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Westhampton Beach Board Discusses Sewer District Options With Designers

I believe the intent of the village is to gather as much information as possible while keeping the public apprised every step of the way. If anyone is interested in learning why sewers are such a hot topic right now - not only in our village but county and Island-wide - there are a lot of excellent resources including the LI Clean Water Partnership's website, as well as the DEC's LI Nitrogen Action Plan. Information is power." Feb 21, 16 5:58 PM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

Here is one east ender that attended, and I'm grateful that 27east saw fit to report on it. Patchogue has done a wonderful job addressing what was a horrific and sad incident, an incident which does not represent what it is in the hearts of most of its village residents, who have come together to unify, not to divide. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Bishop Provenzano of the LI Episcopalian Archdiocese and other religious leaders who were there. No one was denying anyone's right to free speech or assembly. As the Bishop put it, they were there to bear witness as Christians. It was inspiring and helped me examine my own feelings much more deeply on the experiences and struggles of immigrants and refugees." Apr 17, 16 5:28 PM

OLA Spread Voter Awareness Throughout East End

Great work, OLA. One of the most important responsibilities of citizenship is participating in the democratic process. " Sep 29, 16 12:49 PM

Environmental Group Seeks Candidate To Oppose Southampton Town Supervisor In Democratic Party Primary

Regardless of what one thinks of the Hills, this reeks of single issue, strong-arming tactics. It has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans and everything to do with an unfortunate lack of judgment at both the local and national level. " Jun 13, 17 3:25 PM

Dr. Gobler Includes Fertigation In Updated Environmental Report On 'The Hills'

I don't understand why the Board would vote against the Hills project. From all that I have read and heard, it is the best alternative and the developers have gone above and beyond in addressing community concerns. All I'm hearing from the opposition to the project is noise at this point and I don't see them proposing any realistc or viable alternatives. We need to carefully balance the need for environmental protection with sustainable development, and this project seems to do that. " Nov 4, 17 11:50 AM

Suffolk County, Southampton Town Officials Break Ground On Speonk Commons Affordable Housing Project Tuesday

Nice job on the part of all of those who took the time to become informed and to work together to come up with a sensible solution to a difficult problem. Coincidentally, a report was just published today by the Rauch Foundation showing that Long Islanders do in fact want more housing options. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and as the Speonk project demonstrates, context is everything. http://www.longislandindex.org/data_posts/long-island-index-poll-long-islanders-want-more-housing-options/
" Jan 17, 18 10:52 AM

Former Southampton Town Trustee William Bennett Dies January 30

Our community has lost a very fine man. Peace be with you in the calm waters, Bill." Feb 8, 18 9:02 AM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Westhampton Beach's Use Of Gabreski Sewage Treatment Plant

I would suggest the commenter go back and re-read the report. The Mayor is correct and Dr. Gobler states up front that following Phase 1, 5,000 lbs of N will be diverted from Moniebogue Bay, "reducing its total N load by 24%." More to the point, I prefer to applaud the Village for leading the charge in cleaning up our surface waters while encouraging a vibrant Main St for residents and visitors.

Thanks to the Village and their foresightedness, we are now "shovel ready" to receive grants from the CPF and the State. We would not be eligible for our fair portion of the nearly $2.5 Billion that the state has committed to water infrastructure were it not for the planning, research, and yes, paid consultants required to move the process through.

At a time when it seems as though most of our elected officials are wasting our taxpayers dollars to do, well, nothing, I am most grateful for a Village government that is willing to actually think about our future needs and the sustainability of our precious resources. " Mar 9, 18 7:29 PM

Furry Eyeballs And Probing Proboscii: A Study In Bee Faces

This is so sweet. There is nothing I like more when working in my garden than sitting back for a rest and watching the bees go about their business on my Russian sage, phlox, honeysuckle or catmint. Bees are the best and I'm honored that they love my gardens so much." Sep 4, 18 10:23 AM

Southampton To Award $3.5 Million In CPF Money For Seven Water Quality Improvement Projects

What wonderful news for WH Beach and for the entire the east end. This represents responsible and thoughtful planning. Well done, Mayor Moore, and all of those who worked so hard to do what very few of us are willing to do: wade through massive research, bring in the experts, ask the tough questions, figure out how to leverage multiple funding streams and do what it takes to bring these funds back home. Ignore the naysayers - you're not ignoring our infrastructure and environmental needs, and that is smart government!" Oct 11, 18 5:49 PM

(oops) is smart government!" Oct 11, 18 5:51 PM

Nurse Rebecca Young Shares What You Need To Know About Ticks

Good information, butI wish someone would address the issue of tick larvae, which is a problem in late summer. If you're unfortunate enough to walk through a nest, it is not pleasant. " Aug 9, 19 2:34 PM