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When It Comes To Sewers, Municipalities Look To Patchogue Village For Inspiration

Nice article, very touchy feely. The reality is, the poor element still exists in Patchogue. I dare you to walk the street at 2AM. Not saying you should be out that late but those folks are still there. As for those venues, come back in 6 months and the majority of the businesses will close and maybe new ones will open. Survival of the fittest? Oh Yes, about those affordable cubby holes. The majority are based upon income...meaning, you guessed it. Section 8 or Mitchell Lama Style or some other govt feed program designed for one party rule in a town that has had a democrat in charge for decades. Got to keep it going. Now, we have meters. Limited parking and try to cross the street east of 83. You take your life in your hands. By the way, those retail stores sit empty as there are no takers in so-called new village. It sounds good. "New" Village. What about the rest of Patchogue? East of the post office it still looks like a run south Bronx neighborhood. East of 112 it gets worse. Some of those shacks called commercial properties are awful. Not to mention the biggest waste of money. That newly developed park or whatever they are calling it on the south side after the old Friendlys (Which has been empty for years). The bug infested million dollar wasteland that cost a fortune to create and now no one landscapes the place. What a mess. I see people walking in the walkways as if they will not get stung. Give me a break. " Feb 3, 16 11:46 AM