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Summer Camp Pays $12k Fine For Overcrowded Counselor Housing

Thank you pluff! These slaps on the wrist really need to stop! Its happening all too often. It seems if I go break the law for a profit these days, that the fines wont have a big impact on my wallet . Or at least thats the message they're sending out here. Look what Happened at the Picnic Area with the Surf Camp!! After 8 years of illegally operating at other local beaches an getting kicked out , Shane relocated to the Picnic Area to run his business illegally for 2 years. Multiple Health Department codes were violated, he was not certified in CPR an no lifeguard. A group of concerned beach goers formed a petition to stop the UNSAFE illegal activity only to have the Village change its codes to allow the surf camp! Who does that ?!! Not 1 fine was presented to this guy who imo endangered many many children in the ocean by not meeting the proper regiments to protect these children who's parents pay them alot of $$ Something is very very wrong with those who are handing out slaps on the wrist. If my kids were enrolled in either one of these camps, Id yank them out in a heartbeat . This article sheds much light on the character of Mr Jacobs and our elected officials " Mar 17, 17 8:19 AM

Commercial Fisherman Blames Poor Oyster Season On Low Salinity In Mecox Bay

Fishermen deserve the utmost respect! They feed you, despite the hardships they face doing this very difficult job. Just saying !" Mar 19, 17 9:36 AM

Spanish Teacher Fitting In At Southampton High School

"The International Spanish Academies are educational institutions in the U.S.and Canada, of all non-university academic levels (Pre-K , Elementary, Middle and High School), of recognized academic prestige , that follow ( with all or a part of their student body) an integrated curriculum of Spanish Language and contact.

The 3 schools here "earned the ISA designation"

Your missing the point of the article

#The more you know....." Mar 19, 17 10:13 AM

Final Decision Looms On Proposed T.J. Maxx Expansion In Bridgehampton

This is great! We could certainly use more affordable shopping options. The trek to Riverhead in the summer months is rather daunting. " Mar 22, 17 7:43 AM

Grand Jury Examining Hill Street Crash While Southampton Village Residents Seek Slowdown

Bravo on this comment Knitter!! Seems you were heard loud and clear as the Police were enforcing the speed limit on Sunday ! Thank you ! Lets hope this continues on a regular basis." ENFORCE" just as you said. In time, it will be become known to many to obey the speed limit " Mar 22, 17 7:54 AM

Southampton Town Tightens Limits On Noisy Construction Activities On Weekends

I disagree. Noise from a landscaper is not always as consistent with a construction site. Landscapers arrive at the job to cut the lawn, make noise for maybe an hour an leave. Construction sites are very different from landscaping. Bedsides that, people who work Mon- Frid use the weekends to maintain their own lawns. " Mar 22, 17 8:10 AM

Im one of those people who sometimes needs to mow the lawn at 6:15 on a Friday . I work mon-fri and sometimes on the weekend. I cant afford to pay a landscaper to cut my lawn. Having restrictions placed upon my yard maintenance would be absurd.
" Mar 24, 17 7:23 AM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Wishing you luck Erin and feeling your pain....none of the cancer facilities in the ti state area accepted our insurance after Obamacare so were we forced to change insurance to receive treatment at Sloan Kettering . We've had Oxford since than an it looks like we will be getting the raw end of the stick again....." Mar 28, 17 7:27 AM

Tuckahoe School Students Evacuated After Cellphone Charger Catches Fire

That must have been rather scary for the student, I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt. But WHY are children charging their cell phones during school hours? I cant help but wonder if every available outlet in the school is used to charge personal cell phones....thats not what the school is there for.

It would be great for the reporter to include some details on what the present school policy is on electronic devices ....." Mar 29, 17 7:29 AM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Drain North Sea???!!! U may not like Z, but u could try a lil more class with your comment there Snerdley.

#NorthSea#Proud!" Apr 3, 17 7:42 AM

Corcoran And Blade Offer Free Helicopter Flights For Prospective Hamptons Renters

NOT impressed Corcoran! I wonder how many people with play them for a fool for a free Heli ride out to the Hamptons ...." Apr 4, 17 7:43 AM

Yancy Butler Charged With Driving While Intoxicated In Sag Harbor

Awfully sad that the Press included the information about her anti anxiety medication. Its highly likely the woman has a prescription for those pills, but the Staff Writer didn't include that info. So u paint this woman to be a pill popper when she very well could have legit anxiety an possibly depression. I also see no need to make it the publics business that she may have anxiety. Shame on you SH Press. Anxiety an depression are generally linked and I do hope you u make a nice donation to The Hope for Depression Research Foundation. " Apr 5, 17 7:15 AM

East Quogue Girls Scouts Build 'Buddy Bench' To Help Lonely Kids Make Friends

This is AMAZING ! Every one of you should be soon PROUD of yourselves for this wonderful project!

Hope to see you at The Walk of Hope , Sat August 5 , 2017 @ 9am at the Southampton Cultural Center sponsored by The Hope for Depression Research Foundation. Last years guest speaker was Meridith Conner, anti bullying activist an singer . I hope you girls listen to her music. ;)

"Be the reason someone smiles today" <3" Apr 5, 17 7:30 AM

Corcoran And Blade Offer Free Helicopter Flights For Prospective Hamptons Renters

I dont live under a flight path, but I know people who do. I have been in their homes to witness the nuisance of the air traffic. Its down right obnoxious! Yes, "go away"

Our tiny lil East End does NOT need more air traffic, more pollution or tourism , we have plenty. Yes our economy is directly tied to the tourism , but restricting the air traffic for Corcoran to sell multi million dollars homes is not going to cause the Hamptons to lose millions in wages. Greed has already done its damage around here. " Apr 6, 17 7:50 AM

Amid Fears Of A Labor Shortage, Congressman Lee Zeldin Promises Action to Local Growers

Support the Farmers! They absolutely recall the Farm Crisis in 1980's...."one of the greatest economic turmoils since the Great Depression" grist.org/food/how-can-we-stop-farmers-suicide

Agriculture workers provide us with food. We should support and provide them with whatever necessary resources they need to continue feeding the world.


If you ate food today....THANK A FARMER " Apr 12, 17 7:07 AM

"The worlds population will grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050. Farmers will need to double food production to keep pace"

# THANK A FARMER " Apr 13, 17 6:47 AM

Driver In Hill Street Crash Faces Manslaughter Charge, Was Traveling 78.3 MPH At Impact, According To Prosecutors


Comments should be prohibited on this article, including the updates ...the Press should know better....seems to be happening quite a bit...shamfeul" Apr 13, 17 6:53 AM

Amid Fears Of A Labor Shortage, Congressman Lee Zeldin Promises Action to Local Growers

Nope, he said to Thank a Farmer tomorrow after your enjoy a morning bowl of corn flakes " Apr 13, 17 7:46 PM

US Farmers produce about 40% of the worlds corn .

" Apr 14, 17 7:11 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Taxpayers Reject $9.9 Million Library Referendum

kick your behind off this sight and send a message " Apr 14, 17 7:29 AM

It would be wonderful if the Press could implement monetary fines for inappropriate , nasty an sociopathic comments from certain individuals.

If you agree, plz like my comment and send a message to the Press

Have a beautiful day! :)
" Apr 14, 17 7:38 AM

Thank you for liking my comment below.....you have proven my point well. " Apr 15, 17 8:51 AM

Amid Fears Of A Labor Shortage, Congressman Lee Zeldin Promises Action to Local Growers

Only 210, 000 Full time U.S. Farmers produce 80% of our food & fiber" Apr 15, 17 8:54 AM

Southampton Village Fire Drill To Cause Road Closures On Monday

This drill is a smart decision after what the Village of Sag Harbor endured. Bravo to Southampton Fire Dept for holding this Drill!! And Thank you !!

The inconvenience of a fire can happen at any time, wether its at rush hour or midnight . " Apr 15, 17 9:09 AM

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