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New Bank Proposed For Historic House In Southampton Village

Just what the Village needs. Another bank. Can we attach it to a drug store/ real estate company for a tri fecta of redundancy? " Jan 14, 19 10:20 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

I fear you are very, very right. The inevitable is already happening. Landlord greed, high property taxes, ecommerce AND the Millennial's paltry retail buying habits are the meteors that will finally kill the dinosaurs. Sadly, brick and mortar retail stores in towns and villages is over. Southampton Village Officials who take the position that, "Oh, it's a natural cycle of seasonal ups and downs" will be in for a shock when the Village is no longer a viable place for tourism. Banks, real estate storefronts, financial planning and insurance companies DO NOT a village make. The Village Officials MUST get pro active and creative to insure it will remain a great place for visitors and residents alike." Jan 19, 19 11:20 PM

Contractor Accused Of Falsifying Pyrrhus Concer House Bid In Southampton Village

Hire local-Only! Those lowest bidders from up island are a prescription for scams and disaster, as the article describes. How can anyone expect the same degree of professional work and materials from the lowest bidder? Here is how they do it: Cut corners in construction materials and inexperienced day laborers. That's how they get to submit a low-ball bid. Or the contractor just makes stuff up and hopes they can pull it off, as seen here." Feb 2, 19 1:43 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Draggerman/CG has raised an excellent point! They have no infrastructure whatsoever nor anything that a true sovereign nation provides for it's citizens.

" May 24, 19 7:17 PM

The Shinnecock should build whatever they want.

Its the developers and people like Ira Rennert that get away with murder because they are rich, powerful and politically connected. Also, if these signs raised tax revenues, there would be state senators coming out to give the signs their blessing. Bottom line here: Money Talks. If you have it out here you can do ANYTHING you want. The Shinnecock have neither money nor clout. So they are putting up a big, LED, middle finger, to the area. Good for them !
" May 24, 19 7:20 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

Someone mentioned "the court of public opinion". In today's environment and global media, the Shinnecock will win the day- hands down. Picture, if you will, their protests in full regalia playing on the net.

Peoples from every country in the world will weigh in to endorse their efforts. It's going to be one heck of a show!" May 27, 19 10:27 AM

Arguments over the polital and legal aspects are useless. The Shinnecock will NEVER take the signs down. What WILL NYS really do when the tribe ignores all C&D and SW Orders?? A paramilitary/armed police effort? Not likely! I still say that the signs are leverage for something greater." May 27, 19 10:35 AM

Mark Halsey Recalls 40 Years Serving Customers At Herrick Hardware In Southampton

Mark is the greatest! All Best Wishes to him and to Herricks as he count's down to his departure in '20." Jun 24, 19 11:45 AM

Southampton Tire Owner Remembered For Her Compassion Toward Latino Immigrant Community

The notices posted around the Village called her, "Sister Carolyn de Southampton Tire". That the Latino community honored her with such a title illustrated just how deeply they respected her.

Carolyn was one of the Great human beings." Jul 29, 19 8:02 AM

Serial Vandal Defaces East Hampton Airport Sign For Third Time

@pacman: Right! "Vairport"! The "V" will then become a gateway greeting for those on the highway going to East Hampton and points East. Just like "Star Gazer" and the new Shinnecock billboard. ( funny comment, by the way :)" Aug 14, 19 10:24 AM

What ever happened to, "Virgil is Frog Boy"???" Aug 14, 19 10:25 AM

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