesign,
Too many anxious people trying to get through small road.
In New England they have a saying, if you don't like the traffic, don't come back... Well said..." Oct 8, 16 9:56 AM

Calls For Public Pool For Southampton Town Residents Resurface

The east end needs a facility. A lot of people living here do not know how to swim or tread water. Being we are on a island it should be a priority to teach people.
When the high school was being planned, there was a thought of a pool. Would be nice for the community..." Oct 11, 16 1:30 PM

I think the idea was to make it a non profit. Not run by the town. Similar to the SYA or YMCA..." Oct 11, 16 5:22 PM

Southampton Village Ambulance Barn Ready For Bids

I'll bet the dog guy won't complain when he needs a ambulance..." Oct 12, 16 9:48 PM

I hope the area under the vehicle floor has a basement. As we all know space is a premium and hard to add. It will cost for the steel, but the benefits are great.
New fire house doesn't have a basement under the office section and is lacking storage space already." Oct 13, 16 10:37 AM

Mecox Cut Opened, Closes Again Quickly

Well with everyone suing, where can they go. They bitch when the water is too high, then when they let it out, they bitch it's too low to run their boats.
Years ago it was done for a reason, no discussion." Oct 13, 16 7:30 PM

Hunters For Deer, Sag Harbor Village Police Clash Over Village Law

Disappointed, do you know where meat, milk eggs and the like come from??? You should teach your children where and how you get this to feed the family. My niece at age 4 watched us cut up a deer for steaks, hamburger and stews. Did not make her a bad mother later in life.
My farmer uncle had a piglet, they kids asked if he had a name, pork chop... They kids knew..." Oct 13, 16 7:42 PM

Coast Guard Officers Pluck Two Men From Shinnecock Bay Thursday Night

Life preservers save lives. Job well done.." Oct 14, 16 1:07 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, Anna Throne-Holst Debate Thursday Night

Bloomberg is backing her, just as he is backing hillery. Both liers..." Oct 15, 16 4:24 AM

Since when was agh ALWAYS a democrat???" Oct 16, 16 6:02 AM

Since when was ath ALWAYS a democrat??? LIES" Oct 16, 16 6:03 AM

Mecox Cut Opened, Closes Again Quickly

Opening on the full moon is hard. Very high tides.
I have watched it done for years. In my younger years they would dig the sand out and move it high on the beach with a dozer.
Seems they dig it out and pile it high next to the cut and as the cut widens it falls in and and deposits in the front and builds up a bar. jmo" Oct 18, 16 7:18 AM

High Lead Levels Found And Addressed At Bridgehampton School

Why it was not addressed in the summer is a mystery..." Oct 19, 16 5:26 PM

Throne-Holst Raises More But Super PACs Pour Money In For Zeldin

Beware of ath and her lies. I've been a democrat, BS. LIES LIES LIES... Same as hillery, same backers..." Oct 20, 16 4:52 PM

Former Southampton Village Trustee Still Owes Money For Health Benefits

Take her to court to recover the money. Admin afraid of bad press??? You have a administrator and a paid lawyer... Code enforcement could do it..." Oct 20, 16 5:00 PM

Longtime ANG Member, World War II POW, Dies At Age Of 94

Thank you for your service SIR. A true hero and a model for others.
Some may not know the the Airman's Medal is a high honor to receive. It is ranked above his Purple Heart.
God Bless" Oct 21, 16 10:36 AM

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