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Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Ms. Genovese,

My sincerest congratulations on your release and vindication. You did NOTHING wrong, and I hope you own them when it's all over." Nov 28, 09 6:16 PM

Kabot takes down press release after town attorney files complaint

Is anyone else wondering where the "news" is here?

It sounds like Kabot put up a press release (something all politicians do), some council members didn't like it, they complained to a Town Attorney, and then, for some reason, that attorney (instead of the council people) complained to Kabot and she took it down. Is that all?

" Dec 3, 09 1:05 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

I think a lot people are getting a little far out there on this issue, and there are a few like the highhatsize people and Frank that are keeping this more grounded.

Maybe Ms. Genovese is a nut job, maybe she's a "teabagger," maybe she owns too many guns, is anti-government, or thinks Glenn Beck is the second coming of Jesus. But all that is irrelevant. You can't arrest someone on "suspicion," only on PROBABLE CAUSE that a CRIME has happened, is underway, or about to happen. In this case, since she was arrested on trespassing charges, that means the sheriffs believed they had probable cause she was trespassing. But we now know that was bogus from the start since she was on the side of a public road.

If it were legitimate, the DA would have gone to trial or settled, not dropped the charges completely.


" Dec 3, 09 1:28 AM

Southampton students meet with Stony Brook president after protest march

Just how many times do our local leaders have to step in and "save" this place? The first time, okay, blame LIU and Tim Bishop. The second time, blame "the state" and Dr. Stanley's "difficult decisions." What now?

We should take a page from our American president's book, General Motors style. If we bail you out, your university president better resign." Apr 13, 10 10:04 PM

Sag Harbor students rally for school budget

Short of some state mandates here and there, it's ALWAYS the School Board's fault (and credit) because they are the elected officials. They make policy ALONE. No one else, teachers, the superintendent, or the budget mananger make policy. They can propose and carry out. that's it.

What Sag Harbor, like all school districts, needs is for 4 people to sit on that board and realize they spend too much and get too little. " Apr 13, 10 10:18 PM

Southampton Town negotiations with PBA advance

Agreed. It's all simple really. 12 hour shifts mean either more money, less work, or both. If it wasn't any of these things, the PBA wouldn't want it. And if it means more money, it has got to come from somewhere. That means you, taxpayer." Apr 13, 10 10:23 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

I think we're faced with a little editorializing from the headline writers. Why are we calling them "experts" when the assumption that they know what they are doing is in contention." Apr 13, 10 10:25 PM

Press to debut redesign, new page size this week

"The Press will go to the new industry standard of 12-inch-wide broadsheet pages, comparable to the narrower page width adopted by The New York Times in 2007."

"Industry standard?" In other words, the cheap stuff.

I do most of my reading online, but a real newspaper is a broadsheet." Apr 13, 10 10:29 PM

Red Creek Road to be closed for re-alignment project

$300,000 to fix a round in the middle of the woods?

Cars can be fixed and there will always be more speeders, but the rural feel of the Hamptons is irreplaceable." Apr 13, 10 10:34 PM

IRS says Southampton Town comptroller owes $650,000 in back taxes

Who knows whether she is guilty or not. They can make up any amount they want at IRS and it's up to the taxpayer (or alleged non-taxpayer haha) to prove otherwise. I will say upfront that somehow I don't think she's so filthy rich that it's up to $650,000. Got to be a hell of a lot of interest and penalties in there.

Regardless, I just did my taxes this week. And I have to say I'm not going to boo-hoo over some faceless federal agency not getting money from someone. The thing I have aganist tax evaders and tax cheats is not that there are so many of them, it's that there are not enough." Apr 14, 10 11:15 PM

I personally could care less about some financial disclosure form. Who cares how much money the spouse of some bureaucrat makes? Campaign contributions are legal so if there's influence peddling, check there.

To your second point Neilli, my guess would be that the Town Board members had NO idea. With everything going on, if there was one whiff of impropriety, they would have held back the re-appointment." Apr 14, 10 11:19 PM

Sorry, I forgot the "e" in your name. (PS: I always loved Sag Harbor. Are you on the EH side or the SH side? haha)" Apr 14, 10 11:21 PM

Influential East Hampton Democrat Ed Gorman dies

Prior to reading this, I always perceived Mr. Gorman as a narrow-minded loon who aided and abetted the elitists who turned Bonackers into an endangered species. I disagreed with every method, motive, and consequence of the politicians and policies he advocated in his long letters to the Star.

I still believe all that.

However, I am truly glad to have finally read this article. It gave a picture of a whole man, made that way through a number of distinguished and admirable achievements. I feel you have given me something to respect about someone I previously couldn't.

Thank you.

" Apr 14, 10 11:40 PM

Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

Well, I would again like to echo that I believe all the people involved in this care about animals. They cared about this whale. They, even more than the people standing on the beach, were right there the WHOLE time and probably feel the closest connection to it.

They know more and do more to help than any of the random carping people on the beach wanting to put the whale back into the surf.

that being said, that these people are "experts" is a matter on opinion. It's NOT fact. Speaking of whales, Alec Baldwin for example may be an "expert" on eating and acting. But when he opens his mouth about anything else, that's where the expertise ends and bloviating begins.
" Apr 14, 10 11:49 PM

Southampton Town to host flood forum

Wow is right. 7.5 hours notice?" Apr 14, 10 11:52 PM

Beached whale in East Hampton put down; euthanization dart missing on Main Beach

So where did they haul the carcass to? Was it done by Riverhead, the Town, Village, private contractors?" Apr 14, 10 11:58 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

I (seriously) still have one question, and maybe someone who has followed this more can answer:

If there were WITNESSES to this tragedy, how could it have occurred? Specifically, after Mr. Reister went limp, and Mr. Oddone did not respond to pleas to release him, why weren't the "witnesses" bashing Oddone's head in with whatever they could find?

I'm sure barstools, bottles, Mace, knives, and keys were all handy." Apr 15, 10 12:11 AM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

Well, it probably is an "expensive" investigation too. Just take the number of hours spent on it, multiply by enourmous salary of "investigating" employee and voila!

Good heavens. Net nanny, websense, netguard, whatever. Any of these are used by schools, governments, and ohter places of employment where workers are prone to, well, slacking off." Apr 16, 10 11:23 PM

IRS says Southampton Town comptroller owes $650,000 in back taxes

Every been wrongfully billed for a cell phone? Get overcharged for LIPA or cable you didn't use? Have someone ring you up wrong at the register? Get a call from some place and have them say "we didn't get your payment" when you know you mail it?

Please, mistakes happen. It's not that someone pencil pusher with a short-sleeve button-down shirt has a vendetta, it's just what it is, an error. However, I don't know if that's the case here. Frankly, I'm more likely to believe a mistake, some lost paperwork, etc. than I am to believe that a Town employee owes nearly SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Oh, and say no the flat tax and "scrap the code" HarborDad. Taxes are not the lowest in 60 years like that boob from Brookings claimed." Apr 16, 10 11:34 PM

Southampton Town Board promotes three police officers to sergeant

Drawn in by the headline and wanting to know who the new Town Attorney is, I'm so glad I read 600 words just to get to the last 80 that actually dealt with the Town Attorney. And what do I find out? He's dealt with the issues every other lawyer has and he took notes during a meeting. Gee, thanks.

I did however, notice the dopey statement attributed to the PBA president that he "pointed out that the department is now short a total of six officers." It's as if the officers somehow magically disappeared because their titles changed. He must have been misquoted.

The reporter also said that the new LT "is replacing former Town Board member candidate William Hughes, who retired." It makes it sound as if the outgoing guy retired as a candidate and now the new guy will replace him as a candidate. I assume Mr. Hughes was a lieutenant?

Heavens to betsy. Who writes this stuff?

" Apr 16, 10 11:54 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

Thanks to Baymen, bb, Mr. Z and others for clarifying the part about the witnesses and whether anyone was helping.

As for the Friend of Tony, a man's friend should be there for him in his darkest hour, but your whole "don't judge until" thing is ridiculous. We judge people because we believe in right and wrong. Good behavior should be rewarded and bad behavior punished. It is our DUTY to make sure we do both.

That's why we have fines, prisons, and in extreme cases, the needle. That's why the man in the robe is called a JUDGE and he hands down a SENTENCE.

Is it sinking in now? Or, do you need it repeated again, more slowly, and in bigger letters?" Apr 17, 10 12:08 AM

Sag Harbor school unions will talk pay freezes

This is truly sick. If the budget is 75% personnel, that's where you cut!

Go in this order: Hiring freeze, pay freeze, benefits freeze. Then, if necessary, follow with early retirements, layoffs of support staff, layoff of other teachers.

The board is supreme in making proposals because they are the elected officials. Cut what you want as much as you want, put it up for a vote. If it fails, cut more, and watch it pass the next go around." Apr 17, 10 12:22 AM

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