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Schmidt's Market celebrates 30 years in business

Dennis is the best!

Long Live Schmidt's :)" Jun 4, 10 10:03 AM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

"There is no need for a Pizzeria,Chinese Takeout,Latino Cabana, or another liquor store within a ten mile radius."

I fully agree.

Unfortunately, the only "inevitable" thing is the exact type of businesses that you mentioned---sad to say." Jun 4, 10 10:10 AM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

I have never seen so many "DELETED" comments on a 27 East forum before!
Many of those comments were posted for quite some time and, they seemed to me, to be honest opinions with no expletives or duplicate postings.

Could it be that there is some outside influence going on here regarding censorship of opinions.??

This is a valid question. I would appreciate it being posted." Jun 6, 10 10:29 AM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

Thank you, Dog Lover, for bringing up a most important point.

The hateful comments on the 27east forums are stinking so much that they are actually being discussed at cocktail partied and dinners.

It's TRUE. All that was said here was, "thank you" to the professional responders to the accident and WOW!!!!!! The entire issue turns to hate mail about salaries.

Can these people ever stay on topic?" Jun 6, 10 1:11 PM

And you ultimate point of raising the issues of salaries is..????" Jun 6, 10 1:13 PM

My above comment was made to SJD." Jun 6, 10 1:14 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Ah, Ha. I see.
Also I think these are her very first comments on 27 east. No?" Jun 6, 10 1:34 PM

Father of woman killed in motorcycle crash is hoping for manslaughter charge

Our heartfelt prayers for you and your family." Jun 6, 10 9:29 PM

Objects of use fit for hanging as art

Excellent article. Mr. Watson. Thanks :)" Jun 10, 10 11:18 PM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

Dear Mr. Morrow,

Can you please take this misbegotten concept to some other community?
You can make your fortune in some other place.

Any stories you may weave about how your mall would benefit our community are pure fairy tales.

We do not want your mall. We do not need your mall. We resent developers such as you constantly attempting to ruin our east end communities with this commercial nonsense.

" Jun 11, 10 10:02 PM

A quick question...

Does anyone have any accurate information about just who Mr. Morrow is???

Perhaps Mr. Morrow himself (who is surely reading these posts) can enlighten us." Jun 12, 10 9:12 PM

LabLover--Thank you for the email addresses and Thank You, Mr. Nuzzi!

Apparently, on this issue, Chris Nuzzi is the only mature adult with common sense in the entire SH gov." Jun 13, 10 5:43 PM

Ms. Grabowski scares the heck out of me.

Did she actually use the word, "scale"?

If she's already discussing "scale", then a spanking new shopping center is a foregone conclusion.

"Scale" means she has already pre-approved the application in her mind and now figures to engage in some good 'ol horse-tradin' about the size: You know, a little of you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours- type of stuff with the developer. Just to make it palatable to the community ;)" Jun 14, 10 11:13 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Our sincere Congratulations to the Shinnecock Nation upon receiving their Federal recognition.

Best Wishes for Prosperity to you all." Jun 15, 10 4:01 PM

Whew... let me catch my breath here, Quogue.

Your cynicism is only matched by your anger.

You stereotyped the entire community of the east end.
Perhaps you should move to an area with like minded individuals. " Jun 16, 10 12:13 AM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

I really do not know what to say.

Six months?

This is not even a slap on the wrist.

The court system failed miserably in this instance. I want to know what went wrong here." Jun 17, 10 11:04 PM

Lady Gaga might be mulling a move to the East End

Lady who???

This time last year we didn;t even know who she was." Jun 17, 10 11:06 PM

Esperanza Spalding can't wait to find out what she'll be playing on June 18 in Westhampton

That's a really terrific photo of Ms. Spalding :)

Greatly looking forward to the performance." Jun 17, 10 11:17 PM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

There ya' go, kids!

And we, like total DOPES, stand around wondering, "Gee, I thought it was all legal?!" "How could the town board vote on a totally unwanted shopping center????"" Jun 18, 10 11:55 AM

And Ms. Throne Holst says, "(the donations) don't affect me".

God... I hate when we're treated like morons!" Jun 18, 10 11:59 AM

Thank you, Ms. DiNapoli and the Southampton Press for uncovering this campaign contribution information. It is a critical piece of knowledge in this instance." Jun 20, 10 3:15 PM

No jail time, fine for Hults after guilty plea; grand jury does not indict McGintee

No Jail. No Fine.... Sweet!
East Hampton Town is so funny (LOL).

Corrupt politicians walk scott free but the police will haul a civilian into court for no more than a runny nose." Jun 21, 10 6:31 PM

Southampton Village mayor foresees legal battle over proposed Tuckahoe commercial mall

PLEASE, Mr. Mayor. Do not let these developers and SH town Officials turn SH Village into Valley Stream." Jun 27, 10 2:35 PM

For this painter, landscapes go beyond the merely beautiful

Great work!!! Thanks for the article.

Just in terms of art history, when, chronologically, did "beautiful" become a dirty word for describing art?

This fact amazes me.
" Jun 28, 10 11:36 AM

Parrish Art Museum plans to break ground in Water Mill this summer

"but no one from the museum picks up the phone or sends a letter and gives a date,” (Mayor Epley) said.

I am not at all surprised at this. The Museum has many issues, not the least of which is a severe inferiority complex. This malady leads them to do ridiculous things such as hiring a "star" (and foreign) architectural firm to design the new building instead of using one of our great and talented LOCAL architects.
The museum board and director could have shown some daring and confidence instead of falling for the typical celebrity status of Herzog and de Meuron.

Funny, right? Especially since the museum takes such pride in supposedly "supporting local artists". " Jun 30, 10 11:32 PM

Holmes sentenced to 20 years

Uh...... What?

Justice was served. My condolences to the victims family." Jun 30, 10 11:57 PM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

Hi Dag Dave. You're correct.

"US Citizens" perpetually moronic remarks NEVER have anything to do with the post.

On the internet, her manner of off-topic idiocy is called, "trolling"." Jul 9, 10 3:10 PM

Pine barrens closer to dedication in Schwenk's name

Buzz was a legend in our area. A true gentleman and great asset to our community" Jul 10, 10 3:52 PM

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