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Democratic Party Nominates Julie Lofstad To Run For Town Board

I'm really scared by this choice. Didn't the Southampton Press before the last election say she was seemingly stumped and had a shallow grasp about issues outside her hamlet? That was in the Oct. 28th paper just before the last election. And I watched those debates. She was not good. How can we expect her to fight for the environment when our own press says she doesn't get it?" Dec 8, 15 1:06 PM

Anna Throne Holst has been the one to add armed guards and has been in charge over the last six years of that strife. Julie is running with them. How can we expect any different of Julie if she throws herself in with those people?" Dec 8, 15 1:10 PM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

Well I'm just glad that those republicans at least put up some one that we have heard of and could answer a question in the debates. " Dec 9, 15 9:34 AM

Democratic Party Nominates Julie Lofstad To Run For Town Board

Turkey Bridge didn't Jay Schneiderman propose an increase to the Sales Tax at the County two days after we all voted for him? I don't like when candidates tell us one thing and do the exact opposite right after they get our vote. If this Julie person is anything like him or that Brad Bender I don't want her." Dec 9, 15 10:18 AM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

I find these statements with regards to looks appalling. Especially because I am a long way off from a size 6. I thought important things in races were experience and issues.
Now I’m told Julie gets in front of the Conservatives and tells them she’s pro life, pro development and she’s in favor of the Tuckahoe project and against the golf course but for the as of right construction at the Hills. So a democrat is now ultra conservative??? I have voted democrat since Kennedy and either Julie was lying to us when she first started running or she’s lying to them now. She’s no democrat just another opportunist. The only experience we have with Julie is that she’ll say whatever it takes to get elected. I agree with N.Tiger above, a vote for Julie is an vote for Jay and that’s why its bad. Jay took lots of money from all of those developers and Reckler Development was hosting parties for Jay in his last race. You know the Recklers as the ones that want to build up and down the Shinnecock Canal. If a vote for Jay is a Vote for Julie then that means its just more phony politicians like Anna Throne Holst telling you one thing and doing another
Jay and Julie were running hand in hand last race. And I am all for keeping a close watch on our taxes. In fact I noticed Julie's running mate Jay Schneiderman, two days after getting my vote, proposed raising our sales tax before the County Legislature. After Julie and Jay all their ilk tell you one thing they do another.
I watched those debates and voted accordingly. I didn't see knowledge from Julie, or experience. I saw someone who just hung on to whatever that Jay Schneiderman said. I think we need someone who can stand their ground, think for themselves and give you their opinion. While I may not agree with everything that Yastrzemski person has done over the years, he said no on the Tuckahoe project, I have seen him out there working and telling me why he did what he did. I will take experience and honesty over these insulting candidates Gordon Herr and George Lynch and our so called democrat “committee” have been subjecting us to.
" Dec 11, 15 10:32 AM

Pine Barrens Society Takes Issue With Anna Throne-Holst Over Riverside Plan

Anna Throne Holst has handpicked both Jay Schneiderman and Julie Lofstad to be her successors. A vote for either one of them is a vote for the developers that line their pockets. I am tired of being lied to by these phony politicians posing as democrats. Julie Lofstad is NOW A CONSERVATIVE?!?!?! Those people are more right wing than the republicans and that is who our so called Democrat candidate chooses to run with. Gordon Herr and George Lynch want us to go from a drug dealing phony democrat Anna sycophant in Brad Bender to a Ultra Right wing extremist phony democrat Anna sycophant in Julie Lofstad. Shame on my party for trampling on our ideals." Dec 11, 15 10:53 AM

Residents Should Avoid Contact With Parts Of Peconic River, County Health Officials Say

Thank you Suffolk County for destroying our waters." Dec 15, 15 2:44 PM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

Why would she screen with them and seek their endorsement? If she truly is a Democrat and one of us why would she be getting in to bed with those right wing extremists? And if she is a conservative how did she get the Democrat endorsement? Does anybody have conviction and values anymore or is it all about doing and saying whatever it takes to get in to office?" Dec 15, 15 2:49 PM

Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

I care. I am tired of phony politicians posing as Democrats. I am sick of the Anna Throne Holts, the Brad Benders and now Julie Lofstads claiming to be a Democrat and standing for nothing when they get into office. If you are endorsed by the Conservatives you are NOT a democrat. How are we supposed to have a real Democrat like Dave Calone win the congressional primary when our leaders like Gordon Herr and George Lynch are out supporting fake and phony politicians, that are not Democrats, and just say whatever they want to get elected?" Dec 16, 15 7:46 AM

Mr. Tiger I think I read one of your posts where you said candidates should be running on one line. I agree. Whatever their parties registration is that is what they should run as. Why doesn't Julie just disavow herself of these other lines, be who proud to represent us and run just as a Democrat? We shouldn't be sullying ourselves by getting in bed with the Independence party and their Developer driven Anna Throne Holst and that awful Drug Dealing Brad Bender. Or that wretched Conservative Ed Walsh with all his criminal charges. If she gave up those other party lines the other side couldn't make the connection that Julie Lofstad is associated with drug dealers like Brad Bender and party bosses facing federal indictments like Ed Walsh. " Dec 18, 15 2:09 PM

I just received my letter from Julie Lofstad and it says that she is IN FAVOR OF DEVELOPMENT!!! People can lie to themselves, just be blatantly partisan and say she did well in the debates but let us not forget the Southampton Press evaluated her and on October 29, 2015 said she was "seemingly stumped", had "a shallow grasp" on issues, and would not take a stance. There is a reason the Conservative leader (and apparent friend to Ms. Lofstad) Ed Walsh is facing Federal corruption charges. They will say whatever and do whatever. If Ms. Lofstad wants to align herself with those conservative thugs she is no Democrat and does not have a clue. Why is the Democrat Committee Leaders like Gordon Herr and George Lynch continuing to subject us to phony politicians that jump into bed with anyone like Julie Lofstad? We should run on one line and run as real, proud Democrats. Not Developers like Julie Lofstad." Dec 22, 15 3:55 PM

Press Debate Will Focus On January's Special Election For Southampton Town Board

Maybe Ms Lofstad can explain how she us IN FAVOR of development and why she sent a letter to my house that said so. I know her sycophants say she's for 'wise' development. I am sure that is just like the pro development talk that we have already gotten from phony democrats like Anna Throne Holst and that drug dealer Brad Bender. She is not a real democrat. Just another know nothing phony politician." Dec 23, 15 7:12 AM

Developer Submits Draft Environmental Impact Statement For 'The Hills' To Southampton Town

Where can the general public look at this document? I want to see these side by side comparisons we keep being promised and see their research for myself." Jan 5, 16 10:15 AM

Southampton Town Attorney Post Is In Play

This is why I have been saying the Democrat Party should be supporting Democrats not getting us tied up with these political operators like Fred Thiele. Its obvious that these lesser parties are just there to extort jobs from us. I wonder what the pay off for Conservatives Ed Walsh, Jeremy Brandt and Mike Torres will be from Julie Lofstad for the deal they made." Jan 5, 16 11:34 AM

Southampton Town Attorney Tiffany Scarlato Officially Resigns

Well now we see how Gordon Herr and George Lynch continue to sell out the Democrat party by supporting these non Democrats. So we as Democrats come out and support Democrat candidates, win races by voting the Democrat line, and an important position goes to some non democrat political huckster's wife? I looked at the election results. Our people win on the Democrat line. Not the independence line. I wonder what the pay off will be to those awful conservatives Ed Walsh, Mike Torres and the horrible Jeremy Brandt for their back room dealings with Julie Lofstad?" Jan 13, 16 11:20 AM

Yes I have voted Democrat since Kennedy and I generally agree with the Democrat party platforms and ideals but what is even more important to me is convictions. I am tired of wishy washy candidates that are not democrats and just say whatever they think we want to get elected. I like someone with conviction and a willingness to stand for what they believe in and I too like Richard Yastrzemski (note the proper spelling). I live in the village and for the last eight years Richard Yastrzemski had done a great job addressing local issues and giving me a superior level of village services for my tax dollars. When I have seen him in Village hall he has gone out of his way to say hello, ask how he can help me and just be kind to this old gal. He came out strongly against the Tuckahoe project from the begining. Richard Yastrzemski will have my vote in the election no matter what his party sign is because he is a real honest man." Jan 13, 16 11:48 AM

Southampton Town Board Candidates Participate In Press Conversation Saturday

I wish this article actually addressed the questions asked and the answers given. Mr Yastrzemski has my vote because he has done a good job in the Village and has been against the Tuckahoe project since day one. I have seen him take the heat around town for that from the builders and he always holds his ground. Can someone explain the if you have had enough vote row c signs i am seeing. I have had enough of those Conservatives and their corruption charges like Ed Walsh is facing. I know that Julie Lofstad has thrown in with them so isn't a vote for her another vote for corruption. Like Mr. Tiger said real democrats should be proud to run on one line, win on one line and not be sullied by these third party back room dealers.

" Jan 18, 16 4:21 PM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

Here is one area that i can agree with Julie Lofstad. We need more affordable housing in the Town and where better then on the west side where it is better for commuters heading west and won't clog up traffic on county rd 39." Jan 18, 16 5:02 PM

UPDATE: NancyLynn Ferrini Thiele Appointed Assistant East Hampton Town Attorney

I saw all of the debates on tv or in person and I thought Mr. Hagan was very savvy. I also remember the Southampton Press was very positive in their endorsement of him. If Mr.Tiger is right and he is being considered for Town Attorney and Republican Chairman I would rather have him in Town Hall working for John Bouvier then working against us and David Calone, a real Democrat for Congress. " Jan 20, 16 6:26 PM

UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

Mr. Bridge, You made my point regarding the Democrat Party. We do not need the Conservative party and its criminal leader Ed Walsh and his henchmen Jeremy Brandt and Michael Torres to win races, nor do we need Fred Thiel and his independence party with its Brad Benders and its Anna Throne Holsts. So why do we as Democrats continue to sully our party and our ideals by continually associating with lesser party lines. We win with one line, the Democrat line and should forsake all others. Democrats do not need them, the Republicans could not win even if they had both of them. So why do the Democrats bow to these lesser parties? How long till we see Conservative Chairman Ed Walsh's lackeys Jeremy Brandt and Michael Torres roaming the halls of a Democrat controlled Town Hall? They will be expecting handouts and patronage jobs at the expense of what is, as the results show, an irrelevant line that would not make a difference. Why is my party continually becoming further and further beholden to outside parties?

Yes in this race I voted for Mr. Yastrzemski. Richard is a good boy who lives down the street from me and has been against the Tuckahoe project from the beginning, but that does not make me some sort of member of some vast right wing conspiracy. It just means I did not agree that our candidate was the right person for the job this time. What really bothers me is, is the Democrat party now stuck doing the bidding of yet another third party?" Jan 27, 16 10:16 AM

In Special Election, Julie Lofstad Wins Open Seat On Southampton Town Board

Thank you Mr. Tiger. We should be running and winning as Democrats only and stop this kowtow to the lesser parties. Could there be deals made up island? Possibly. However it is far more likely we shall see the miscreants of the Conservative Party in Southampton Town Hall very soon." Jan 27, 16 11:30 AM

Throne-Holst, Calone To Meet In First House Primary Debate Wednesday In Amagansett

I can not wait to be there. The people need to see why we should be supporting real democrats and not these phony independence candidates. Go Calone, do our party proud again." Feb 2, 16 5:39 PM

Alec Baldwin Joins Local Campaign Against The Hills, PDDs

Why didn't the Pine Barren Society buy the property when it was on the market ten years ago? I have been donating to them every year and went to the Gala where Mr. Baldwin was honored not that long ago. I thought that was why they raise money. Now its a toss up between the as of right construction or the PDD. Which one has the bigger impact?" Feb 3, 16 11:39 AM

Congressional Hopefuls Skewer Zeldin, Trumpet Progressive Agenda

It's disturbing that we are having a Democrat debate when fifty percent of the candidates are not Democrats. Shame on the Southampton Democratic Party and it's leaders like Gordon Herr and George Lynch for selling out our Town and our party to these phony Independence people like Anna Throne Holst. They gave us her instead of supporting and running Real Democrats. Now they start supporting a real Democrat like David Calone but only after they gave away our Town and allowed a True Democrat Bridget Flemming to be trampled on by the now Democrat Congressional Candidate Holst. Go Calone!" Feb 7, 16 7:38 AM

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