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Southampton Town Officials Meet At Triton Lane To Discuss Opening Second Ocean Beach-Driving Area

The Picnic Area is the safest place to be ! Nobody has EVER been hit by a moving vehicle on that beach. Theres plenty of room for 4x4's to pass along safely, besides the fact that we drive the posted speed limit of 10mph. We are surrounded by EMTS, Firemen an women and off duty police officers. I have more of a chance of getting hurt driving on County Road 39 than I do at the Picnic Area !!!

"one does not wait for an accident prevent one" Well please provide facts to why the Picnic Area Could potentially become a place where we need to prevent an accident from happening. County road 39 is a death trap , with plenty of reason to back that up . Lets concern ourselves with the real safety issues around here. " Jul 18, 16 9:09 AM

are you the Comments Police ? Are we getting fined for posting comments and not pleasing you by carrying on a discussion..yet again u have me LOL " Jul 18, 16 3:52 PM

Well it looks like the discussion ended.
" Jul 19, 16 8:11 PM

William H. Corwith Of Water Mill Dies July 18

My heartfelt sympathies to the family . A devastating loss." Jul 19, 16 8:15 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Eyes Flying Point Beach As Drive-On Possibility

Show ur support to the Southampton Town Trustees by signing the petition at southamptonbeach.org " Jul 20, 16 5:27 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Seek More Public Beach Access

Show your support to the Southampton Town Trustees by signing the petition at southamptonbeach.org

It is IMPORTANT that their authority be reinstated !!!!! " Jul 20, 16 5:35 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Enlist New Help For Lawsuits

Support the Southampton Town Trustess! Sign the petition at southamptonbeach.org ! Its important that their authority is reinstated !!!" Jul 20, 16 5:46 PM

Fantastic! TY !! Please pread the word about SABA's petition." Jul 20, 16 8:51 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Eyes Flying Point Beach As Drive-On Possibility

WOW!!! Please dont blame them.....the Village Board advised us ALL at the Public Hearing to go to the Town Trustees to ask for more beaches to be opened.

Please dont blame SABA for the overcrowding on the East End !

Something has to give! What do you suggest to alleviate this problem??You say this is an asinine idea, but do you have a better idea?? Rather than being so negative , lets try to come up with a logical solution to benefit All.
" Jul 22, 16 8:27 AM

Teen Petitions Boys Scouts To Let Girls Join

Boy Scouts are for Boys. Girl scouts are for Girls. Enough said
" Jul 22, 16 6:15 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Eyes Flying Point Beach As Drive-On Possibility

I disagree with you as well ." Jul 27, 16 7:18 AM

NYPD Officer From Flanders Called A 'Hero' After Bomb Scare

True heros!!! God Bless them!!!!" Jul 28, 16 7:59 AM

Shinnecock Members Head West For Paddle To Nisqually

This is just wonderful in so many ways! All the best during this amazing journey !" Jul 28, 16 6:09 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Remains In Custody Following Heroin Arrest

I agree that he needs mental health help! Imo its the root of his drug addiction. and I agree theres a pattern and it usually starts with some form of depression. I understand theres a detox facility in Hampton Bays and theres Alternatives in Southampton for counseling. But it would be amazing to have a proper facility with the heroin epidemic still on the rise.

Theres a "Walk of Hope" tomorrow , Sat June 30 , check in at the Cultural Center starts at 8am . The walk is at 9am. The $50 fee goes to Depression research." Jul 29, 16 8:49 AM

Oh I stand corrected! TY Bayman1 !! I still by by my comment regarding drug addiction and depression. But in this case, a dealer is a dealer and jail time is well deserved for this guy!!! " Jul 29, 16 4:03 PM

A Community Garden Takes Root In Eastport

This is WONDERFUL!!! " Jul 30, 16 5:09 PM

Southampton Village Neighborhood Association Claims Minor Victory Against Clubs

This is wonderful news for the residents on Elm St !" Aug 4, 16 7:33 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Stand Up For Rights To Access Southampton Village Beaches

Continue to fight for your rights Ms Brown!! Ignore the negative !" Aug 4, 16 7:39 AM

Neighbors Fear Pair Of Pit Bulls That Attacked Small Dog In Hampton Bays

AGREED!!! little dogs can be nastier than big dogs!

" Aug 4, 16 7:45 AM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Really?? You say this is like its the FD'S fault for serving alcohol . This guy could have very easily gone to bar an gotten just as intoxicated !

" Aug 7, 16 8:28 AM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Commercial business' should not be allowed on the beaches!!!! Southampton allowed this at the picnic area and its turned the beach into a s*** show . This once quite gem for the locals to rest an enjoy some down time will never be the same because of the Surf School.

" Aug 10, 16 7:34 AM

William H. Corwith Of Water Mill Dies July 18

good catch valk6 !!!

Hey editor ...its CORWITH " Aug 17, 16 8:58 AM

Schmidt's Market In Southampton Village Ready To Open This Week

This is great....cant wait!!! " Aug 17, 16 9:05 AM

UPDATE: Medevac Chopper Lands On Sunrise To Evacuate Injured Woman From Wednesday Crash

Wow, hopefully the woman who was extricated from the vehicle will be ok . " Aug 17, 16 6:35 PM

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