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Congressional Hopefuls Skewer Zeldin, Trumpet Progressive Agenda

Anna blaming everyone else again..." Feb 4, 16 4:32 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Required To Complete Domestic Violence Educational Program

Time for a board change. Not taking care of business..." Feb 4, 16 4:45 PM

When It Comes To Sewers, Municipalities Look To Patchogue Village For Inspiration

People come to the village for what it is, not what the Mayor wants to build. When he gets out will he sell real estate also???
When it turns into a patchogue the people will leave and find another quaint place to vacation and live. No people, no jobs..." Feb 9, 16 2:38 PM

Now Widespread, Plastic Bag Bans Draw Mixed Reviews

Not a scientist, can they be made recycleable??? " Feb 9, 16 2:51 PM

Southampton Town Police Officer Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing

Well done... Training does come through." Feb 10, 16 7:47 AM

Southampton Town To Build Emergency Sand Berm In East Quogue To Prevent Breaches

Southampton village did it years ago and worked. Do it right the first time, make it high enough..." Feb 13, 16 6:56 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Ready To Hand Over Beach Permit Duties To Villages

Show up or they will give up the ship..." Feb 17, 16 3:56 PM

Villages could restrict or change access. Trustees, don't give up control..." Feb 19, 16 1:30 PM

Town Trustees Surrender Authority Over Village Beach Driving

Greg, you reported 12 people supported the trustees. You totally misreported it. The 50 people supported the trustees, only about 12 spoke.
Report the FACTS..." Feb 25, 16 12:31 PM

Bridgehampton School District Faces Tough Decision On 2016-17 School Budget

Superintendent, assistant superintendent of finance $$$, where is the money going, GUESS???" Feb 25, 16 9:14 PM

Truck Strikes LIRR Bridge Near East Hampton Train Station

Why hasn't Easthampton Village and town go to the LIRR and point out their negligence of not up grading their under passes.
Southampton had two under passes up graded years ago after many years of hollering." Feb 29, 16 2:05 PM

Southampton Town To Test Blinking Light System To Reduce Traffic

Tom Neely when has it Often backed up to westhampton??? It has when there was a major accident on 39...
Why do we want to speed up traffic. In New England they say "if you don't like the traffic, don't come back".
What is Tom's job anyway???" Mar 1, 16 9:29 AM

Tim Bishop Endorses Throne-Holst As Best Challenger To Lee Zeldin

Two professional politicians" Mar 2, 16 11:58 AM

Suffolk County Legislator Introduces Bill To Ban Plastic Bags County-Wide

How many trees do we have kill now. People lets do some research first..." Mar 2, 16 4:41 PM

Estimated Costs Revealed For Proposed East Hampton School District Bus Depot

Verizon garage is built in a hole. Place had been flooded many time over the years. That's why it's on the market. Worked there years ago.
I would pass on the location...." Mar 3, 16 2:25 PM

Teen Installs New Sidewalks At Hampton Bays Church For Eagle Scout Project

A true model for our youth and older folk." Mar 3, 16 6:15 PM

Tuckahoe School Superintendent Resigns

About time..." Mar 7, 16 8:57 PM

Check out Bridgehampton, super and assistant super. Wonder why they want to pierce the cap. Do they have a principle and a assistant principle also???" Mar 8, 16 10:40 AM

Southampton School Board May Vote To Change Name Of Columbus Day

Get real people, it's a NATIONAL holiday. Just drop the label and everyone go to work and school. How about all the immigrants that came years ago legally..." Mar 8, 16 9:44 PM

Attorney Representing Springs School Lawsuit Plaintiffs Charged With Grand Larceny

Why is he still practicing law? Why would they hire him? He will probably get probation, being judged by his peers..." Mar 9, 16 9:35 AM

Sag Harbor Residents Start Petition Against Installation Of Synthetic Turf Field At Pierson

Next lights or a dome? Ever hear of cutting back? Putting away for the future?" Mar 9, 16 12:14 PM

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