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Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

bb--your level of ignorance is funny to me. if you have ever been out to a bar/club especially out in eastern suffolk, its disgusting the level of power these bouncers have. i feel that since i have no connection to this case my opinion is 100% unbiased. bouncers go out of there way to fight. my two best friends are bouncers at neptunes bianco etc. and they tell me all the time that after hours of standing around they look to start fights to create a little action. this guy was acting like an idiot like most ppl do when there intoxicated he was asked to get down and responded in a negative way. he reacted by grabbing mr. reister and puting him in a choke hold like EVERY bouncer has done. its a neutralizing act. at this point he knew the moment he let go his immediate future would follow with the beating of his life. being SCARED he did the only thing he could do to protect himself and held on. it was the ultimate wrong decison. i feel if there was some kind of way to regulate the actions of these bouncers maybe things like this wouldnt occur. i went to the Drift on Dune Road in Westhampton this summer and witnessed 15 bouncers kick/punch/CHOKE a Patron who was acting drunk... the beating followed by throwing the man down the 15-20 steps on his way out. subduing and escorting the Patron followed by a ban from the establishment would have sufficed but wheres the fun in that?" Nov 9, 09 6:35 PM

***^^^^^^^ left out that the reaction was due to the bouncer pushin him off the table... anyone who belives the bouncer walked away is a fool because who in there right mind would push someone and immediatley turn his back to the guy?... no one. please let me mention this whole message is coming from the son of a Corrections Officer at the Riverhead Jail." Nov 9, 09 6:40 PM