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Suffolk County Planning Commission Deems Tuckahoe Center Application Incomplete

I find Peapod to be just as bad as Stop N Shop.....they tend to deliver food thats close to the expiration date. Would be great to have a decent grocery store without shelves lines with season goods that we can buy at CVS an Rite Aid ...." Oct 21, 16 7:11 AM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Deems Tuckahoe Center Application Incomplete

Thank you!! I dont agree on the location of the proposed store but the town should have thought ahead when IGA shut down. there is no other location. Stop and Shop is a joke! Tired of coming home to find the meat we purchased smelling like rotten eggs!! Or a bag of chips thats expired. As I said earlier , Pea Pod delivers items that are very close to their expiration date . Fresh Direct ONLY delivers during the summer months!! So now I must go to King Kullen in BH....as if I have the time for that ....

Just as Evenflow said "its desperately needed" people ." Oct 22, 16 8:26 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Worry FIMP Will Strip Away Their Control Over Beaches

I was waiting for your comment on this BigFresh, thank you! Your always so well informed on the issues with the Trustees and the beaches. I appreciate the information you provide to us!! " Oct 22, 16 8:38 AM

I too hope you are wrong PBR, but sadly your are prob correct. Keep the informative posts coming as it really helps to inform the public on whats really going on . TY !

Maybe the Trustees could hold a forum , so that the public can ask questions and be better informed .

Knowledge is power..." Oct 23, 16 9:06 AM

Mecox Cut Opened, Closes Again Quickly

Surprised they attempted this during a full moon....thought it was basic common knowledge that the moon phases affects the tides.....what a major oops!! " Oct 23, 16 9:15 AM

Accident In Water Mill Closes Montauk Highway Traffic, Westbound, Friday Afternoon

I use that road to make a left.....I also make a left onto Magee St, heading west , and I cringe everytime. Im flipped the finger and have had too many near misses trying to cross over....Trade parade isn't here to wait 30 seconds to allow me to cross safely over or onto Death Rd39 .These ppl are too aggressive bc they have sat in traffic for a long time. UTI is full of traffic lights. When we are inundated with UTI vehicles, we have to be "UTI" and start adding more traffic lights....I think the lives it will save are worth having to deal with too many traffic lights . I dont like all the lights but it is what it is. " Oct 23, 16 9:30 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Worry FIMP Will Strip Away Their Control Over Beaches

Well had I known about this, I certainly would have attempted to go .

I absolutely support our very hard working Trustees and The Dongan Patent. " Oct 24, 16 7:04 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Wants Walkers Only On 'Lettered' Roads

The "Deed" is not being respected...so are "we" in the process of transferring the responsibilities back over to the Town Trustees yet?" Oct 27, 16 8:45 AM

Maintain the Alphabet roads Mr Mayor! This will help alleviate the overflow at the Picnic Area ! Allowing the Surf Camp created much more traffic ( beach stickers sales depict the large influx since the Camp ) Something should be done to counter balance that. Wether Alphabet roads are maintained for walkers or drive on , please do something . 5 parking spaces isn't asking for alot! Our presence on the beach is not harmful to the dunes and you know this. Our presence is a positive as many local ppl pick up the trash that is so harmful to the sea life an animals .

And what a hypocrite to refuse to add more parking as he's concerned this will cause breaches of the dunes!! There was NO hesitation from
the Village to tear a HUGE section of Dunes , Sand, trees, and vegetation out to extend the Heliport Parking Lot ! Free beach sand for the new homeowner! No concern of breaches there........things that make u go hmmmm" Oct 27, 16 9:09 AM

Thats a very good question!!!! And YES, sue the village an take it back Trustees, please!!! There are MANY locals and non locals who support you!

" Oct 28, 16 8:06 AM

Does anyone know whats going on with the Change.org Petition to reinstate the Town Trustees rights over the access roads? Maybe its been forgotten about in all the craziness ? Maybe its time to dust it off and hit the pavement for more signatures. The local store parking lots would be a great place to do this...hint hint ! I would be happy to volunteer !" Oct 28, 16 8:12 AM

Historical Museum Hosts Victorian Funeral

this is just bizarre !!!" Nov 3, 16 8:41 AM

County Planning Commission Punts Tuckahoe Center Application Back To Southampton Town

Thank you evenflow!! My thoughts exactly!

For every action theres is an equal an opposite action. Build the damn grocery store please. We many not want it but we NEED it ! Thats what should matter here." Nov 3, 16 8:55 AM

Special Litter Vehicle Purchased To Clean Up Southampton Town

$43,962 to pick up garbage after lazy ppl ! Are we sending a message that its ok litter bc now we have machine that will just suck it up ?

What does this vehicle run on ? gas? solar power ? " Nov 4, 16 9:53 AM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

I would disagree that he handled it perfectly....hes just adding fuel to the fire by putting up an even bigger sign......disregarding the letter sends a better message!! The person/s who sent the letter are probably laughing at this guy for his reaction. I cant believe this article has even been printed by the Press!! " Nov 6, 16 8:08 AM

Southampton Village Board Considers Requiring Permits To Cut Down Trees On Residential Lots

Word on the street is that this IS his last term.....thank goodness!!!!" Nov 12, 16 4:19 PM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

I hope someone does report u !! Your comments are very unsettling and I think you should seek the help of a therapist ....judging by some of your past comments as well, your clearly struggling in some way mentally an for the sake of your children , go talk to someone. It will help you to be a better parent. I got the belt too as a child lady!!!!! most of us did....but we have learned from the past , that physical abuse does no good....Especially with impressionable children!!!! You are doing them more harm than good ...and your teaching them to be abusive !!!! PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! And have your children talk to a therapist !

" Nov 12, 16 4:36 PM

Southampton Village Board Considers Requiring Permits To Cut Down Trees On Residential Lots

Its ok to overbuild the hell out of this area and clear out an immense amount of trees, vegetation an homes for the animals for unsold speck house and our fearless leader decides NOW that he cares about the trees in the Village ?! Seriously?! This guy is a joke!!! So relieved to hear our fearless leader will not be running next term .....nervous to hear he's looking to move to a higher political position ;0" Nov 12, 16 4:42 PM

Thank you and Agreed! How about ample parking for all the employees who work in the village ....so many struggle with finding adequate parking an face being late to work or taking a chance on getting a parking ticket .

The sardine can is gonna burst Mark. I think you are forgetting about the little people here !!! If you would remove the dollar bills that cover your eyes an looked around , you might see a whole diff pic . " Nov 13, 16 8:37 AM

Hampton Bays Bar Will Reopen With New Name, Owner

Good point! I understand theres a meeting in HB , mid December I believe, they are looking for ideas an thoughts on how to add / improve HB's shopping district .

And best of luck with the new bar and grill!!" Nov 13, 16 8:44 AM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Im distubered by ur comments...you seem to find this to be humorous . Child abuse is NOT funny lady.

I will pray for your children. Help is on the way for them " Nov 13, 16 11:10 AM

Well said !!

And another Happy Sunday to all :)" Nov 13, 16 11:11 AM

New York State Child Protective Services list the indicators of child abuse.....

Other than the physical harm you are inflicting on your children by lashing them with a belt Adlkjd923 blah blah blah , you are,

OTHER than the OBVIOUS physical signs of abuse ,

-Destructive, aggressive or disruptive behavior.

-Passive, withdrawn, or emotionless behavior, and

-Fear of going home or fear or parent( s)

" Nov 13, 16 11:26 AM

Joe Farrell: How Volume Can Build Flexibility

Id imagine alot of negative comments will be pouring in....this guy is all about lining his pockets !

He DOESNT HIRE LOCAL!! " Nov 14, 16 7:18 AM

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