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Fifty people run from Red Creek Park to Southampton for the Feast of Guadalupe


You simply gotta' stop, man! Really!

You turn every single 27East article into a g-d damn controversy, bringing in ridiculously inappropriate references that never fail to piss people off.

You never edit yourself. You think that everything that comes into your head is worthy of posting.

Would you PLEASE find some gainful employment for yourself." Dec 23, 09 10:53 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

INS is 100% correct and factually accurate here." Dec 25, 09 3:29 PM

Fifty people run from Red Creek Park to Southampton for the Feast of Guadalupe

Darn you, INS!

I HATE fruitcake.

Now you've made me REALLY mad." Dec 26, 09 2:13 PM

Despite loss in court, man renews effort to control dogs on beaches

"Matt Norklun said he wanted to send a message, and he sent it in the form of dog feces and left it in a bag on the steps of Village Hall last year."

What a charming man!" Jan 8, 10 3:59 PM

One dead and 15 injured in Northampton bus crash

That's, "Right OF Way".
Which of course doesn't matter if your injured or killed in an accident." Feb 7, 10 4:22 PM

Pleasew read the story with greater care. The 21 year old driver of the went through the stop sign, not the Suffolk County driver.
A tragic event for all. My sympathies to the family of the young man and to the injured on the bus." Feb 7, 10 4:24 PM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

It's a damn shame! The restaurant will certainly be missed.

BTW, BigJimbo12-: I couldn't tell you what the food at the Mattituck Love Lane Deli is like because we walked out on THREE separate occasions waiting for service, after being completely ignored! The service is horrendous and I have no reason to believe it will change in this location.

Typical lousy deal from the town." Mar 28, 10 8:22 PM

Southampton Town looks to confer authority of peace officers on code officers

The entire scheme sounds at best, questionable and at worst, frightening.
Warrant-less Searches? Code Officers making arrests?
Where in the living hell does it end?
And PLEASE don't cite other instances where searches without warrants are an everyday occurrence.

We're talking about Code Violations here. NOT Police.
Mr. Betts should certainly check his ambitions!
" Mar 31, 10 1:00 PM

OK. The laugh's on me :)

I just noticed at the bottom of the article it reads, "To read the entire article, pick up the the Apr 1 issue of The Southampton Press."

Apparently this article is a poor attempt at an April Fool's Joke, right?
Please tell me I'm right. Please!" Mar 31, 10 1:12 PM

Sounds like you should start your own militia .
It's either that or live in morbid fear of those, I think you called them, "frightening illegal aliens".

Look, we have a highly trained and professional Police Dept in addition to Suffolk County Officers, Sheriffs and the State Police. They specialize in dealing with illegal activity. I see no need for Code Enforcement to do the job of the Police. As an aside, I wonder what the PBA has to say about this issue!
" Mar 31, 10 6:32 PM

"With freedom there is Responsibility...you want to take care of everyone...money doesn't grow on trees...you want to be safe in society...you have to have some laws that will protect everyone...not just the few."

With all due respect, US Citizen, what the HELL are you talking about???
" Mar 31, 10 6:34 PM

Sometimes these comment sections are really like going down the rabbit hole!

"Frightening" is not my term. It is YOUR term. I copied and pasted your very own quote and replied to it. " Apr 1, 10 10:52 AM

From your tone and enthusiastic promotion of this idea, it is glaringly obvious that you have a personal (as opposed to a community-minded) interest in this issue. You are a Code Enforcement Officer yourself or at least closely related to one." Apr 2, 10 1:27 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

You hit the nail squarely on the head!" Apr 6, 10 10:52 PM

Financial investigation unearths $3 million deficit in Southampton Town beach fund

Forgive me for asking both a redundant and obvious question but..... What The Hell have the Officers of this town been doing the last few years??? Sweet Mother of Moses, this really IS a shell game (TY, Real Conservative)!

...And I thought Wall Street held the patent on hustlers and incompetents. " Apr 15, 10 3:06 PM

SH Press reports here: "The deficit means that the town thought it had $3 million more in the capital fund than it actually did, and will now have to find a way to plug the hole in the enterprise fund."

My Question: Is "Plug the Hole" just a folksy term for increasing taxes, decreasing essential town services, programs and teachers in public schools?

If this happened in the private sector, there would be three little words:
Go To Jail.

Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not hire an attorney, public relations firm and issue a politically correct statement while blaming everyone else who had ever held office in Southampton. SHAMEFUL!" Apr 15, 10 4:11 PM

Whew!!!!, Boy! I was worried there for a moment. Thanks a million for clarifying that.

I'll be SURE to tell the town that when they raise our property taxes ( see bottom of article- Ms. Throne Holt's statement)" Apr 15, 10 11:05 PM

Hamptons Online sues former publisher, seeking millions in damages

There's a particular detail in this report that seems to say it all.

Mostly every employee of Hamptons.Com had stayed loyal to Mr. Florio and went with him to his new venture.

I wish Mr. Florio the very best of luck in all of his endeavors. He is one of best representatives of the East End." May 13, 10 11:51 AM

You wish.

Mr. Florio's hard earned reputation as being honest and smart precedes him.

He has many, many collegues, associates and friends in this area.

I predict that all will pan out in his favor- as it legally should. " May 18, 10 4:38 PM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

Hang on there a second!

This poor girl was killed as a result of Byank's speeding while he was fleeing the Police!!!

And he was ONLY issued multiple summons and released? Why was he not arrested and charged with manslaughter?

Am I missing something here?
" May 25, 10 10:00 AM

Is your information factual? I certainly hope so." May 25, 10 10:47 AM

I pray that the pending investigation you mentioned is not a protracted press event complete with hand-wringing sympathizers for the accused. (that invariably show up on the 27East comments)" May 25, 10 10:52 AM

I pray that the pending investigation you mentioned is not a protracted press event complete with hand-wringing sympathizers for the accused. (that invariably show up on the 27East comments).

Yes, justice for all should certainly prevail, but hopefully it will be done in a timely manner" May 25, 10 10:53 AM

To you and your family, please accept our deepest sympathies and prayers. " May 25, 10 10:12 PM

My Dear Mr. Z

Please spare us your "more enlightened than thou" sermons.

I would rather agree with SagGirl comments below." May 29, 10 2:00 PM

You said, "Ya know what guys? At the end of the day it doesn't matter who is right or wrong here., "

It certainly DOES matter, particularly in bringing the offender to justice.

" Jun 1, 10 12:23 PM

You really are a moron, Fish. Such stupendously ridiculous observations!

What planet do you hale from?" Jun 1, 10 12:25 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

Local (north sea) said it all:

It's about the $$$$$$$

You and I and all of us have absolutely NOTHING to say about it or influence it's rejection.

The town WILL approve it.

Money talks. Period.

Welcome to Hell." Jun 2, 10 10:34 PM

Dag and Baywoman are damn right!" Jun 2, 10 10:49 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Mr. Distefano's "political-protection" has finally (and thankfully) been pierced!

It's been a LONG time coming." Jun 4, 10 9:58 AM

Schmidt's Market celebrates 30 years in business

Dennis is the best!

Long Live Schmidt's :)" Jun 4, 10 10:03 AM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

"There is no need for a Pizzeria,Chinese Takeout,Latino Cabana, or another liquor store within a ten mile radius."

I fully agree.

Unfortunately, the only "inevitable" thing is the exact type of businesses that you mentioned---sad to say." Jun 4, 10 10:10 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

I have never seen so many "DELETED" comments on a 27 East forum before!
Many of those comments were posted for quite some time and, they seemed to me, to be honest opinions with no expletives or duplicate postings.

Could it be that there is some outside influence going on here regarding censorship of opinions.??

This is a valid question. I would appreciate it being posted." Jun 6, 10 10:29 AM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

Thank you, Dog Lover, for bringing up a most important point.

The hateful comments on the 27east forums are stinking so much that they are actually being discussed at cocktail partied and dinners.

It's TRUE. All that was said here was, "thank you" to the professional responders to the accident and WOW!!!!!! The entire issue turns to hate mail about salaries.

Can these people ever stay on topic?" Jun 6, 10 1:11 PM

And you ultimate point of raising the issues of salaries is..????" Jun 6, 10 1:13 PM

My above comment was made to SJD." Jun 6, 10 1:14 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Ah, Ha. I see.
Also I think these are her very first comments on 27 east. No?" Jun 6, 10 1:34 PM

Father of woman killed in motorcycle crash is hoping for manslaughter charge

Our heartfelt prayers for you and your family." Jun 6, 10 9:29 PM

Objects of use fit for hanging as art

Excellent article. Mr. Watson. Thanks :)" Jun 10, 10 11:18 PM

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