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Oddone won't take stand; both sides rest, and closing arguments slated Tuesday

anonymouseSgh: Im curious as to why you keep saying how ur not going to entertain peoples comments and yet every time someone makes a comment there you are to add your opinion on it.

honeylamb: Since we are talking about policy at the publick house and since you have been at the trial alot can I ask you something? What is the policy for the bouncers if a patron isnt cooperating? Bc i have been at the trial and I heard that they are supposed to call the police who are stationed like a block away.

If everyone wants to say how Oddone should have followed the rules and gotten off the table than shouldnt we apply the rules to everyone involved?

I dont think it was the publick house's policy that if a patron who is dancing on a table doesnt cooperate you shove him off a table. I am not saying that Tony was right for what he did by any stretch and it may be a hard pill to swollow but if Mr. Reister followed the Publick House Policy and didnt take it upon himself to push a patron off a table and expect him not to defend himself then we may not be in this situation.

As for the people that have said the defense had to go all the way to Michigan for someone to agree with their story please lets not be rediculous. They could have very well gotten another forensics guy who lived closer to take the stand but they wanted the best. The reason they chose this individual is because he is one of the best at what he does and he is nationally known.

Many of you want to judge Oddone and call him an animal and i understand your anger and cant blame you, but as a long time friend of Oddone I promise you that he never meant to kill Mr. Reister and he has always been a great friend to me and many others. That night was a terrible trajedy that all of us wish never happened but I believe the fact the fact that Mr. Reister died was a tragic accident and was not done on purpose.

Do you think that these bridge members would pay for his defense if they didnt think he was a good kid?

Do you think people would be showing up to support him throughout his trial if they thought he was a dirtbag?" Nov 27, 09 3:37 PM

once again im not on here to bicker and I am not on here to justify oddones actions. My true deepest sympathys go out to everyone who was affected by the death of Mr. reister. Please dont think that I because I am supporting a friend that I have no heart and dont care about what happened that night. And anonymous i wasnt saying that u werent affected by this tragedy i just asked y you say ur done entertaining everyones comments and then every time someone posts something your the first to respond. You can post all you want, thats what this site is for, but dont say your not going to and then time after time say it and keep posting. HB no disrespect but I havent tried to taint anything. May I ask how you know tony? and y u say he is arrogant and has trouble controlling his booze? Do u actually know him or are you just assuming things? I promise all of you that Tony never meant to kill Mr. Reister, HE IS NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON. Once again I understand if you could care less the type of person he is but I am telling you it was never his intent to kill Andy.

Bottom line is the jury will decide his fate and not us, and if he does life in prison or walks free it doesnt change that a great man tragically died and another great man has to live with that on his concious the rest of his life. There are no winners here, and I am not downplaying the fact of how hard this must be on the Riester family one bit.

I know people are angry but please dont let it out on friends of Anthony's. We are here supporting a loved one in a time of need.

If ANYYYYY of you had a friend like tony you would be doing the same thing as we are, you wouldnt just turn your back on him.

Im just glad that no matter what the jury decides this whole thing will all be over in a short time " Nov 27, 09 5:33 PM

There is absolutely nothing in this for the two guys helping tony... They are like the rest of us who know the type of person he is and know that this was a terrible tragedy. The members at the Bridge are some of the most successful people in the world and I promise they didnt get to where they are in life because they made bad investments. I know its hard for you guys to see and I cant blame you because if I was in you shoes I would say the same things that you are, but Oddone is a good kid who was part of a terrible trajedy. HE DID NOT INTEND TO KILL MR. REISTER" Nov 27, 09 9:49 PM

Tony was just like any other young in their twentys. He had a 3.8 GPA in college and was the first person to help tutor any one of his friends when they needed help. He was a hard worker and was putting himself through college which we all know is not easy. He recieved the coaches award on his golf team which goes to not neccasarily the best golfer on the team but to the biggest team player. He would always set up trips to go to ball games with friends and fishing and camping trips with family. He never came to my house without helping in any way he could. Now, you all are probably saying that doesnt make him a great person and that everyone does that. THe point I am trying to make is that he was not a mallicious person who had an anger and rage issue, he was a normal college student who enjoyed helping people whenever he could. That night at the public house, in my opinion, was a night in which two men used poor judgement and neither one expected the outcome, but once again i will state TONY NEVER INTENDED TO KILL MR. REISTER." Nov 28, 09 10:15 AM

To all of you who are saying that tony doesnt care about what he has done and has no remorse are you kidding?

Tony didnt take the stand not because he is wrong, but because that was the advise of his attorney who is one of the best at what she does.

No matter what he says or does for the rest of his life, you will still call him and animal and say he isnt remorseful, so why would you want him to.

I have visited and talked with tony many nights since that terrible accident happened and all he does is talk about how terrible he feels that those two bueatiful kids are growing up without a father.

You can all say that he doesnt care and is an animal but I know the real Tony, who is living with this every day.

I dont blame you for not caring bc if I was on the other side of this case I would most likely be saying the same stuff but Tony suffers every day with what he did which was a tragic accident.

He has to somehow make peace with himself and with GOD which he tries to do every day.

Im sure Tony would love to apologize to the Reister family for accidently killing Andy but you all know that no matter what he says would never be good enough for you and I completely understand your anger and cant blame you one bit.

But please dont say he doesnt care about what happened that night bc every time I see or talk to him he brings it up.


It was never my intent to downplay the loss the Reister family is dealing with bc i have no doubt that Mr. Riester was a great man.

I also never said anything to insult his family and dishonor him, I am not that type of person.

I was just on here to shed some light as to the type of person Tony is, which is useless because you all have your mind made up on who he is.

I wonder how some of you would feel if you had a son that was kind, smart, athletic, and had everything going for him and on one night was involved in a terrible accident.

Im not saying you should feel bad for him, but for one second put yourself in his family and friends shoes who know he is a good kid. Would you stop supporting him?

Im not downplaying what the Reisters are going through or even trying to compare one to the other but if you can for one minute, put yourself in his family and friends shoes and that may answer your questions as to why we support him" Nov 30, 09 1:10 PM

Oddone jury will consider lesser charges

Everyone is so curious about Oddone's previous bar altercation, which has no relevance in this case bc they are two seperate issues. I know what happened in that other incident and no matter what I say it wont be good enough for you people. Oddone was in a bar and there was a guy out of control who was trying to fight everyone. One of oddones friends hit the guy over the head with a beer bottle to stop the guy. Unfortunately, this kid was a cadet from a military school and if you get in trouble with the cops you can get kicked out. Oddone was looking out for a friend and when the cops came he told them that he hit the guy bc he didnt want his friend to get in trouble... Everyone wants to say this wouldnt have happened if oddone just got of the table and thats very true but if you want to play that card lets look at something else.. . .This wouldnt have happened if Reister followed the Public House code which was if a customer is not cooperating call the cops which are stationed right down the road. And it definitely would not have happened if Tony wasnt tossed off a table. If you guys really want to look at what led up to the event then its only fair to look at andys part in it too. Tony was out with friends to have a fun night before a camping trip. He was having a good time dancing on a table when a much larger unidentified man tossed him off a table. When he fell this man fell on top of him. Next a struggle breaks out in which both parties threw a punch and then oddone and reister fall to the floor. Once on the floor Oddone put reister in a restraint hold because he was scared. As he did this numerous people where punching and grabbing at him and he didnt know what was going on. As soon as people stopped hitting him he got up and was put in a cab by his friends. ODDONE WAS SCARED AND NEVER INTENDED TO KILL REISTER. Im not downplaying that Mr. Reister was a good man and that a family lost a loved one, because I would never do anything like that. But the facts show that oddone was defending himself." Dec 2, 09 9:20 AM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

praying for everyone involved and for the jury who will be making a decision on the future of a young man's life" Dec 2, 09 4:53 PM

Praying for everyone involved and for the jury to make the decision they believe is right based on the facts. May god bless everyone thats involved " Dec 3, 09 9:54 AM

Defense seeks mistrial; Judge rejects motion

alwayslocal: SHAME ON YOU.

I am one of Tony's best friends and I know none of his friends would do anything like that. All of us that are friends with Tony are good kids who have never been in trouble and stay around positive people. Tony is not a bad person and if you met him you would know this. That night was a terrible tradegy, not just for the Reister family.

And the fact that you say his friends and lawyer are plotting to say this stuff to get a mistrial???

I dont know if you have read anything about Tony's lawyer but she is one of the best defense lawyers around. Do you honestly think she would risk her job for something like that. This whole trial I have never said a bad thing about anybody commenting on this site because I understand how angry some people are and cant blame them, but some of the comments that you people write on here are nuts.

HB 4 Life: THis case is not cut and dry at all. These jurors have to make a huge decision on the fate of someones life and I think they are doing a good job to focus on the facts based on how long they have been deliberating and the questions they have asked the judge in open court. They dont think they are on CSI or 12 angry men, they are taking there job seriously which they should.
If you listened to the testimony he didnt choke him for over two minutes. The whole thing, from Reister asking him and then pushing him off the table, til TOny's friend put him in a cab lasted that time. What about the fact that the arresting officer wrote intoxicated and then fourteen months later decided to change it bc out of nowhere he thought he made a mistake that night. In my opinion this is the complete opposite of cut and dry. You have a time issue, police issues, different testimonys from every eyewitness, and doctors thinking the complete opposite as one another.

Regardless of the verdict in this case I wish everyone involved closure, forgiveness, and acceptance." Dec 4, 09 9:20 AM

Kaz: its obvious that you dont know nor care to understand the type of person tony is. This was a tragic accident. if he does time he will not join a gang. He will stay out of trouble, mind his own business, and then come home to the support of all of us who support him and care about him." Dec 4, 09 1:57 PM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

MARYB and ALWAYS LOCAL: I promise you that Tony's real friends are not the ones writing all this crazy nonsense on this board. His real supporters are the people in the court room with him, who will support him no matter what, and dont waste time writing nonsense on this board. I feel sorry that you have to hate others and hope they rot in hell. I undderstand your anger but nothing Oddone does will ever bring back Mr. Reister unfortunately. Im not telling you to forgive him but him and his family and friends are going thru a very difficult time right now, just like the Reisters, so maybe you can relax with the horrible comments for a little bit. Somehow though, instead, you will turn my comment into disprespecting the reister family which is not the case at all." Dec 7, 09 8:11 AM

HB4LIFE: We will get ours? I never once said any of the things you are talking about, sorry that you feel that way." Dec 7, 09 10:34 AM

the jury has asked for the charges to be reread with the focus on intent." Dec 7, 09 11:49 AM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

username1: I am a friend of Tonys. Are you? Because your comments are very harsh and it might be a good idea to not say such stupid things. The Resiter family is suffering just like tonys family and friends." Dec 7, 09 6:13 PM

Oddone jury a week into deliberations

He was transferred at the begining of the trial to "make the commute easier". Y dont u ask the CO's at Nassau why he isnt there and y that didnt work out." Dec 9, 09 10:54 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

I doon't know who you are or how you say you know Tony you are out of line and trashy and DO NOT represent Tony or any of his family or friends talking like that. I doubt if you even knowhim because if you did he would hate you for talking like that! If you don't know him, sop make the rest of us look bad wth your insults and heartless words on here please!" Dec 14, 09 8:09 PM