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Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Makes sence now doesn't it. I was on my way home from the shooting range in Ridge. I pulled over heading southbound and took some pics for the "support the troops " web page. People want the dirt they will ignore a simple fact like this because it does not "sell papers." Thanks. " Nov 20, 09 5:35 PM

Thats right! It cost me out of pocket without the outrageous bail $53,000.00 in cold hard cash to PROVE I am innocent. What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty?" It seems we have lost touch with that right in the country. I broke NO laws. There are NO firearms charges. This was the result of an under sheriff Caracappa who wanted his name in the papers, a media hungry under qualified person put in a job position he doesn't deserve. You are right! Thank you. " Nov 20, 09 5:39 PM

A "trunk for of assault weapons?" There is no assault weapon. There were two firearms. Thats hardly a trunkful.

The rounds were about 140, not 500. There is nothing wrong with pulling over to the side of the road, opposite the display chopper and taking pictures. The firearms have nothing to do with any of this.

There is no intent to cause harm. After 6 hours on the road, the FBI DHS the base and other initials I don't remember, released me...why did a low level police offer arrest me for a charge that is not even a legal charge? Why did they lie through their teeth about me? I have a perfect background so they made up lies to "sell papers."
Why did I have to pay all that money to prove I an innocent?

Anyone who has had to deal with bad police officers, will not speak well of them. You and I both know, we have good and bad cops, we have abusive cops and this is what I had to deal with, corrupt bad cops.

Do you have any idea how long it would take for me to get out of my convertible, remove the triple locks and cases on each firearm, remove them from the LOCKED cases, open the truck and load these firearms?

Dont be ridiculous.
This entire event is a travesty of justice, a BIG injustice.
" Nov 20, 09 8:43 PM

There are laws on transporting firearms. You can not have them loaded, you must separate the ammo from the firearms, so this cant happen. If the firearm is in the trunk the ammo goes in the front of the car.

There are nuts all over the world with illegal weapons, people who go to the range, join the NRA, register their firearms when its not even required by New York state, have no prior arrests, and so on, are not the ones you need to worry about.

BTW it is an AR 15, semi auto, an arms specialist looked at them on the road in those six hours. I have no assault weapons, only firearms for target practice.

Its the illegal guns and people who do not follow the law you have to worry about. I didn't break any laws.
" Nov 20, 09 8:52 PM

You saw that!? I had phoned my two sons to to the scene, ages 18 and 20.

They had us on the road for 5-6 hours, questioning me. The big scene they made is where the problem lies. They made a mistake and had to justify the over reaction.

There had to be 100 people running back and forth with troops, FBI, FEMA DHS and so on., all with a cell in their ear, "taking orders from way up there."

The scene was a ridiculous amount of force. Look at the default pic of me, that was taken by Vera Chinese of the Southampton Press about one hour after I was home. You can see the bruises on my arms from some abuse inside the jail. A correctional officer told me as soon as I went in, "we tried you, we found you guilty and we will punish you in here." And they did.

I was also told over and over again, "we will make an an example of you for all right wingers and tea baggers."

This is such an injustice. I believe there will be many more of these arrests because of the white house release of their labels, "right wing extremists", bible loves, returning vets, now being labeled home terrorists.

I am creating a professional page for anyone wrongfully arrested. I will fight this and other injustices against law biding American citizens being abused by our law enforcement.

Thanks for your input. Nancy" Nov 20, 09 9:20 PM


Thank you for your intelligent comments. Yes I was cleared by all higher officials. It was the under sheriff, Caracappa who is a media hungry official with no experience who did this, who lied about my mental state because he had nothing to justify any of what he did.

I was told for 12 hours I am just being questioned,I was not under arrest, I was going home. It was not until Caracappa saw my Myspace page, in the middle of the night, with my political views that he told me I was under arrest, and he used a trumped up charge like trespassing 3 on a county road. its cost me a fortune to defend the charge. I paid to take it to trail. .

I am living in the same home 31 years raised three children in private school all their lives, alone. Caracappa thought he was arresting someone who could not fight back, who would not go after him for false arrest and deformation. He is wrong.

Anyone, please do email me any of you if you have questions, I can document my answers and am happy to reply to your questions. I broke no laws, I was so badly abused in that place for days I will now spend all my time and money on stopping this from happening to anyone else, or at least helping those wrongfully arrested.
mystc4star@aol.com" Nov 20, 09 10:29 PM

Yearrounder, I was on my way home from the range. The firearms were transported legally, there are NO firearms charges. They were also registered in NY when that is not even required. The FBI, DHS and others released me. There was no intent to cause harm.

What gave under sheriff Caracappa, any right to arrest me for a bogus charge that has been dismissed? He had no right, he just wanted media coverage.
Please, think about what you are saying before your so fast to judge someone with different (legal) views then yourself. " Nov 20, 09 10:42 PM

Undertow, your correct. I broke no laws. The law suits were filed the end of October. This was a great expense for me on top of abuse, bruises, torture, attorney fees and my freedom was taken away for 5 full days.

Who gets bail of $50,000.00 for trespassing 3? Think about that for a moment. If I didn't have the means to make bail, I would have been in there for the duration of the trial. This is wrong. I have seen Judge Burke let a man accused of holding up a 7-11 with a pistol, go on his own reconnaissance.

The sheriff turned away the bail bondsman in an effort to keep me in that place so they can continue to "punish me." This is corruption at its best.
This can happen to any one of you. " Nov 20, 09 10:53 PM

No one warned me at any time. I gave the FBI info when asked if I was ever there before. I don't lie. I was there to take pictures weeks prior. I didn't have my camera and was leaving the side of the road. The troop came over to me, while parked, in my convertible, looking for my camera, on the road.

What did he say... "Nice car, when can I drive it." He was flirting with me!!
There is no infatuation with the base. I was making a "support out troops web page" for that base for Christmas. I wanted a pic of the chopper on display.

Dont believe everything you read." Nov 20, 09 11:03 PM

Hi highhatsize,
Sure. I was on the road with my two adult sons (I called to the scene) for about 6 hours questioned by FBI, DHS, FEMA the base and so many others. I was released by them.

About 12 am I was cuffed, we were told I would return home later tonight, I was going in for more questioning. After Caracappa saw my myspace, he told me I was under arrest in the middle of the night.

I was arraigned Friday afternoon with bail left at 50,000.00. My sons were given the wrong time to be there with bail allowing them to keep me for the weekend. I was there 4 nights and 5 full days, until Monday Aug 3 about 5 pm.

No I was never ever told not to return. I made another post above addressing this. The troop wanted to drive me car as I was digging for my camera on the road side in my convertible.

I was told flat out "we are going to make an example of you for all right wingers." Yes I was also called a tea bagger. My twitter page mentioned I had gone to the tea party in Riverhead on April 15.

I am aware of the term but you have no idea how much worse they were. That term is nothing compared to what else I was called. I was not allowed to sleep. I was not given change of clothes or even a tooth brush.

I was denied antibiotics for a leg injury I had happen home that morning. it turned to a staph infection. It just now might be healed by may be in the bone. I was told by 4 drs, one more day in there and I would have lost my leg. Pictures are up on myspace its now public if you want to see them.

Btw look at the catholic school graduations, bishops, Pope and family pics as my children received their sacraments.

This is such an injustice. Suffolk county is nothing but corrupt and they will now have to explain their actions and words. Thank you!
Nancy" Nov 20, 09 11:18 PM

your right and automatic weapons are not legal for us citizens. I had a semi auto AR 15 and a shot gun, again, didn't require any registration, but they were both registered and transported properly. There are NO firearms charges, the only charge was trespassing 3 on a county road. " Nov 20, 09 11:22 PM

There were only about 160 rounds, again a lie to try to justify their actions. Also, a day at the range that amount can be used, so its not even alot of ammo if it were 500 rounds. Why are there no firearms charges? Poor judgment about what? " Nov 20, 09 11:26 PM


I am certainly NOT defending myself! This case is over, DISMISSED!
I am "telling my story,"

I already had my "real day in court." This case is over, dismissed, now let these officials defend their words and actions on the other side of the docket. If you went through half of what they did to me along with 53,000.00 in bills to start, you would want it back too. I have not seen anyone post any law I broke.

I am here, as you call it, a "court of public opinion" to let all of you know as my neighbors, we have a serious problem out here with our police, our justice system and other officials, on every level.

Maybe if your life long good, reputation and creditability as a respected parent, law biding citizen of the east end of LI, and an American, were destroyed, in one night by a young, media hungry sheriff, with nothing to charge a person with, you might understand what I am saying.

As for "bringing religion into the conversation," this is still America, yes, we are Catholic and it plays a big part in our lives. I am a proud single mom raising her children to be productive young adults. Religion is a big part of my background and important to me and my family! I raised my children to be RC and they went to private school all their lives.

Maybe filing those Notices of claim will help prevent this from happening to someone else ...my keyboard cant hurt that either.
Thank you for your opinion.
" Nov 21, 09 6:40 AM

If I so chose to do those things I have that right. I dont want to live your life, let me live mine the way I chose without judging me.

I was at peace driving home from the range, on that nice day with my roof down on my car, until I was stopped by police who ran out of donuts.

Again, this is America, I am self supporting. I have no one to answer to except God. I read the bills in congress, which is more then I can say for our hired reps.

Most of America is waking up to the corruption in the country. It begins right here in our lower levels of government.
" Nov 21, 09 6:54 AM

United states Citizen,

Please read if you want to make a sensible comment.

I don't need permission to pull over on the (opposite) side of the road.
Your joking, right" Nov 21, 09 6:59 AM


What would happen if you were pulled over, would depend on how busy the officers are that given moment.

This is a total injustice. I would not trust police on any level after this. Carry a camera, carry an audio recording device in your car, that you can turn on if pulled over. Protect yourself. Register your firearms too.

It seems even if you do not break any laws you now are "Guilty until proven innocent" in our great country.

Don't pull your car over for any reason. These police can do as they please, have no regard for our constitution and will search your car then lie about that too.

btw, I didn't know there was a range in there or that it is a public range. I was coming home from a range up west. How do you like that range?

" Nov 21, 09 7:38 AM

I was there, I am Nancy. I posted my email addy if you have further questions. I will clarify, I was on the road for about 6 hours. I was questioned by FBI, DHS, Base, and many others. They brought in a weapons expert. Everything was in order, I was released. Caracappa a low level law enforcement, decided to make an illegal arrest. He knew all the facts, I was on the road. Caracappa is a media hungry mongol. This arrest should never have happened." Nov 24, 09 1:48 AM

poor judgment in what capacity? I pulled over across from the chopper. My firearms were both triple locked, unloaded, registered, and I was simply on my way home from the range, Where did I use poor judgment? I made a simple, minor stop for our troops web page. " Nov 24, 09 1:52 AM

Thanks for your kind words, lennyben. my email is mystc4star@aol.com

I did not fight for "MY RIGHTS, I fought for (all of) "YOUR Rights!"

I will keep you posted. Will has the story, we spoke today for last minute questions for the paper edition coming out this week. " Nov 25, 09 2:15 AM

I would say for any wrongful arrest, theories may be an issue, I may think those very same issues are involved, without sounding paranoid, it does happen. " Nov 25, 09 2:18 AM

Excellant post hughhatsize!!!

Well written, well said. This sad part is it is all too true, just as many other are aware of this who have not been mentioned. I am afraid our police are really out of control.

The reason I went for the trial, is very simple, if these media hungry, abusive officers are not exposed, behavior like what you mention above and my "knowingly unlawful arrest" will continue.

Imagine a group of them, on the road with us, as they were laughing and shouting ideas as to what would be a good charge to arrest me on; shouting one idea of a charge for the injury on my leg as an "unreported bullet wound."

" Nov 25, 09 3:06 AM

Actually I have three children and am a very proud mother. I supposed to remain quiet until Nov 17.

Post your rude words, it’s "YOUR right" to do so, the same constitution that gave me the RIGHT to be exactly on the side of the road, across from the base, WITH MY LEGAL FIREARMS, without the threat of arrest.

You may not have thought about how rude your being in this post, does that give a media hungry sheriff the right to arrest you for your words? Not right now it doesn't, but keep trying to re-write our constitution and maybe someday you will be arrested for your words.

Furthermore, let me explain something to you kindly, if I want to pick up my child from school and take a picture of her coming out of the door, while my firearms are triple locked in my vehicle, I will do it, it’s simply my right. My firearms are not an issue in my case.

Perhaps you need to read all the facts prior to making such a silly post. Caracappa will have to explain why he made a false arrest, why I was so badly abused while in is custody. He has NO excuse.

I could care less about "labels" they mean nothing to me. I did nothing wrong, I am ashamed of nothing. Why would "win a lawsuit" if a travesty of wrong doing didn't occur, you contradict yourself.

BTW, right now I am redecorating my house, in and outside, you're right I have nothing better to do. Dont worry about my children, they are good kids and doing quite well.

YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME, I can tell you have not read all the facts. Have a good day.
" Nov 28, 09 10:31 AM


Correct and there was on college attacked, left out of the news: a student went to his vehicle, grabbed his legal firearm and he is he one who prevented more murders, not our police. " Nov 28, 09 10:34 AM

... make sure you read all the lies, all the various, twisted stories made up by our media without fact checking.
I read so many lies, here is another lie...someone printed that "she bribed a soldier." I wonder what I bribed him with.
Call the court, fact check. This is where deformation of character comes in.
I have a great background so Caracappa had to "make up lies" to get his name in the paper. I won’t support our SHPD, I have never seen a worse bunch of unprofessional officers in my life, they do what they are told to do, and I don't mean their superior officers.
The ONLY PROFESSIONAL POLICE out on the east end are the NY State Troopers, and I was told that 32 years ago. I also have cops friends in all departments.
On top of that my friends, my attorney and I turned down all TV interviews.
I am "just a mom," a regular retired person, some of us have one difference, I like to target practice, it’s my sport. Some of you have no right to condemn me for that.
Thanks and hugs
" Nov 28, 09 10:56 AM

lol, INS, your too funny! I would not go on Letterman or Oprah even, not for anything.

Unfortunately my attorney and I have to turn down all TV, News and radio interviews, for now, anyway.

My book will be out in the Spring!! " Nov 28, 09 11:06 AM

This is my last reply to you because you are obviously the one with an agenda. I have one arrest on July 30, 2009, and its a fasle arrest, NOT two arrests.

I dont know who you are but I can assume someone who is "no longer a friend of mine?"

Anyway, I replied to this already, go read the answers.
" Nov 28, 09 11:11 AM

LOL, I guess Caracappa owes me about 360 rounds considering he changed my property ticket!" Nov 28, 09 3:34 PM

wow, .22 will work on a .223 AR 15? You jut made my day!

God bless you and all others wo have supported me and see how I was wrongfully arrested.

Nancy" Nov 29, 09 10:52 PM

I thought you "am outta here/"

Btw, I could careless about Beck, I had one of his videos emailed to me, during the winter.

I added that one video to my myspace blog, Caracappa jumped the gun so to speak.

I have been shooting targets all my life. I have a right to take this on as a sport, my dad started me at age 5. MY sport, has no political concerns, its just a sport, so give it up Elliot!

" Nov 30, 09 12:58 PM

Those posts are way back in the winter, that boycott post is a re-post sent to me. I agreed., I Re posted it in my blog, so "peoplefirst," you want to also have my free speech taken away, simply because YOU don't agree. " Nov 30, 09 8:41 PM

Actually I offered to make a 10,000.00 donation, now, of my own money, to the base, because Carlark and Caracappa made tthe troops so upset with their lies.

My attorney told me not to. I plan to donate to our troops for sure, absolutely, I just don't know where yet, I would think injured, those whom have served and have trouble finding work. I will work that out. I am looking into a professional graphics designer for that site to set the site up well. I know many returning vets are suffering and need our help.

The NYS troops will receive money also as they are professional police.

I feel bad our Southampton town police are not liked so much, but they brought this on themselves by being selective. Yes, they risk their lives to protect us everyday, but most are very unprofessional.

And again, this is the last time I am saying this, if on the road the FBI, DHS, the BASE released me, they knew I was of no threat. Why did a low level officer take me in for more questioning and arrest me for tres 3 12 hours later. Ah, headlines, lies and more headlines!

I am no threat, I am "just a Mom." Think about those statements and questions your both scourging out, for one minute before you jump the gun and start another rant, because if you cant debate this rationally, your on ignore.
I have broken broke NO laws, period.
" Nov 30, 09 9:08 PM

Thank you and hugs! You also nailed it right down- facts. " Nov 30, 09 9:11 PM

see above post, answered, thank you." Nov 30, 09 9:17 PM

I think you will never finish. You just dont "get it." But, But, this IS America and you have that right of free speech, and the right to not get it though not specifically worded that way in out bill of rights and our Constitution.

When is the last time you read the constitution?" Nov 30, 09 9:19 PM

I have a large barbie doll and beanie baby collection also. " Dec 1, 09 8:12 PM

I pay taxes to, of course, some of it goes to our police to protect us not abuse us." Dec 1, 09 8:17 PM

I agree and I am done here. This is my interview with Will, along with the printed pages a week later. We didn't accept the TV and radio show for a reason.

However I have to wonder; the SC sheriffs drove to and FROM SH court at over 110 MPH, to get me out of court by 1230. They told my sons to be there at court at 1 PM July 31.

How safe does that make any of you feel on sunrise highway?
Btw we were in a work zone partially, also.
" Dec 1, 09 8:24 PM

Correct, and without proper resources, I would have been in there for the duration of the trail, that's no where near fair to any American who is "Innocent until proven guilty". " Dec 1, 09 8:32 PM


I agree with you and others. I shall not return to this page, I am done, my words have been said, there is nothing more for me to add , I refuse to defend myself against such stupidity of others whom have not even read our Bill of rights and constitution!

I have said my peace.

All of you who have supported me, I thank you for that and your well wishes. However, its time to say goodbye.

Have a great holiday season everyone!

Nancy Genovese" Dec 1, 09 8:38 PM

A tragic and shocking end to an immigrant family's American dream

This is truely a sad story.

fcmcmann, I believe the old time saying... "what one see in others, the name calling or circumstances is really what we hate most about ourselves." " Dec 3, 09 12:58 PM

Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

Highhatsize, I am just as stunned...however, if you think about it, IMHO, any good attorney would be foolish not to read these comments!! " Dec 3, 09 1:10 PM

Good idea, however we all are very well aware, living on LI, how the media can try you find you guilty.

I have found that most media repeats other news articles, almost word for word, facts become twisted, and to begin with no one fact checked any of the information. " Dec 3, 09 1:16 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

Kabot, like anyone one else arrested IS "Innocent until proven guilty."

I am aware this article goes back to Sept 23, I am doing some catch up. I just had to reply to this comment, "YES! I am proof that an officer will make a false arrest." They have nothing to lose, they are protected against lawsuits. Our police continue to arrest people, falsely and get away with it. They do have a quota to make, along with others they were facing pay cuts, lay offs. They have to write those tickets and make those arrests to keep cash flowing and keep their jobs. " Dec 14, 09 3:55 PM

Linda did really well in this passed election, I am sorry she didn't win. She did a great job for our town while in office!" Dec 14, 09 4:00 PM

Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

True. Why not show up and simply do your job, no matter how much it bothers them? They need to show up, make decisions, do what is expected of them, do what they get paid to do. " Jan 8, 10 8:11 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Great idea highhatsize. If Stony Brook offered more classes, more degrees at this location perhaps the college would be doing much better. It seems its always the east end of LI that "our politicians" take away from first. " Apr 7, 10 9:38 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

I believe you. If the Southampton town building dept does not want you to have a permit, for anything, even if your complaint, they will take your apps, take your money and later send a letter saying sorry, but... God Bless this man. " Jun 4, 10 11:25 AM

Ed, Thank you for serving our country. God Bless!!" Jun 4, 10 11:28 AM


My dear, you well said. " Jun 4, 10 11:36 AM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

My heart breaks, for our country, our constitution, our freedoms, when I read comments like the others have posted, ICE. Thank you for taking the time to post your common sense replies.

Nothing of what the others are commenting has any validity to it. The filed docs have two law firms on them, the law firm on Park Ave., NYC decided we needed a law firm on LI also.

This false arrest and demonetization is a witch hunt. You people are my neighbors and should know better. How sad, the media has so many Americans brainwashed.

ICE Thank you for your kind intellectual words. Nancy" Aug 2, 10 12:31 PM

Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

I could not be happier we will hear this wonderful news!!! I prayed Linda would run for this position, she deserves to win! Linda did a great job when she was Town supervisor!! Linda Kabot for Southampton Town Supervisor!! Linda Kabot, You go girl!! " Sep 21, 11 10:10 PM

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