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Top Five Unusual Home Decorations

The longer I live, the longer I am amazed by how many people feel qualified/entitled/compelled to make judgmental comments about things of which they have no knowledge and less business. Carey London's uninformed remarks about one (and possibly all) of the homes in this "article" are living proof of this..
The picture in question features what the commentator erroneously refers to as "fishing rod crossed over a shotgun". Firstly, the "shotgun" is an antique Red Ryder BB rifle, no longer functional, which has been in my family for over 80 years. And yes, that is a fishing rod; three feet long, also antique, lovingly restored and custom wrapped for my son, by his uncle, when my son was three years old - his first pole. It has his name in the custom wrap. Truly, a labor of love.
And so, that plaque, which hangs over the bed in which he, now with his wife, sleep when they come to visit, in addition to recalling the roots of his passion as a life long sportsman, further symbolize to him his happy youth and the great love that has always been our family's core.
This is what you, Carey London, feel justified in critiquing so glibly. It would seem that to you, things are, perhaps just things, and with no object so freighted with the story of your life so as to become a personal icon.
But, this is, after all America ( I do not live in 'Murica) so you are free to make your idle self-important remarks. I am equally free to be bored by them. Thank you for your time!" Feb 18, 16 7:44 PM