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Kabot attorney will represent two suspended Westhampton Beach Police officers

Oh, Publius, I get shivers when I read your stern posts.

"...whether there are other challenges to the integrity of the Department that will warrant further examination of this department and ALL of its personnel."

Examples?" Nov 20, 09 12:24 PM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

No moral authority?! Please, dazzle us with an explanation, Pube..." Dec 3, 09 4:04 PM

Which disgrace to the WHBPD are you connected to, Resident? Is it Neil Hanrahan? Jack Havens? Jeff Speer? Nick Fusco? Bob Nordman? Ed Hamor? Steve Cunneen? Tom Hubbard? Kerry Laube? Mike Breutsch? Joe Pesapane? Charlie Benkov? Kathy Barosa?

What does anything you just wrote have to do with this article? Where did John Roland come from?

There is a common pattern among the threads related to articles dealing with WHB politics: you and Publius (I wouldn't be surprised if you were a husband & wife duo) are the only ones who post this kind of garbage; along with the occasional drifter (T.J.). " Dec 4, 09 12:18 PM

Since you dodged my question, let me ask you again: what do any of your b.s. allegations have to do with this article? But since you chose to introduce the subject, how about we take a look at some members of the WHBPD's side jobs and misconduct:

1) Sgt. Bobby Nordman is a caretaker who can often be seen tooling around town in his "client's" BMW 6 series.

2) PO Mark Demartino runs a landscaping business that happens to employ some--shall we say--not so legal citizens.

3) Jimmy Kametler is quite the entrepreneur. When he's not running an illegal bed and breakfast, dodging taxes, and trying his six shooter out on the local wildlife, he runs a painting business. Jimmy is no longer a cop, you may exclaim; well he was running this business while he was on the job. In fact he was caught buying painting supplies and tending to his business while on duty. As a matter of fact this oaf ran a security service as well. It was so poorly run that the Hampton Synagogue gave him and his guys the ax.

4) In the basement of the old WHBPD Headquarters, good ol Jack Havens was caught catching some zzz's while he was on duty.

5) Mr. PBA President Jeff "T.J." Speer was caught enjoying a quiet slumber inside of his patrol car while parked on Dune Road.

6) Sgt. Tommy Hubbard is known to nestle up in his little nook to catch some sleep while working the midnight shift.

Mind you this is just a mere taste of the crap that goes on in this department; stuff that Kametler, Levan, & Tucker condone. Stuff that the chief was eliminating, but resurfaced with the emergence of a corrupt village board. Remember, this doesn't include Freddy Hager's escapades (getting drunk on the job, calling in a fake distress call that hoards of cops responded to will the intention that he was in trouble). These people are a disgrace. A disgrace to those who wear a badge, and those who they are supposed to be protecting. They-and you, Resident-should all be embarrassed to be on this earth." Dec 4, 09 7:12 PM

"...the Westhampton Beach Board of Trustees is in cahoots with criminally misbehaving officers. There is a solution. Dump them all as soon as electively possible."

At least someone gets it..." Dec 7, 09 3:29 AM


Since you threw my name out there, let me clarify the things that I previously posted. All of those events either happened before Chief Dean took over—Freddy Hager’s escapades—or occurred during the time span of the Teller, Kametler, Tucker, Levan, Birk regime. Dean did a very good job cleaning up the department; case in point: Freddy Hager (perhaps the biggest bag of dirt WHB has ever seen). Dean didn’t fire him; Frank Wheeler pointed out that as a civil servant, one cannot just give an employee a pink slip and send them on their way. Dean did one better: he turned the department on its head. Hager got a sense that he was going to be fried and did what Jim Kametler (or Jim “the Gun”, as you call him) did: leave while he still could, without incident.

It went on like that for a couple years until the goons took office. It started with Kametler and Teller. Then in came Birk, soon after Levan “the man”, and “ol one eye” Tucker. These individuals made it abundantly clear to the department sludge—Neil Hanrahan, Jack Havens, Jeff Speer, Bobby Nordman, Tommy Hubbard, Kerry Laube, Ed Hamor, Nick Fusco, Steve Cunneen, Mike Breutsch, Joe Pesapane, Charlie Benkov, Kathy Barosa—that they had free rein and there was no longer a chain of command. This meant going around the Chief and straight to the board when something in the rule book was not to their liking. If you don’t believe me, read this article; it proves what I just said outright.

Had that board never been installed, the WHBPD would not be in the state it is in now; not by a long-shot. Mostly because the sleazy cops that I mentioned above would have nobody to whine to. And in the instance that they did break the rules, they would have to face the consequences, which is what SHOULD be happening now, but isn’t because…well you guessed it: the village board.

As Tom Selleck pointed out above: “The problem here is not--and never was--the Chief, it's the board.”

And to clarify your question: “What about the COP OWNED bar busted by Suffolk PD for selling drugs??”

Yes, the bar is COP OWNED. Kara’s is owned by former village Police Chief Brian McCreedy, a friend of guys like Jim Kametler, Fred Hager, and all of the little munchkins I mentioned above. He’s associated with them, not the good guys. Also, Kara’s wasn’t busted by the Suffolk County PD. It was busted by the East End Drug Task Force which is an entity of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office; and, at the time had a Westhampton Beach Village Police Officer working for them.
" Dec 12, 09 12:26 AM

Westhampton Beach board member, father of Village Police chief, exchange words in supermarket

Seriously? Is this really worthy of press coverage? I mean what's next: are you going to report on every little squabble that occurs within the confines of the Hamptons?

Let's refrain from going the tabloid route, guys; leave that to the folks over at Cablevision..." Feb 3, 10 2:14 PM

Westhampton Beach mayor plans to stick to his guns regarding two Village Police officers

Jeeez. Struck a nerve there, eh, Puby?

You imply that a man with decades of experience in law enforcement administration would not know what's best in this situation. You choose to instead rely on the judgment of a babbling cheesecake maker, a village beautifier with a ‘tude, and a disgraced former cop with the IQ of a three toed sloth, all while vehemently supporting two corrupt Police Officers who were found guilty of lying in an investigation conducted by an independent and accredited agency.

So I guess you're the wisdom packed genius then?
" Feb 5, 10 3:13 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Attorney Bo Bishop resigns

HAHA, yeah, vote for the turncoat. Levy's a joke.

But I'm pretty sure Nellie was referring to Mr. Cuomo's role as State Attorney General, not his possible run for Governor. " Mar 25, 10 11:23 AM

Questions still remain over police officer suspensions, reinstatements in Westhampton Beach

Oh where, oh where has my Publius gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?" Apr 4, 10 4:58 PM

Hank Tucker seeks to unseat mayor in Westhampton Beach

"Mr. Tucker referred all questions about his campaign finances to Village Board member Joan Levan...Ms. Levan is serving as his campaign treasurer... 'I stay away from that,' Mr. Tucker said of fund-raising."

Are you serious? So what makes you think this guy can balance a budget, or maintain the village's finances? Let's look past his lies and B.S. for a second. This guy is a total joke. Jesus, wake up Westhampton Beach!!!" Jun 17, 10 6:56 PM

Charlie Palmer seeks one of two open seats on Westhampton Beach Village Board

"Mr. Palmer served as a reservist with the Air National Guard’s 106th Rescue Wing at Gabreski Airport in Westhampton until 2006."

Until 2006, ehh? From what I hear, 'ol Charlie didn't voluntarily leave his post. Charlie, could you elaborate on that for us? I think it went to the tune of: cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater...

This guy has some SERIOUS integrity issues..." Jun 17, 10 10:47 PM

Police: Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Joan Levan trespassed on former candidate's property

Mr. Arrasate should absolutely press charges, and Joan Levan should be removed from village office immediately. Her actions were illegal, unethical, and despicable.

She is a disgrace to the human race. " Jun 18, 10 4:30 PM

Touché" Jun 18, 10 5:09 PM

Five candidates are running for office in Westhampton Beach Village


JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!!!!!!" Jun 18, 10 9:42 PM


Police: Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Joan Levan trespassed on former candidate's property





Oh, please!

Joan Levan is a pathetic woman, and the fact that she trespassed onto someone's property and harrassed a little girl--for political gain--is a testament to how much of a disgrace she really is.

Don't try to deny this occurrence. For God's sake she was IDed by the little girl herself, and was spotted by an eyewitness leaving the property. And her excuse is "I wasn't there" and, "she's just a 12 year old girl, what would she know." She was caught with her pants down. Stupid. What is wrong with her? My god, this is just flat out disgusting, who does things like this?! I'll tell you who: a disturbed, twisted, sad individual.

Who is she anyway? She's a nobody. You're not going to get away from this one Joanie, not even close.
" Jun 24, 10 1:06 PM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

I'll tell you what doesn't make sense to me... If she is innocent and wasn't driving under the influence that night, why didn't she just blow the breathalyzer? Common sense would tell you that with one simple blow, this whole mess could have been avoided, no?

I think that it's an insult to people's intelligence to think that she didn't have something to hide that night. Refusing the breathalyzer is like pleading nolo--you are admitting guilt without mouthing the words." Jul 8, 10 1:20 PM

Kabot's pre-trial hearing will continue next week

Mr. Keahon has a way with dazzling court rooms with smoke and mirrors--he's a defense attorney for God's sake--but let us not see past the underlying facts here. Linda Kabot was pulled over for demonstrating signs of intoxication while operating her vehicle. When questioned she was defensive. When asked to perform tests to measure her sobriety, she failed. When asked to further prove her sobriety by submitting to a breath test, she refused. You do the math.

In the wee hours of September 7th, 2009, this soon-to-be washed-up politician was on the verge of losing her incumbency. The second to last blow to her already suffering sense of worth was not being placed on a pedestal after being pulled over by two police officers merely doing their job. The officer's failure to turn a blind eye to an alleged shnockered Town Councilwoman enraged her to the point of no return; so she decided to play dirty. The cops were overzealous, she exclaimed!

Her defense is reliant upon passing the buck. Of course she is not to blame! It was all a set-up! A couple of cowboy cops in the back pocket of the Southampton Town PBA pres, waiting to pounce on a cop-hating Councilwoman. That’s the conspiracy, right? Well, if you believe that, I’ll shower you with unicorn tears.

Kabot incriminated herself by refusing the Breathalyzer. For the life of me, I cannot see how anyone could believe her to be innocent for that very reason. Unless, of course, you are a friend, or anti-cop--in which case you would subscribe to that farfetched conspiracy theory. I'll bet you believe President Bush orchestrated 9/11 too. " Jul 14, 10 11:38 PM

...and "karmasabitch" makes some fantastic points here." Jul 14, 10 11:50 PM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

Translation: Keep it kind of close so I won't have to travel too far to gamble, but far enough away from hometown so that I won't have to deal with the baggage (i.e. crime, drugs, prostitutes). More power to you opening your casinos near the mall or somewhere up the island, keep it the hell away from the Hamptons. " Sep 30, 10 10:16 AM