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Oddone Appeal Will Be Heard By Brooklyn Judges On Friday

You are Exactly right!!! I mean, c'mon... This golfer spends over 2 million dollars in legal fees for a simple caddy at his golf club??? This is TOTALLY unrealistic. I'm betting he wouldn't even do that for his own nephew.

There's some real dirt in this relationship- Guaranteed!" Apr 28, 11 8:05 PM

After today's court date, Oddone will remain in prison- where he belongs." Apr 29, 11 8:09 AM

@ Patrick.
Please know that, aside for the obscenely absurd comments from the ridiculous person called "R Spor"t, mostly all commentators here agree with you wholeheartedly.

I know that I do!

It's obscene that the family of Mr. Reister needs to once again think about this murderer.

" Apr 29, 11 2:00 PM

To 27East...
Where's the follow up from Friday's hearing?" Apr 30, 11 6:00 PM

27East.... We're still looking for the follow up to this story.
" May 3, 11 2:46 PM

Court Bans Sale Of Tax-Free Cigarettes By Tribes

This ban has NOTHING to do with protecting the health of New Yorkers.
Give me a break!

It's about money. Tax revenues - and-sticking it to the Shinnecock tribe.

Shame on NYS!" May 11, 11 9:29 PM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

I guess this is why Randy never removed his outdoor campaign signs.

" Jun 2, 11 2:45 PM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

Little advertising.

Ridiculously expensive tickets.

Choices of musical artists geared to young people who don't have that kind of disposable income.

Recipe for failure." Aug 7, 11 9:39 PM

UPDATE: There Is Still Room At Shelters For Local Residents

I apologize for being one of those party poopers who believe that an "evacuation" of the twin forks is one the most absurd municipal fantasies that that ever been promoted.

You can't get out of this berg without massive rush-hour traffic jams in March! on a sleepy Tuesday!" Aug 25, 11 7:43 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Thank you, SH Press, for the continuous updates you've provided throughout the hurricane, as our own town government's website was surprisingly useless in this respect. " Aug 28, 11 11:09 AM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

You are 100% on the money, Kaluss45.

"Sketchy" details....indeed!" Sep 5, 11 10:22 PM

230 Elm.......
We're takin' about that low-rent, basement bar under the Polish Hall, right? " Sep 5, 11 10:26 PM

There's a brawl at a bar and YOU blame the Democrats in office.

Jeez!!! How far afield from reality can you possibly get?" Sep 6, 11 9:40 AM

Review all posts from last two years.

No matter what the news article: be it the weather, fishing, local BBQ's or a church bake sale, the TROLLS just cannot wait to promote their off-topic, political agendas.

It happens every single time on 27East. It's getting sooooo old already!
" Sep 6, 11 1:42 PM

The Hansom was next door in what was later, "Madame Tong's"" Sep 7, 11 12:30 PM

The stink and allegations of this incident, both genuine and fabricated, are going to be with with us for quite some time." Sep 7, 11 12:33 PM

San Gennaro Feast To Debut In Hampton Bays This Weekend

Nice family event.
Good crowds.
The food vendors fell FAR short of any San Genaro feast expectations.
Veggies burgers? Quesadillas? and NO sausage and pepper heros????
C'mon!" Oct 1, 11 8:59 PM

Altschuler Endorses East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson

Dear Mo, I hope Randi is paying you well.
But I lost interest after the 17th. paragraph :)" Oct 13, 11 11:41 PM

Public Asked To Be On Alert Following String Of Car Break-Ins Across Southampton Town

You are 100% correct. DWI's are the ONLY thing that interests the SHPD- hands down." Oct 24, 11 8:47 PM

Southampton Village Drafts Law To Allow New Supermarket

Well, how about a tiny Trader Joes?
" Oct 27, 11 11:16 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

Just a quick tally of the SH Town services that we DON'T have:
No street lights
No sewers
Liter-strewn roads that are NEVER cleaned
No town trash removal
and now, all of a sudden... no leaf pick ups

Please remind me again why I'm paying ridiculously high taxes." Oct 27, 11 4:30 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

This store will change the entire profile of Flying point Road. Also, Watermillluver stated, the stadium lighting required for security and parking is going to make this charming, upscale location look as cheesy as Green Acres.

What a mistake!!!" Dec 3, 11 1:30 AM

Pope Names Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church A Basilica

The Clergy and congregation must be very, very honored by this.
My Best wishes to them all." Dec 21, 11 9:06 AM

Trolling is beneath you, Highhatsize." Dec 25, 11 9:28 PM

Sad to say, hamptonscritic, but true.

The 27East comments forum often descends to the most base, off-topic and meanest comments this side of YouTube. " Dec 25, 11 9:31 PM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

I wish for Bay Street the very best of luck in their new home, wherever it may be (hopefully, the Parrish building :)

Speaking of the Parrish Museum...Good riddance to the Parrish! A stuffy, smug little museum with dull, esoteric exhibitions and a closed, elitist view of the visual arts." Jan 22, 12 10:54 PM

Suspicious Man Approaches Female Jogger At Long Beach

"Suspicious Man Approaches Female Jogger At Long Beach"

READ this news report..... If you purchase a paid subscription to the SH Press Now!

How community-minded the press be." Feb 9, 12 6:36 PM

Thank you, Bill. It's an important story and they should have posted the entire story online.

I have one word for the SH Press...... Patch!" Feb 10, 12 12:41 PM

Thank you, Bill.
" Feb 12, 12 12:51 PM

Police: Teen Was Behind Wheel Of SUV That Flipped In Westhampton

I'm not sure I understand your statement. Did you mean the passenger who did not wear a seat belt should sue? " Mar 29, 12 9:20 AM

Services Announced For Two From Shinnecock Indian Reservation Who Died In Car Crash

What a terrible thing! All of our prayers and condolences go out to the families." Apr 28, 12 12:59 PM

Man Dressed As Jesus Journeys To Montauk

Well, the outfit is somewhat Biblical. But "dressed" as Jesus is a visual stretch.
I prefer the historically inaccurate Jesus. The one that looks like that 'Barry Gibb' guy." Jun 8, 12 5:32 PM

Pavilion Gets Green Light From Southampton Village Officials

As an addendum. Southampton apparently recoils at the idea of using great local architects for their plans.

The Parrish, who laughingly claims to support local art, went all the the Europe for their new building's architectural firm instead of using local talent.

And now the Village goes to David Rockwell in NYC (who doesn't know @%$& about the local color or flavor) to design the pavilion.
Congratulations on another slap in the face to local artists and architects." Jun 18, 12 1:55 PM

As an aside. the "pavillion" looks like it belongs in the 1960's NYC World's Fair. Romantic retro-styling most likely cretaed by some young architectural lackie who is obsessed with the 1960's stylings of "Mad Men".

This design is TOTALLY unrelated to the village and thoroughly out of context with the local architecture and" Jun 18, 12 1:59 PM

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