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Southampton Town Board Still Awaiting Traffic Study For Tuckahoe Supermarket Plan

if you don't want it then don't go when its built but its needed" Oct 12, 15 4:28 PM

Friendly Deer Hangs Out With Locals At Shinnecock Inlet

i hope it winds up with an arrow in it" Oct 20, 15 9:25 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

she did a fine job" Dec 25, 15 12:21 PM

Southampton Town May Switch To Single-Stream System For Recycling At Transfer Stations

buying green bags is stupid.easthampton has a better system" Jan 12, 16 2:26 PM

Driver OK After Car Ends Up In Water Wednesday Morning In North Sea

well maybe he wanted to go clamming" Feb 3, 16 7:42 PM

Southampton Town To Test Blinking Light System To Reduce Traffic

a road is a road.people suck at driving " Feb 29, 16 10:41 PM

Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

the old car dealership on flying pt road and mtk hwy" Apr 5, 16 5:54 PM

kinda like your complaints?" Apr 6, 16 11:05 PM

Tesla Installs Charging Stations On County Road 39

don't be stupid you're whole life" Jun 17, 16 9:38 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At August Work Session

they want the hill for themselves and now a lot of going west traffic runs thru" Jul 12, 16 8:48 PM

LIPA Says It Will Support Construction Of Nation's First Large Wind Farm Off Montauk

why does lipa get to say whats good for us?" Jul 14, 16 9:59 PM

Whale Stranded In Moriches Bay Euthanized, Feeding Outrage From Onlookers

not too long ago we would carving that whale up and having a real thanksgiving feast" Nov 23, 16 9:23 PM

read some history books and get back to me chump" Nov 25, 16 1:30 PM

Critics Take Aim At Offshore Turbine Plans

we will screw the fisheries by over harvesting way before any damage from wind farms is apparent" Jan 12, 17 5:20 PM

Bridgehampton Firefighter Rescues Candace Bushnell's Dog From Icy Pond

i thought poodles were smart" Jan 16, 17 4:15 PM

Share The Harvest Farm Starts Young Farmers Training Initiative

way to go mapes! i mean miller ha ha" Jan 31, 17 5:17 PM

Driver Of Single-Car Crash On County Road 39 Walks Away From Mangled Vehicle On Sunday

every generation did plenty of dwi stuff in their day" Mar 13, 17 3:55 PM

Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Application Is Withdrawn By Developers

its a dump" Apr 19, 17 7:50 PM

we used to have 3 markets in the village now we have one dump and why should i have to leave town to go to a decent supermarket? we have more people living here now and bad choices on where to shop. we still need another super market but enjoy the crappy traffic we still have anyway.for people who were against this- what way of life in this town are you clinging too?" Apr 19, 17 8:03 PM

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