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Group Wants A Say Regarding Proposed Religious Boundary

Let's document for a minute:
People who send their kids to private school can apply for an exemption - and that applies to everyone, Jewish or not, religious or not. And school taxes are only a small portion of property taxes and all other forms of tax that all Americans pay.
Rabbi Schneier has nothing to do with the eruv proposal. It's a group of residents, both year-round and summer, who own property, pay taxes, and have the right to fight for an eruv.
JPOE slipped up. They exposed their actual agenda - destroy the synagogue. They want to discourage people from worshiping where and as they please, whether because they hate the rabbi, the denomination, or the religion. The goal is not to block the eruv; they want to block Jewish life entirely by destroying the hub in WHB.
The idea that anyone can make money off of an eruv is ridiculous, and I'm shocked to see that lie (again) about stores having to close to accommodate Shabbat.
And the worst part is that these are Jews spreading lies that hearken back to propaganda against the Jews through the ages. "Money-hungry", "law-breaking", "invasive", etc.
And lastly, minor issue - the proper form for quoting and referring to a rabbi in an article is to refer to him as 'Rabbi' each time, as you would with a doctor." Aug 24, 11 11:58 AM